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Breast cancer drug that extends life by six months gets go-ahead

And two weeks ago ...

Thousands of UK prostate patients denied drug that can extend life

(Also see AH's Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer)


Feminism began as a simple grievance - by Kevin Williamson

[it then] mutated into a kind of conspiracy theory (with “patriarchy” filling in for the Jews/Freemasons/Illuminati/ ...


It’s Time to End ‘Rape Culture’ Hysteria - by Caroline Kitchens

Why I hate the feminists who desecrate my late father's memory - by Mike Buchanan

 It was clear from the crosses on the gravestones that most of the men who'd died on the Normandy beaches were around 20 years of age, as he'd been at the time. Many were only 17 or 18.

National Post editorial board: Lots of ‘rape culture’ rhetoric. But not much evidence.

The discussion is rife with alarming statistics. But as Brian Hutchinson reported in Saturday's National Post, many break down along the road back to their original sources.


Mother launched hate campaign against primary school headteacher by spreading false rumours he abused her daughter.

She will probably be deemed to have mental health issues and, hence, no punishment will be forthcoming.

Prosecutor Leslie Ashton told the court the 'malicious unfounded allegations' caused Mr Jackson so much stress that he likened it to being diagnosed with cancer.


Affirmative action for her, but never for him - by Barbara Kay

Why are women still a category on the equity list at all? More young women are university-educated than young men.


The rise of the student sex worker

Charley spends her evenings taking her clothes off to pay for a degree in sports science - her passport, she hopes, to a better life.

'Stripping is just an escape from everything,' she explains. 'I go in there and I'm a completely different person.'

... 'I walk out with my head held high and it's empowering.'

Notice how popular tabloids encourage child sexuality on a grand scale by publishing such glamorising pieces (e.g. see AH's How The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse) but then make a huge fuss about youngsters becoming sexualised and, hence, attracting sexual attention ... ... from men whom they will then demonise horribly.

Also see Chris Langham - Scapegoat? - part two - to get some idea of how so many of those groups and organisations that purposely fuel hysteria over such issues - in order to make money - are, themselves, the main promoters of child sexual abuse.

... A high-class escort has revealed her productivity for 2013 by creating a detailed infographic.

Avery Moore, 29, from New York - who charges clients $2,000 an hour - posted the workflow diagram to her blog last week to illustrate all of her activities over the course of 365 days.


Trending Now: Misandry  - by Adora Bull

... whatever your needs for advertising your hatred, prejudice and discrimination for a social group may be ... don't worry! Fashionable feminists and online customizable retailer websites have you covered.


Please free my innocent father - by Chaneya Kelly, who was pressured by her mother into making false accusations against her father

The Super Bowl trafficking myth - by Tracy Clark-Flory

Every game brings warnings of a boom in forced prostitution -- but there's no evidence


It's a Man's World, And It Always Will Be - by Camille Paglia

Liberal Professor Tells White Male Students To Commit Suicide To Benefit Society

Hitler's Furies: Ordinary secretaries, nurses and wives - by Lynn Joyce Hunter

Are your 9/11 memories really your own? - by Melanie Tannenbaum - showing just how unreliable (and, in many cases, completely and utterly wrong) are recovered memories and flashbulb memories.



Eleanor of Aquitaine

 I stumbled yesterday across an online book by Jacob Abbot; a prolific writer of the nineteenth century. The book is about King Richard I of England (1157-1199) who is often known as Richard the Lionheart because of his bravery in fighting in the Christian Crusades of the time

I only read the first 25 pages, and I found myself laughing at some of the descriptions of Richard's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

But it also revealed another example from history that exposes the current-day feminist nonsense that women were treated as second-class citizens in those far off days - in this case, some 800 years ago.

In the preface to the book, the author makes the following claims about his study, which seem quite credible to me. This is what he says ...

The author of this series has made it his special object to confine himself very strictly, even in the most minute details which he records, to historic truth. The narratives are not tales founded upon history, but history itself, without any embellishment, or any deviations from the strict truth so far as it can now be discovered by an attentive examination of the annals written at the time when the events themselves occurred.

In writing the narratives, the author has endeavored to avail himself of the best sources of information which this country affords; and though, of course, there must be in these volumes, as in all historical accounts, more or less of imperfection and error, there is no intentional embellishment.

Nothing is stated, not even the most minute and apparently imaginary details, without what was deemed good historical authority. The readers, therefore, may rely upon the record as the truth, and nothing but the truth, so far as an honest purpose and a careful examination have been effectual in ascertaining it.

And here is part of his account as it relates to Eleanor and her coterie of female friends ...

(My underlining.)

She spent a considerable portion of her time in Paris, at the court of her husband, but then she often returned to Aquitaine, where she held a sort of court of her own in Bordeaux, which was her capital. She led this sort of life for some time, until at length she was induced to form a design of going to the East on a crusade.

... Her motive was a love of adventure and a fondness for notoriety. She thought that by going out, a young and beautiful princess, at the head of an army of Crusaders, into the East, she would make herself a renowned heroine in the eyes of the whole world. So she immediately commenced her preparations, and by the commanding influence which she exerted over the ladies of the court, she soon inspired them all with her own romantic ardor.

The ladies at once laid aside their feminine dress, and clothed themselves like Amazons, so that they could ride astride on horseback like men. All their talk was of arms, and armor, and horses, and camps. They endeavored, too, to interest all the men—the princes, and barons, and knights that surrounded them—in their plans, and to induce them to join the expedition.

A great many did so, but there were some that shook their heads and seemed inclined to stay at home. They knew that so wild and heedless a plan as this could end in nothing but disaster. The ladies ridiculed these men for their cowardice and want of spirit, and they sent them their distaffs as presents. "We have no longer any use for the distaffs," said they, "but, as you are intending to stay at home and make women of yourselves, we send them to you, so that you may occupy yourselves with spinning while we are gone." By such taunts and ridicule as this, a great many were shamed into joining the expedition, whose good sense made them extremely averse to have any thing to do with it.

The expedition was at length organized and prepared to set forth. It was encumbered by the immense quantity of baggage which the queen and her party of women insisted on taking. It is true that they had assumed the dress of Amazons, but this was only for the camp and the field. They expected to enjoy a great many pleasures while they were gone, to give and receive a great many entertainments, and to live in luxury and splendor in the great cities of the East. So they must needs take with them large quantities of baggage, containing dresses and stores of female paraphernalia of all kinds. The king remonstrated against this folly, but all to no purpose. The ladies thought it very hard if, in going on such an expedition, they could not take with them the usual little comforts and conveniences appropriate to their sex. So it ended with their having their own way.

The caprices and freaks of these women continued to harass and interfere with the expedition during the whole course of it. The army of Crusaders reached at length a place near Antioch, in Asia Minor, where they encountered the Saracens. Antioch was then in the possession of the Christians. It was under the command of the Prince Raymond, who has already been spoken of as Eleanora's uncle. Raymond was a young and very handsome prince, and Eleanora anticipated great pleasure in visiting his capital. The expedition had not, however, yet reached it, but were advancing through the country, defending themselves as well as they could against the troops of Arab horsemen that were harassing their march.

The commanders were greatly perplexed in this emergency to know what to do with the women, and with their immense train of baggage. The king at last sent them on in advance, with all his best troops to accompany them. He directed them to go on, and encamp for the night on certain high ground which he designated, where they would be safe, he said, from an attack by the Arabs. But when they approached the place, Eleanora found a green and fertile valley near, which was very romantic and beautiful, and she decided at once that this was a much prettier place to encamp in than the bare hill above. The officers in command of the troops remonstrated in vain. Eleanora and the ladies insisted on encamping in the valley. The consequence was, that the Arabs came and got possession of the hill, and thus put themselves between the division of the army which was with Eleanora and that which was advancing under the king. A great battle was fought. The French were defeated. A great many thousand men were slain. All the provisions for the army were cut off, and all the ladies' baggage was seized and plundered by the Arabs. The remainder of the army, with the king, and the queen, and the ladies, succeeded in making their escape to Antioch, and there Prince Raymond opened the gates and let them in.

As soon as Eleanora and the other ladies recovered a little from their fright and fatigue, they began to lead very gay lives in Antioch ...



African Elephants


Did you know that this dinosaur ...




... weighed five times the weight of all the above elephants?


Rape culture and the delusions of the feminist mind - by Barbara Kay

The fact is that “rape culture” is a form of popular mania like so many others before it. It does not exist. Or if it does, nobody has yet brought forward evidence of it. What we have seen is ideology attached to a great deal of personal narrative regarding unwanted or regretted sex.


The Anatomy of False Accusations - by Ben Radford

False accusations are of particular interest to skeptics because skepticism has often been at the forefront of giving voice to the wrongly accused.


The Cult of Victimhood - by Barbara Hewson - a UK lawyer

This article considers certain problems that stale accusations of historic abuse present for the legal system. I suggest that the role of the media in historic sex scandals is likely to generate false allegations, as do current police ‘trawling’ operations like Operation Yewtree.



7 Reasons Most People are Afraid of Love - by Lisa Firestone

We've created a culture where it is completely acceptable for girls to get drunk, make bad decisions, and then take it all back - by Catie Warren

The Establishment Feminist Narrative Is Crumbling  - by Ian Huyett

Feminine Foes: New Science Explores Female Competition
In the sexual trenches, women's tenacity and competitiveness rivals men's
- by Noam Shpancer

How Women Gang Up On Each Other To Get What They Want - by Claire Lehmann


The spirit of Salem lives on - by Brendan O'Neill

The uncritical acceptance of one woman's accusations shows how unhinged our society is becoming.


Carly Fiorina: 70% of the world's poor are women - but it isn't true

"Every expert (feminist economists, poverty researchers etc.) I've consulted on this agrees the number is dodgy," Green wrote. "Yet people just keep on using it, presumably because its message is one they want to promote."

Paternity Fraud Case in America - I hope that men will sign this petition to help soldiers in his position..

(Also see AH's essay on Paternity Fraud.)


Please free my innocent father - by Chaneya Kelly, who was pressured by her mother into making false accusations against her father


Don't just legalize marijuana, free prior offenders - by Matthew Fleischer

Prison services in America are a thriving business. They are worth billions of dollars to the shareholders and millions of votes to the politicians. Best of all, they provide thousands of jobs for the justice system and they enable the police to exercise huge power.

If my memory is correct, some two million Americans have been incarcerated for the possession (not distribution) of illicit drugs in the past 6 years.

Not bad, eh?

And yet the very police who arrest them can drink themselves silly every night quite legally with alcohol -  a drug that is far worse than many of the drugs that are illicit e.g. see Drugs Rankings.

And did you know that the prison unions in America contribute millions of campaign dollars to keep the war on drugs alive so that they can keep their members employed?

This is positively obscene!

(Also see AH's War on Drugs.)


No more alcohol or shouting at the missus ...

Readers who read my piece How To Target Journalists And Politicians at the time that it was written will now appreciate, I hope, that I was correct in my presumption that the information gathered by the NSA will be used for many truly unwholesome purposes that could shatter completely not only our democracies but the entire world order.

The later revelations by Snowden confirmed my worst nightmares about where these kinds of underhand shenanigans seem to be leading.

In brief, they will lead to nowhere good.

But, I'll keep this simple.

If nothing is done to combat this huge growth in government power, it will not be long before the 'elite' can do whatever they like.

For example, if they decide to ban alcohol or sweets, they will be gone. At most, only a few small groups consisting of a few individuals would ever dare to defy the rulings without being found out.

Your teenage daughter emails to her friend that you shouted at your mother, and the domestic violence unit will call on you.

You think that this kind of thing would not happen?

Well, if so, you are very wrong, because it is already happening.

The tentacles are spreading further and further and further into our lives. And it is happening at quite an alarming rate.

In twenty years, we will be organic automatons; terrified that Big Brother catches us saying or doing something even remotely connected to something that might be considered by Him not to be "correct".

(Even if you said it or did it thirty years ago!)

It's coming.

We need to wake up more and to wake up more people.

(Also see AH's - One World Government.)


One in three working mums want to quit to look after their children

But men will still be blamed for the alleged gender pay gap.

(Also see AH's Subsidising Pregnancies.)

Selling out the Criminal Defendant –  this could be you - by Alison Gurden

I have seen public defenders in court with a case load of over 40 cases in one day, as the defendant's name is called the public defender searches for the file, and opens it up for the first time as their defendant is being asked about plea or is being sentenced.

Woman wins the 2013 Asics LA Marathon ahead of all men - yep, she actually won the race.

Huge Music Industry Gender Gap for the Top 10 Selling CDs in 2013: ... 9 Male Artists vs. Only 1 Female Artist

Must be due to discrimination against women by the public.

Feminists should sue the public and demand that they buy more CDs made by female artists.


Women, wake up, men have made your life better, not worse - Suzanne Venker

(Also see AH's Fools and Feminists)

Chastity Belts - why feminists should wear them - oldie by AH

Given that the cost of training a doctor is at least £500,000, are taxpayers getting the best return on their investment? Professor J Thomas

Although I am a feminist — in the NHS hospital in which I work as a surgeon, some of the best doctors are women — this shift of the gender balance in medicine is a worrying trend. I believe it is creating serious workforce problems, and has profound implications for the way the NHS works.

(Also see AH's Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money? - a piece which has stirred up some considerable vitriol over the past many years.)

All Sexual Intercourse - PIV (Pen1s in Vag1na) - is rape - according to some feminists.

(Also see AH's Sexual Envy and Jealousy?)

Negotiating sexual desire - by SunshineMary

I have become increasingly convinced that nearly all sexual attraction women feel toward men comes down to a power differential. The man must have more power.

(Also see AH's  Why Do Women Fantasise About Rape?)


The Joys of Having a Terrible Memory

As someone whose memory is known by those who know him to be like that "of a goldfish" (i.e. an organism that can swim around forever in a small tank but can never recognise that it has been there before) I can assure readers that there is some benefit to be had from a poor memory..

Firstly, you quickly forget any negative experiences, and so you are not haunted by them and, secondly, you get to enjoy taking in information that is interesting to you many times over before you say, "Hmm. I think I've been here before."

You can see a great film, read an excellent book or watch a funny comic routine three times over before you consciously remember that you have already experienced these very same things.

Yes, of course, there needs to be a time gap between repeats for this apparent absence of memory to be seemingly complete, but those gaps get shorter as you get older.

In my case, if I saw it, watched it or read it more than a month ago, it's gone!

Well, OK, I exaggerate - for effect! - but not by much.

In short, you can squeeze much more enjoyment out of enjoyable things when your memory starts to decrease.

How long this positive aspect of memory loss will actually last, I do not know.

Presumably, I will one day wake up in my own bed and say, "Where am I?" or "Who am I?"

When this point is reached, I reckon that memory loss will be seen to have some drawbacks.

I will keep you informed!

Meantime, there is this strange woman in the kitchen calling out to me because, apparently, "It's time to go."

Go where?

Who the Hell is she?

How does she know my name?

I think I'll go and beat her backside with a stick.

False Accusations Are Rife

Dylan Farrow has just written an open letter i

n the New York Times accusing Woody Allen of molesting her when she was young ...

An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

I do not believe her, for a number of reasons, some of which are addressed here ...

The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast - by Robert Weide

But, throughout the internet, there are thousands upon thousands of people accusing Woody Allen of being a 'paedo'.

Now, obviously, neither they nor I know the real truth.

And my point is this.

Thousands upon thousands of people are, quite clearly, prepared to make publicly very serious accusations against others that they cannot know to be true.

In other words, they are quite prepared to make very serious allegations that are false.

Thousands upon thousands of them.

(Something to worry about.)

In my piece Emotions Are The Key, I pointed out that looking more closely (more closely than you would normally do) at the way in which people react emotionally can tell you a great deal more about them. And, in this particular case, one can surmise quite legitimately that thousands of people are prepared to make serious, life-destroying accusations even though they might be false.

(Emotionally speaking, engaging in such heinous acts clearly does not trouble them.)

But it is important to realise that this woeful lack of morality and straightforward maliciousness applies not just to the crowd, but also to the individuals themselves.

In other words, if you come across someone who is flagrantly accusing someone else - perhaps someone famous -  of some wicked crime when they cannot possibly know the truth about the matter, then you are very likely dealing with someone who is quite prepared to make a serious and malicious false accusation against you - or against anyone else - should it serve their interest to do so.

Significant does not mean big

When statistical findings show "significant" differences between two groups, this does not mean that the differences between the groups are big. It just means that the differences are likely to be true - rather than the result of error.

For example, imagine that the true average height of men from country A is exactly 200 cm whereas the true average height of men from country B is 199.8 cm.

Not much difference there!

No-one would ever notice it.

But a huge study involving thousands of men from both countries could happily conclude that there was a "significant" difference between the average heights of these men.

A "significant" difference of 0.2 cm.

This simply means that the discovered difference (of 0.2 cm) is likely to be a true difference.

It does not mean that the difference is large, and it does not mean that the difference has (as yet, perhaps) any noticeable impact on anything.

It just means that the alleged difference is likely to be a true difference.


Feminists across Western Europe are sounding the alarm. Prostitution, they claim, has become today’s “white slavery,”  - by Mariam Lau

I worked on the US drone program. The public should know what really goes on - by Heather Linebaugh

The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers - by Maggie McNeill

 Within a few months, anti-sex worker groups made the bizarre prediction that approximately 40,000 women would be “trafficked” into Germany for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Of course, nothing of the kind happened. Despite increased police actions (including raids on 71 brothels), the German authorities only came up with five cases of exploitation they believed to be linked to the event.

The changing face of psychology - by Chris Chamber

A growing number of psychologists – particularly the younger generation – are fed up with results that don't replicate, journals that value story-telling over truth, and an academic culture in which researchers treat data as their personal property.

Psychologists are realising that major scientific advances will require us to stamp out malpractice, face our own weaknesses, and overcome the ego-driven ideals that maintain the status quo.

It's great to hear that some psychologists are, at last, getting truly fed up with the misbehaviours and underhand shenanigans of many of their colleagues - particularly their politically-corrected colleagues; most of whom are either downright dishonest and/or who do not have the intellectual wherewithal to understand the necessity of having appropriate evidence to support their claims.

There is almost no area in Psychology that these charlatans have not soured.

They also often use direct aggression, threats and intimidation in order to enforce their views; e.g. take a look at a paper by Professor Murray Strauss; Concealment And Distortion.

It's time for a clean out!


47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034 - by Michael Rundle

The Real Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse - by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The real toll of the satanic ritual abuse panic was on the children dragged into it and the accused people like the Kellers, who numbered in the hundreds by the end of the decade.

(Also see Pressing Issue Of Justice - by Paul Craig Roberts.)


Wine: Red or White?

Once upon a time, there were two groups of wine producers who believed that wine was a great product. It was good for people and it tasted good, they both believed.

One group produced red wine and the other group produced white wine. Each group believed that their own wine was better even though they liked each other's wine.

The sales of their products grew and grew, as people increased their drinking of both the wines thanks to the quality of the products and the salesmanship.

But, for some reason, the two groups started to fight against each other, and they would frequently undermine each other's product.

"Red wine is horrible," said the producers of the white wine.

"White wine is horrible," said the producers of the red wine.

And so both groups lost all their customers.

Coincidentally, in another part of the country, there were two groups of tobacco producers who believed that tobacco was a great product. It was bad for people but it tasted good, they both believed.

One group produced dark tobacco and the other group produced light tobacco. Each group believed that their own tobacco was better even though they liked each other's tobacco.

But, for some reason, these two groups never fought against each other.

"Dark tobacco is also great," said the producers of the light tobacco.

"Light tobacco is also great," said the producers of the dark tobacco.

And so both groups made millions.

(Something to think about.)


Seeking Attention

I am not going to bore you with the details, but here, in the UK, we seem to have an ongoing stream of media coverage concerning assault allegations (physical and/or sexual) made by women against famous men; politicians, entertainers, footballers etc.

I have not followed the claims closely because I have no interest in them.

But I would like to point out that, in my view, most 'abuse victims' (genuine or otherwise) who seek mainstream media attention are not seeking justice by doing so. They are seeking to hurt someone badly - and, perhaps, also to profit from this in some other way.

As such, their testimony cannot be trusted.

Furthermore, such 'victims' are clearly not weak or pathetic types. On the contrary, they are quite prepared to deal with a huge invasion of their privacy and, further, they are confident enough to believe that they can handle the mainstream media and, perhaps, control them.

Such people are rarely victims in the true sense.

They are usually very tough, confident people - people who most likely had the wherewithal to escape from any 'abuse' situation if they had really wished to.

The situation seems to be similar to what happens in domestic violence scenarios these days. Most of the women phoning the police are the aggressors, not the victims; e.g. see Domestic Violence - Would You Sign This Contract?


Gender vs Sex

Over the years I have received quite a few emails from fans politely informing me that my frequent use of the politically correct term 'gender' (instead of the word 'sex') is inappropriate when distinguishing between, say, men and women, or boys and girls.

They are of a different sex - biologically speaking - and, hence, they should be described as such.

Well, of course, I do understand this. And I am also wholly of the view that men and women are significantly different in a number of areas, statistically speaking.

But I would still maintain that when it comes to many of the factors that are often discussed round here - e.g. to do with intelligence, personality, cognition, emotions etc - there is, in fact, a large overlap between the sexes, and that, as such, it seems quite appropriate to use a more fluid concept when referring to these differences.

Indeed, numerous babies are born every year whose anatomy and physiology do not fit neatly into the typical male/female categories.

Their 'sex' is indeterminate, or 'balanced' in an unusual way.

And so, all in all, I think that it is probably quite reasonable to use the word 'gender' because - at least in my mind - it suggests, quite correctly it seems, that sexuality - both psychologically and biologically - is not something that divides easily into two separate parts; male and female.

In fact, the older that my missus gets, the more that she looks like her father.


Call to arms.

I call upon all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Flat Earthers, Pagans, Devil Worshippers and even Holocaust Deniers to join together to fight this evil ideology called Feminism and to put to the sword all Feminists until they are no more.

Not one left standing!

And then, when these things have come to pass, we can get back to fighting each other - just like in the good old days - when at least there was some hope!

But while feminism and feminists continue to poison everything that is good, there is no hope.

Always remember that.


Are these true?

"The most interesting person that I have ever met is me."

"When I surf the internet looking for something interesting, I am - without realising it perhaps - looking for more of me."

"Surfing the internet leads me to finding out more about me."

(Something to think about.)


Unprecedented Domestic Violence Study Affirms Need to Recognize Male Victims - the biggest ever study of domestic violence shows that women perpetrate and initiate just as often as men

Wrongly jailed Victor Nealon spends first night as free man on streets

Why are Jewish Husbands Henpecked? - by Frank Senger

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defence of Masculine Virtues - by Bari Weiss

ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization itself.

An unsupported allegation is enough to send a man to prison;  by Chris Saltrese - a UK lawyer

High Court Judge says Don't always believe claims of domestic violence

"Edward Snowden's heroic work: Our media must match his courage"  - by Cindy Jeffers

Feminist Software Foundation gets grumpy

UK Report shows women prisoners are more likely than men to hurt themselves.

Not true. Men are more likely to self-harm than women - including many more suicides - but their methods of inflicting self-harm are sneakily not counted as "self-harm" by the researchers; e.g. smoking more, violating prison rules, provoking hostility and violence, taking drugs, losing parole etc etc

(Also see AH's Who Really Engages More In Self Harm; Men Or Women?)

Two summers ago, I was walking through London's Leicester Square inside a slowly moving crowd of people who were travelling in opposite directions and intermingling with each other briefly as they passed by each other.

Progress was slow.

In front of me, not more than three feet away, were two attractive girls of Scandinavian origin who were heading in the same direction. And occasionally I bumped into them as they stopped and started, and stopped and started, as they progressed slowly through the crowd.

Progress was further impeded by the fact that, every so often, young men travelling in the opposite direction would stop to talk to these two girls.

"Would you like to come for a drink with us?"

"Are you girls looking for a good nightclub?"

Within the course of about five minutes, the girls had been approached four times.

From their point of view, one can understand how it is that they might have felt continually harassed by men as they walked along the street.

But, of course, some 600 men had probably shuffled passed without comment or acknowledgement during the same period.

Now, these girls were clearly unperturbed by these approaches. And they declined all the offers very politely and with good grace - probably feeling quite empowered and good about themselves from all the attention.

They were in a good mood.

Nevertheless, it is easy to see how, from their point of view, men are always on the lookout for flirtation and sex, and constantly seeking their attention.

What they were unlikely to notice or take into account,  however, was the fact that 99% of the men just passed them by.

In short, it is easy to see how some women might eventually get a very dim view of men because of the innocent and sociable actions of a few - which, to them, might seem like persistent harassment.

 Ignorant and Unpleasant

I once told a woman on a forum that she came across as being ignorant and unpleasant. And I told her so as follows.

"You come across to me as being ignorant and unpleasant," I said.

She was outraged.

"How dare you say that I am ignorant and unpleasant, you sad prick," she replied - in a post that then lasted for a further two whole hostile screens; most of which consisted of further bile directed at me.

I replied with just one sentence.

"I didn't say that you were ignorant and unpleasant."

(Job done!)


Society is to you what water is to a fish in many ways. And so it is best to ensure that you keep an eye on it lest you end up forever swimming in something rather unwholesome.

Fortunately, we are not impinged upon by the whole of our society as we go about our daily lives. For most of us, it is only a tiny number of people who invade our space.

A tiny society.

And so what is important to us, therefore, is to try to mould that tiny society so that it suits us well.

For the most part, our reach need go no further.

Nor does it do so.

There are very few people who really care very much about what happens to other people. It is themselves and a few loved ones whom they really care about. And other people do not really matter.

Not everyone is like this. But most are.

Psychologists have said that we have evolved to be concerned  about only a small number of people. (At most, about 200, I think.) But my guess is that in western countries today this number is much, much smaller because we no longer live in small tribes and our extended families have disintegrated.

The problem is that if we make no effort to ensure that the wider society in which we live remains supportive of our well being, we are very likely to end up regretting our lack of interest in it.


Conformist and cowardly, contemporary academic culture actively inhibits critical thinking - by Joanna Williams

not paying lip-service to the importance of feminism, the welfare state, and protecting the environment, is more likely to see your work rejected.

'Women's desire is an underestimated and constrained force' - by Daniel Bergner

Man who filmed himself having sex with sleeping woman is cleared of rape

This is another example of just how flimsy is the evidence that is needed for the UK's Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute for rape.

Now, given that most allegations are not prosecuted, one can surmise that these allegations have even less evidence than the one above.

And yet the Crown Prosecution Service tries to convince the public that most of these non-prosecuted allegations are, nevertheless, true.

But how can they possibly know this given that there is even less evidence for these non-prosecuted allegations than in the case above?

The answer to this question can be found in my recent piece entitled  Flooded By False Rape Allegations.

Camille Paglia defends men - by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers

Everything You Think You Know About Cambodian Sex Workers Is Wrong - by David Henry Sterry

Sculptor Pays Homage To Prisoner Wrongfully Convicted Of Rape

The oppression of women.

In the olden days, a man would come home and say to his missus, "I've got a good idea. Why don't I take over 50% of the childcare. And then you can go out to work. I see that they've got plenty of jobs in the mining industry digging up coal - with huge  shovels - and there is also a shortage of road construction workers at the moment. What do you reckon?"

And the missus would say, "No thanks, Dear. It's OK. I'll stay at home with the kids."

And the King would say to his Queen, "I tell you what. How's about you become the real head of state and have all the power - with hordes of people trying to cosy up to you, or kill you. That way, you can make all the important decisions and be the boss."

And the Queen would say, "No thanks, Dear. I'm perfectly OK playing cards with my ladies-in-waiting and barking at the servants."


Anti-White Racism

I saw a black MRA the other day stating that racism against whites was impossible.

Apparently, only "oppressors" can be an "ist". And so non-whites cannot possibly be racists when it comes to referring to white people.

Well, I have some news for him.

He does not own the language.

And so I, myself, will continue to use the term 'racism' in the sense that most people understand it; which is, in my view, a prejudicial attitude towards others just because they are of a different race.

As such, anti-white racism is possible and, further, it does exist - much of it coming from politically-corrected white nincompoops who think that telling the world that their own people (who comprise only 10% of the entire human race and who have a number of serious enemies) are horrible.

All races have been racist - for thousands of years - but matters are improving.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly evident that we are not actually responsible for our beliefs.  (I strongly recommend lectures by Sam Harris on Free Will to understand this point. Search YouTube.)

In a nutshell, we do not choose our genes or our environment. Neither do we choose the billions of memes that enter into our heads as we are born into this world and then grow up.

And there really is not anything else that is 'informing' us.

What else could there be?

In short, our beliefs come from those who surround us and who inform us. And they, in turn, were subject to their own upbringings and circumstances.

Indeed, if you view belief systems as informational 'organisms' that have lives of their own, and that are produced by the coming together of certain ideas, it seems to me that it is they, rather than us, who are the masters of what we do.

It is as if there are huge incorporeal aliens living amongst us that rule our lives by invading our brains.

And they live much longer than we do!

For example, the organism of "government" (an organism that consists of both ideas and 'staff') will surely outlive all of us.

And the organism of Christianity has been around for 2000 years!

So, how can we possibly be responsible for what we believe - and, hence, do?

All in all, it is both unwise and unfair to blame the people alive today for any wrongdoings by others in the past, and it might even be the case that we do not even have free will. (Once again, I strongly recommend lectures by Sam Harris on Free Will.)

(Also see AH's  A Thought on Racism)

The Old Gender Deal

In the old days, men and women made a deal, both at the individual level and at the level of society.

Loosely speaking, the deal was that the women stayed at home, looked after the children, cooked and cleaned and, of course,  made the tea.

The men did everything else - usually dealing with, and extracting some resources from, the world 'out there' (mostly doing really horrible jobs - even going to war) in order to make both themselves and their women happy.

Given the circumstances, that was a good deal - especially from the woman's point of view.

So, do not be fooled by our lying feminists; none of whom would even have existed if their forebears - every single one of them - had not  been protected by MEN.

Our current women and their forebears were not 'oppressed' in the past by men. They were protected and supported by them.

 Married couples should be sent to classes promoting monogamy to help spare children lifelong scars from family breakdown, according to the High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge

Notice, ...

It emerged last week that Sir Paul, who is retiring next year, decided to step down because of opposition from within the judiciary to his support for traditional marriage.

He has been placed under investigation and could be officially censured over comments last year criticising the Government for pushing through same-sex marriage legislation rather than tackling a “crisis of family breakdown”.

Notice how people - even judges - are hounded and lose their jobs for having views that are even mildly politically incorrect.

(The same goes for many academics - which is why you cannot trust any research by feminist academics.)

The politically- corrected, feminist-dominated Left pursue their agenda - quite successfully - mostly through lies and through aggression.

They have to lie, and they have to aggress, because their ideology is totally bankrupt and it would crumble if people really knew what underpinned it - which, basically, is just a self-serving quest for power and money.

In the case above, the legal profession clearly does not want to see monogamous marriages being successful.

Why should it?

After all, thousands of lawyers profit from divorce. Billions of dollars every year are generated for them by family breakdown. And so they are hardly going to support something that would reduce this great income by a huge smount.

Perish the thought!

Growing up without a father can permanently alter the brain

Brain Connectivity Study Reveals Striking Sex Differences -  striking differences in the neural wiring of men and women


Did you know that according to the Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales - published by the UK's Home Office and the Ministry of Justice - the UK police "recorded" 16,000 "rapes" for 2011/2012?

And they are lying.

They actually recorded 16,000 allegations of rape - more than 80% of which could not be substantiated.

So, why do they lie and tell the media and, hence, the public that they recorded 16,000 "rapes"?

Something to think about.

(Here is a clue ... 'train' and 'gravy'.)

The environment is hugely important, we are forever being told.

And we are also told that there is a huge amount of domestic violence committed by men.

Solution? Change the environment - particularly the legal environment - so that men are less likely to become aggravated.

Instead, however, they do the very opposite.


Something to think about.

(Here is a clue ... 'train' and 'gravy'.)

Did you know that 46% of students at Oxford University are female?

So, where are they in these lectures on socialism hosted by the Oxford University Students Union? ...

oxford union

Are the women being kept out of the lecture halls by wicked men when it comes to open discussions concerning politics? - as feminists continually proclaim.

Or are women simply less interested in politics?

Notice also the comments that you see on media websites below the main articles. They are overwhelmingly from men when the articles are concerned with political issues.

And yet men are forever being castigated by feminists for holding women back in the political arena.

As usual, they keep blaming men - and, hence, stirring up hatred towards them - for the choices that women, themselves, freely make.


Something to think about.

(Here is a clue ... 'train' and 'gravy'.)


 Exposure Therapy For Rape Victims

Subjects had to repeatedly describe what happened to them and visit places that reminded them of the assault After 'exposure therapy', 83% no longer had a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder

I am really pleased to see this work continuing to show good effects on traumatised victims. It forces them to get a much better - and far more realistic - understanding of their ordeals and it helps them to avoid being infected by the perpetual nebulous mumbo-jumbo that they so often have to endure from the media and the abuse industry.

Indeed, I have always known that if, perchance, a loved one of mine was ever to be seriously assaulted sexually that I would persuade her very strongly to get it psychologically sorted out and properly understood as quickly as possible instead of allowing her brain to become infected over time with all sorts of unhelpful nonsense.

Indeed, it is precisely because of the antics of the abuse industry and the media (all done for money) and the failure of modern therapists to deal with such issues properly that many individuals do remain badly affected for so long following sexual assault.

This should never have been allowed to happen.

Unfortunately, however, the media and the abuse industry have been, and are, far too powerful and influential, and it has therefore been virtually impossible to counter them effectively.

(They would not dare do to other victims (e.g. cancer victims) what they do to abuse victims - because they would be lynched!)

The problem with exposure therapy, however, is that it has to be done properly - and completed fully - or matters could be made worse. It is also something that requires a good deal of skill to administer effectively.

(Indeed, if my memory is correct, there was a problem many years ago with exposure therapy making matters worse because many therapists employing it were often allowing themselves to be sidetracked by their own somewhat fanciful psychological theories - and adding them on to the whole  process.)

Needless to say, many thousands of people will be decidedly unhappy at the thought that there might exist speedy effective help available for those who feel traumatised by sex assault.


Interesting question for Christmas ...

If it is true that rape is almost as bad as killing someone then, instead of handing out the Death Penalty for certain crimes, why not rape the culprit three or four times instead, and then let him or her go free?


French MPs Back Fines for Paying for Sex

White Feathers During World War II Caused Suicides 

Does Anti-feminism Help or Hurt the Men's Movement? - Paul Elam, Greg Anderson, Dean Esmay, Glen Poole, Sage Gerard - 90 min

All MRAs should watch this.

My only gripe - and it is an incredibly small gripe about the discussion - was to do with the lightly-suggested notion that feminism had good bits in it, and that it did not need to be 'discarded'.

To which I would make two responses.

1. I will never accept feminism as being a dominant ideology - nor allow it to be seen in a favourable light. And I would have the same attitude towards Whitism or Blackism for similar reasons.

In short, the word 'feminism' excludes all males at the very outset.

It is, manifestly and overtly, a supremacist ideology.

2. Feminism has several serious deleterious effects on everybody, not just on males. It is a curse on our society in very many ways.

I list some of these in my piece entitled The Benefits of Feminism.

As such, feminism is a horrible blight not only when it comes to matters relating to gender, but in numerous other areas as well.

Even global warming! - if it exists.

(Serious MRAs should read the aforementioned piece and see if they can spot the connections between feminism and all the serious ills that are listed in it. And if they cannot spot the connections then, in my view, they need to think more!)

 Provoking conflict at home or even on the internet is often how some women get (chivalrous) others (often in the state) to attack men on their behalf.

Does online dating reveal racist preferences?  White men in luck? White women, not so much - thanks to feminism, in my view.

It also found that men from all different races prefer a partner of another race over their own.


Men of all races have had enough of all this whingeing from their womenfolk!

"I've had enough of all this nonsense! I'm off to seek better womenfolk from different tribes."

Regretfully, however, the fact that "men from all different races" are seeking higher,  let's say, 'quality'  in their womenfolk suggests that, in fact, there is no hope!

All races of women are the same.

There is no escape.

Black, brown, white or yellow makes no difference.

They are each as bad as each other.

Not one iota of difference between those conniving Jezebels.

One day, we shall be visited by aliens from somewhere in our galaxy.

Some will have huge bulbous heads, and large, plate-like eyes. While others are like snakes, with long sinuous bodies that twist and undulate. And piercing green eyes that dart sharply here and there.

But it will be the same old story.

Whinge. Whinge. Whinge.

From you know where.

And, one day, zillions of males of all the species will finally stand up together and say, "No more! Silence!! No longer can we endure. Back to the kitchen you must go."

And so it is that the Universe will one day be restored to peace and harmony.

Tidy kitchens. Clean houses. Well-tended gardens. The smell of good home cooking. And a friendly massage by the children's nanny or your next door neighbour's missus when you get home after a drink or two with your colleagues at the lap dancing club.


Wake up Ladies. Feminism is not your friend.

(PS. Actually, I find it hard to believe that most men prefer women from different races. But if it is true, it would be hugely interesting to see why, and what the ramifications were from an MRA perspective. LOL!)

Famous saying by Confucius, or one of his friends...

A woman without a man is like a plant without a flower, a lock without a key, and a yin without a yang.

A man without a woman is like a head without an ache, a pro without a con, and a life without a care.



Please remember to donate to your favourite sites where asked.

Even small amounts make a huge difference to the site owners. And they also help you to inject YOUR views into cyberspace.

And the more that YOUR views are injected into cyberspace, the more will the real world begin to reflect those views.

Remember: Even small amounts - $10 ! - helps a lot.

(Please Note: I am NOT asking for donations to this site nor, specifically, to men's sites,  but to any sites that reflect YOUR views.)

After all, money talks!

And it talks very loudly, it seems to me.

Indeed, ...

No money = almost no voice.


Entitlement personified - HT PageForMen

Women showing their "gentle side" on Twitter

The Right To Be Left Alone - Geoffrey James

23 Signs You're Secretly An Introvert by Carolyn Gregoire

Believe the victim: a recipe for injustice - by Barbara Hewson - a UK lawyer

 Is This a Campus Rape? Well, No - by Cathy Young

Broken homes, broken boys -  by Kay Hymowitz

The allure of chivalry - from Gynocentrism

Who Will Protect Us? - my take on the recent revelations by Edward Snowden - short piece


Made-Up Sex-Trafficking Statistics Are So Much More Dramatic

Colleges offering credit to post feminist views on wikipedia

Women inmates get more tailored treatment - by Jennifer Sullivan

United Nations Caught Fiddling Rape Research

"Have you had sex with your current or previous wife or girlfriend when you knew she didn't want it but you believed she should agree because she was your wife/partner?"

Ambushed by the Twitterati feminists - by Angela Epstein

Gender Equality in  the justice system UK style - a PDF page produced by the UK government for the judiciary

Symantec Shareholders Worried

" It must be nice up there on your throne of white maleness, where nothing is a problem and nothing hurts you."

I just could not resist posting the response above from a woman in the Telegraph - not to me, but to another commenter.

And it pretty much sums up what the feminists and the Left have been claiming for some five decades.

White men cannot be hurt.

You see the consequences of this belief everywhere. 

Notice, also, the resentment and the hostility that clearly lie underneath the sentiment expressed in the post above.

Misandry is now absolutely engrained within our population.

What Is Stop Violence Against Men Day?

Terminology (my view, for what it's worth) ...

Manosphere - the areas within cyberspace wherein men tend to congregate to talk about things in which men seem to be particularly interested - not necessarily to do with gender issues or intra-gender issues - e.g. areas wherein men might talk about men's health, rugby, video games etc etc - basically, those areas in cyberspace wherein men are very dominant

Men's Movement -  the overall consciousness of men and women of issues that particularly affect men; as a gender -  both inside and outside of cyberspace - rapidly-growing

Men's Rights Movement - basically consisting of men and women - Men's Rights Activists - who actively seek to advance the cause of men's rights - politically, socially etc - not all are anti-feminist and many are even pro-feminist

Actually, while I'm here, I should point out that when feminists accuse the Manosphere, the Men's Movement or the Men's Rights Movement of being horribly anti-feminist, they are wrong.

I am definitely anti-feminist and so are nearly all of my activist chums. We see feminism as a truly disgusting ideology which is based on almost nothing but lies.

But there now exist thousands of people who are concerned with men's issues and with men's rights who are definitely not opposed to feminism. And so it is wrong to tarnish them with the accusation that they are anti-feminist.

Headline "Is this the worst hangover ever?" - Daily Mail making fun of male mutilation.

Melissa comments ...

Daily Mail comment on mutilated man

"Oh dear I know I shouldn't laugh ... but can't not lol !"

Please respond to this piece of overt misandry in the Daily Mail by sending the URL of this article to people who might be interested in the problems of child abuse ...

How The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse

Sending this URL to people who already dislike the tabloids would be particularly useful.

And, if you have the time, let the DM know what you are doing, and why. 

Thank you

Newbies might want to read my piece ...

Boys Are Stupid


Top hacker, Barnaby Jack, dies days before scheduled Black Hat talk . Barnaby Jack, 35, was noted for his research on security flaws in ATMs and medical devices.

His talk was going to be about how heart pacemakers could be hacked from a distance.

Interestingly, his very last tweet before he died, which can be seen here...


Barnaby Jack

... contains a link to this piece by Andy Greenberg ...

Stomping on the brakes of a 3,500-pound Ford Escape that refuses to stop–or even slow down–produces a unique feeling of anxiety.

... which is about how modern tech devices can be used to take control of vehicles remotely.

And, oddly enough, Michael Hastings, a journalist who was particularly concerned about the NSA and about other governmental abuses of power died in a strange car crash last month on June 18th.

Apparently, in his last email to colleagues before he died, he wrote this ...

Hey [redacted] the Feds are interviewing my "close friends and associates." Perhaps if the authorities arrive "BuzzFeed GQ," er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news-gathering practices or related journalism issues.

Also: I'm onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit.

All the best, and hope to see you all soon.  [LINK]

Needless to say, some people on the internet are wondering if these two fatal accidents were both a bit too unlikely and, perhaps, a bit too lucky from the point of view of the powers-that-be - powers that seem to go to enormous lengths to cover up their secrets.


Independent Police Complaints Commission

To:  [email protected]

Subject: police forever lying about false allegations


Proclaiming that most men who are found NOT GUILTY of rape are, in fact, guilty, is pretty disgusting and dishonourable, isn't it? 

So why do the police lie about the false rape statistics, thereby stating that nearly all accused men are GUILTY when, in fact, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that they are NOT GUILTY?

Haven't those men been through enough?

"We may congratulate ourselves that this cruel [Civil] war is nearing its end. It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood. The best blood of the flower of American youth has been freely offered upon our country's altar that the nation might live. It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country."

 “As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless." —

President Abraham Lincoln to his friend Colonel William F. Elkins (Letter dated November 21, 1864.)

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

Carl Sagan, 'The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark'

"No means No. "

"Indeed. But saying No after the event doesn't count."


Misogyny on the increase? "I have never experienced anything like the misogynistic insults hurled at me by a group of male students during the finals of the Glasgow University Union (GUU) Ancients Debate last week."

Parents lose custody of their children for a month after they take innocent bath time photos.

So, when is sex appropriate? Accusations of sexual harassment, ‘inappropriate behaviour’ and a variety of related misdeeds have become the new normal. Frank Furedi

IMHO, government officials - whether they be politicians, police officers or judges - who inflict serious injustices on men for supposed transgressions which are, in fact, trivial ought to be viewed as criminals - and they should be treated as such.

And the fact that they work for the government is no excuse for their immoral behaviour.

The Tax Inspector Cometh

According to a Daily Mail article by Ruth Blythe ...

Former tax inspector Kevin Kinsella, who runs an advisory firm, says it is often bitter former wives who inform on their partners. ‘Ex-girlfriends or recently divorced wives are especially keen if the suspected tax dodger has married again or is in a relationship with someone else,’ he says. ‘They feel slighted, and contacting the taxman is their way at getting back.

... former tax inspectors swear the vast majority of tip-offs never lead anywhere and are made on hearsay or out of malice

In short, thousands of women make false accusations about the tax affairs of men with whom they are having problems.

What does this tell us about the likelihood that aggrieved women will also likely make false accusations of 'abuse'?

Something For Feminists To Think About

If the men of the past had not protected all your ancestors from whatever it was that they needed protecting from, you wouldn't be here, would you?

Feminists To Reclaim Valentine's Day i.e. the feminists want to sour the romantic feelings that any women might have for their men on this special day.

Why else would they always target Valentine's Day every year, as opposed to any other day?

There can only be one reason.

To ruin it.

And, in the process of doing so, to use the highly-publicised event to extract millions of dollars of extra funding.

After all, Misandry = Money

Always remember that.

Women would rather get a poem or hug than expensive jewels this Valentine's Day.

Yes. It's true!

Your girlfriend or your missus would much rather have a poem or a hug than $20,000 dollars worth of jewellery.

In fact, a poem and a hug would be worth about $50,000.

Bogus UK Children's Charities By the end of his childhood, a youngster is considerably more likely to have a television in his bedroom than a father living at home. The combination of family instability and a vulgar, celebrity-obsessed, low-IQ and all but inescapable popular culture (of which, incidentally, the BBC's website for home consumption is clearly a manifestation), means that British children lead the western world in many forms of self-destructive as well as unattractive behaviour.  Anthony Daniels

Wife's Consent Required To Donate Sperm? A British woman is campaigning for the legal right to veto her husband's choice to donate sperm.

Assange Photo  It seems an unremarkable image: a group of friends smiling broadly. But this is the photograph Julian Assange hopes will clear his name.

Department Stores To Introduce ‘Male-Safe Routes’ - Men's rights activists are celebrating today ... LOL!

+ Teenage Pregnancy Tests Must Get Harder - Education Secretary Michael Gove says that pregnancy tests for teenage girls in England must get harder. :-)

Naomi Wolf On The Assange Rape Case Based on my 23 years of reporting on global rape law, and my five years of supporting women at rape crisis centers and battered women's shelters, I can say with certainty that this case is not being treated as a normal rape or sexual assault case. New details from the Swedish police make this quite clear.  an oldie

Their transcript of the complaints against Assange is strikingly unlike the dozens of such transcripts that I have read throughout the years as an advocate for victims of sex crimes.

Specifically, there are eight ways in which this transcript is unusual: ...


Academic Resigns Over Extreme Feminist Colleague The James Cook University is embroiled in an ugly battle of the sexes which has resulted in one academic resigning in protest at the lack of discipline of his "extreme" feminist colleague. 

Harnessing Feminist Energy America needs a low-tech green-energy source that could be ready tomorrow without political cronyism. Robert Weissberg

I propose a new era of neighborhood power stations consisting of gyms catering to women, especially those of the angry feminist persuasion.


LOL! ...

Hi Harry

When my son was born I told my wife she could take 5 years off work to raise him before his state schooling. After 1 year she began to moan, usual stuff, you have it easy etc. I genuinely offered her to exchange roles, i would stay home, she could go out and work.

I have never seen a woman back peddle so fast.


Politics 101

Imagine 10 politicians vying for high office.

Imagine that each one of them is 100% honest.

Imagine that one of them sincerely believes that bankers and banks should have a completely free reign.

And now imagine just how much money will go into supporting his desire for high office.


Did you know that prison guards unions in the USA are at the forefront in the promotion of prison sentences for trivial drug offences? - e.g. see Jailing is big business by Tim Kowall.

I wonder why.

Organisms; always seeking to grow, to become more powerful, and to attain more wealth.



Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was an American Founding Father who was the principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence (1776) and the third President of the United States (1801–1809).

“When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe .”

 “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” 

“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.  A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

 “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

 “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

 “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”


Another Faker Caught She split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper and had her friend punch her in the face. Investigators say she even ripped open her blouse, then wet her pants to give the appearance she had been knocked unconscious.

Martinez, her friend and two co-workers eventually told police the whole thing was a setup

Four of them conspired to make a false accusation - demonstrating just how (morally) acceptable it is for women to make such accusations these days.

Aussie Women Do Not Want To Work Full Time Despite the rapid increase in education levels, despite large changes in social attitudes towards married women working in the labour market, despite large increases in labour market rewards and despite increased labour market involvement, the proportion of women 15 to 59 employed full time is much the same as it was 35 years ago. Bettina Arndt

(Also see, ... Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?)



boy girl

 History In A Nutshell


Quote of the Moment

"It is the women . . . who dominate all of American life. The men are interested in nothing at all; they work, work as I haven't seen anyone work anywhere else. For the rest, they are toy dogs for their wives, who spend the money in the most excessive fashion and who shroud themselves in a veil of extravagance."

Albert Einstein

Genius of the Week

A search query that brought a new visitor to this site ...

"why do women marry for money?"


The Case Of Will Hetherington William and Linda Hetherington married in 1971; the marriage was an unhappy one and between 1978 and 1985 William sought divorce, then the couple reconciled, and finally divorce was sought again.

During this period, Linda brought, then withdrew, charges of spousal rape more than once, with one such incident described in the media as "the first of several times that Linda would accuse her husband of raping her, at times when bringing charges was to her advantage".

He spent 24 years in prison.

Quote of the Moment

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome's decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars. Will Durant - famous historian


Slut Walks Are Useful

slut walk

I am sure that most of you know that thousands of wimmin and their poodle boys from many different countries have been protesting about the fact that ONE Canadian police officer dared to suggest that, in order to stay safe, "women should avoid dressing like sluts."

This ugly phenomenon is very useful when it comes to explaining to the unenlightened why it is that the police and the politicians refuse to tell the public the truth about the huge number of false accusations that women make against men every year.

So, the next time that you are trying to point out to someone that they are being lied to all the time by the authorities when it comes to gender issues, and they look at you with disbelief on their face ("Why would the authorities lie?") then mention the Slut Walks and the cause of them.

Oldie of the Weekend

Why Violence Is Often Justified - e.g. where men are being denied access to their children.

Going mad?

Sometimes I really do wonder if I'm going mad.

Is it me?

Or is the rest of the world crazy?

The missus came into the room last night with a mischievous smile upon her face.

"How many times can you cut a piece of paper in half?" she asked playfully.

"What do you mean?" I replied looking at her over my spectacles.

"How many times can you cut a piece of paper in half?" she said again, evidently pleased at the way that the matter appeared to be heading.

(Notice that she did not say, fold the paper in half. She said 'cut'.)

"Well, what size is the paper?" I asked.

"It makes no difference," she beamed, looking very pleased with herself.

"Well, how small do you want the final pieces to be?" I asked.

"It makes no difference," she reiterated triumphantly.

"Well, I don't know what you are talking about," I snapped impatiently.

"Eight times," she said with an air of victory spreading over her whole demeanour. "You can only cut it in half eight times."

I looked at her benignly. What else could I do?

"You mean fold in half, don't you?" I said.

She thought for a while and then said, "No. The man on the radio said 'cut'. He definitely said 'cut'."

"But you can cut up a piece of paper into half as many times as you want, until you've got just two atoms left," I said. Then you've got just one last shot."

She thought for a second or two. And, if you can believe it, this is what she said.

"No," she said. "It's got something to do with the thickness of the paper. You can only cut it, or fold it, or whatever, eight times. You can't do it nine times."

I knew that there was no point in pursuing the matter.

"Hmm. Right," I said. "That's very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Something to think about."

"Yes, I thought so," she said. "That's why I mentioned it."


So, if you think that  I sometimes write like a man who is mentally deranged and/or psychologically impaired, you now know why!



I am so, so tired today. I've been walking around the house like a zombie.

Or, perhaps, more like a scary white ghost of an old man in a movie who is about to rattle some chains and go, "OOOOOOOOO, AHHHHHH", in order to frighten you all.

If the neighbours look in, they'll think I've died and come back to haunt them.

I'm still in my pyjamas.

Pecking at food. Drinking tea. Surfing the web. And, essentially, slobbing about in blissful emptitude.

It's Sunday. No work. Nothing much to do.

Not true.

I lie.

I've got loads of things to do.

But I can't be ars*d to do them.

It's obviously that time of the month.

i.e. any day between the 1st day and the last day that can be divided exactly by 1,

i.e. without leaving any remainder,

i.e. an integer x, where 0<x<=last day of the month

See what I mean?

This is what you do when there is nothing that you want to do.

The rule round here is this.

Do not do today what you (or, preferably, someone else) might be able to do at some other time or, with any luck, what might not actually need to be done.

And always remember that every calorie burned up by pointless activity is a calorie wasted.

A crime against humanity!

So you have an inescapable duty to minimise your consumption and, hence, your movement.

You now have the moral high ground.

So, relax. Take it easy. Move not. Talk little.

Ah yes. This is the life.

Missus, bring me another cup of tea. Or prepare to die in the most horrible way imaginable.

The choice is yours.


Tactic of the Moment

Long time MRAs will surely have experienced some exasperation at the dismissive attitude that even many of their very own friends exhibit when they have tried to point out to them that feminism is not the benign ideology that they believe it to be.

Or, perhaps, they have been sitting around the dinner table with a party of friends and/or acquaintances and the topic arises.

At times like these, the conversation can become very heated indeed as the MRA becomes more and more wound up by the occasional sneering tones or the derision that can materialise.

So, here is my advice.

If it looks as if the conversation is going nowhere worthwhile, then you can easily kill it and yet leave a lasting impression on the men who have so rudely closed off their minds to your most excellent pontifications.

Preferably within earshot of their womenfolk - if you are seeking maximum effect - you say something like this.

"Well, if she wants you out of the house, then out you go. And if she doesn't want you to see the children, then you don't."

This usually silences the men.

You can usually see them looking decidedly uncomfortable.

They suddenly realise that this is not an avenue that they wish to pursue any further - especially in front of their womenfolk.

Their sneering and their derision evaporates.

Their shoulders slump. Their egos deflate.

You've won.

They dare not mock you any more.

And they are not easily going to forget what you said.

You have reminded them that they have very little power and that their women are, in fact, the bosses. Not them.

And if you are feeling particularly malicious, you can always add, ...

"Best always do what she tells you to do, eh?"


Ouch. That hurts.

But if you keep a huge, friendly smile upon your face as you plunge in the knife - seemingly completely unaware of the huge blow that you have just delivered to their sense of pride - the conversation can move elsewhere in an atmosphere of good spirit and friendliness.

And yet, nevertheless, those men will not likely sneer openly at your views ever again.

And if they do, at a later date, fine. Just say something like this, ...

"Yes, I accept that you think that feminism is a good thing. Let's not talk about it. Just make sure that you always do what she says."


Ooooo. I am so, sooooooooo bad.

Quote of the Moment

Having spent decades studying the ways in which governments gained much of their power, George Orwell, in his futuristic novel 1984, pointed out that governments will always attempt to damage the close relationships between men, women and children ...

No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends....

... and this is exactly what western governments have been doing.

Illegal Drugs Might Cure Psychological Problems Ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms could useful in the treatment of people with serious psychological issues who cannot face their problems.

Imagine that there was a drug that literally cast away any psychological issues arising from bad experiences.

And so, for example, if you were raped on Friday night, you would have forgotten about it all by Monday morning.

What would the penalty then be for rape?

A fine of $50?

And your beloved missus of 20 years dies in a horrible car accident at the weekend.

But, by Tuesday, you are in such a good mood that you go partying with lots of lovely nubiles in order to find a good replacement.

And then the drugs get even better.

Your whole family is slaughtered.

You are enslaved by your government and you have to work for it seven days a week.

But you don't care.

Life feels sooooo good.

Well, is this the way that we are heading?

Hmm. Yes, I suspect it is.

No more suffering. No more misery.

But, also, nothing to care about and, probably, no more point to it all.




Burning Question of the Moment

Apparently, thousands/millions of men are addicted to porn.

They spend many hours every week staring at naked women on the internet.


Oh Harry. You sweet, little Honey Bundle.

You are so cute.

But how can you be so naive?

Those men are becoming hugely aroused by the images and they are getting their rocks off.


Well, if they are becoming hugely aroused, then why don't they stop after five minutes?

Hugely aroused men mostly don't take many hours to achieve satisfaction.

They take minutes.

So, what is going on, eh?

Well, I'll give you a clue.

It's all about power.

So, think about 'power', and follow the trails.

This should take you on a very interesting journey of discovery.

'Nuff said.


India: Adulterous Men Go To Prison Unlike in some countries of the West, however, adultery is considered a crime here. The Indian Penal Code of 1860 made it an offence in our statute books.

One of its many controversial aspects - that it punishes only adulterous men and not women - has been at the heart of a prickly debate around the subject.

'Men's rights' organisations, using the plea of a bias against males, have demanded that the law also put adulterous women behind bars.

And I bet that most of you thought that Indian women had it worse than men, eh?


Everywhere I look, I see men being treated far worse than women.

Also see, ...

Women As Chattels?


Absent Fathers To Be Legally Responsible For Their Children Fathers could be held legally liable for their children's behaviour until they are 18 - even if they are divorced or separated.

Yeah, right.

And what if the mother has moved the children to live 200 miles away? Or to another country?

And what if the 'father' had never wanted a child in the first place, but had simply agreed to have sex with a woman on the understanding that no offspring should be produced, eh?

After all, an agreement by two people to have sex together is not an agreement to have a child together.

And given that western women nowadays have TOTAL control over their reproductive machinery, I can see no reason why men whose sperm has been used for reproductive purposes without their consent should have to bear any responsibility for any offspring.

Which reminds me.

Expressing the notion that men who have been hoodwinked into 'fathering' a child should not bear responsibility for that child usually brings about a huge amount of hostility from most women.

"Well, if he didn't want a child then he should have kept his pants on."

"He took the risk. He should pay the price."

Or words to that effect.

My 'conciliatory' response to this is usually quite effective.

It goes something like this.

"Yes. You're quite right. I would always advise a man never to trust a woman when it comes to sex, since she might well unilaterally decide to use his sperm to 'father' a child."

I emphasise the quotes around the word 'father' with my fingers as I say the word.

And I leave the matter there.


Of course, my response does not fully address the issue.

But it tends to pass the buck to where it really belongs while agreeing with the clear implication that women should not be trusted in this area.

And, needless to say, most western women do not like having the buck passed to them when it comes to their choice to produce offspring.

They like to pretend that producing offspring is not a result of their own choices, but that it is somehow inflicted upon them by men.

"He got me pregnant."

In my view, a law should be enacted whereby men can only be held to be liable for any offspring if they have signed a legal document accepting such liability.

What would be so wrong with this?

And, surely, this would also likely reduce the number of 'absent fathers'.

Of course, in the old days, there used to be a similar binding agreement that worked remarkably well.

It was called 'marriage'.

(Also see my short piece, Rant Against the CSA.)


Prospective Parents To Be Denied Prior Knowledge Of Baby's Sex Parents could be prohibited from learning the sex of their unborn baby if a European ruling is observed.

These politicians and bureaucrats clearly think that they are gods.

Well, I have some news for them.

They will never get away with this one.

Who the hell do these people think they are?


Sued For Lack Of Sex A Frenchman has been ordered to pay his ex-wife £8,500 in damages for failing to have enough sex with her during their marriage.

No Jail Time For Mothers A Tory minister's cleaner who stole more than £90,000-worth of jewellery has avoided jail - because she is a single mother.

Stolen Sperm A father was forced to pay his ex-wife £100,000 so she can raise two children she conceived without his consent after secretly taking his frozen sperm.

Men Losing Jobs A smaller share of men have jobs today than at any time since World War II.

Here is one of the comments below the piece ...

let's look at the facts, shall we?

An education system that reviles our sons and portrays them as latent sexual predators; a legal system that assumes that only women are fit to be parents; a popular culture that portrays men as dullards and as fools; and a society in which a woman can file a false police report accusing a man of sexual assault and receive only a slap on the wrist.

Now consider, the sensibilities of our culture: if a woman upbraids a man in front of colleagues, she's just being tough; if a man does it, he's creating a hostile work environment; if a woman goes to Bali to sleep with underage boys, she's just "expressing her sexuality;" a man going to thailand to sleep with female teens is a leering, lascivious sexual pervert.

And, have you ever noticed how our universities seem more intent on showing female academic success than they are interested in showing male academic success?

30-plus years ago, feminists argued that showing women winning scholarships (even if they were still in the minority on college campuses at the time and men were still the ones winning most of the big prizes) would encourage them to enter non-traditional fields and encourage other women that achievement was possible; now, it is our young men who are in eclipse and those same feminists discourage showing young men winning scholarships because, as they argue it, most of the scholarship winners in 2011 America are female (of course, this is exactly the opposite of the argument they would have tolerated when the reverse was true a generation-and-a-half ago).

The truth will set you free, guys; it's time to stop pretending that the pogrom against our sons is just a figment of someone's imagination.

You all know how hard it is to see your children when you're a non-custodial father; you all know what it's like to strive for advancement when affirmative action and "ladies-first" rules exist.

Get your head out of the sand and support those men fighting for you.


Interesting Analogy of the Moment

A woman takes you out for a drive in her car on Tuesday night.

On Friday night she calls to tell you that she has decided to crash her car into a wall.

Are you responsible?

Should you have to pay for the cost of any repairs?


A woman takes you to bed with her on Tuesday night.

On Friday night she calls to tell you that she has decided to turn your sperm into a baby.

Are you responsible?

Should you have to pay for the cost of any offspring?



Burning Question of the Moment

In the olden days, the powerful aristocratic families used to send their sons off to war.

Their daughters were married off to other rich and powerful men.

Who got the best deal?


Indian MRAs In Action From Slut Walks to The Dowry Prohibition Act, Bangalore-based men's rights organisation Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) is taking issues head on.

Bride burning is a hoax. There is no official data on bride-burning deaths. The UNICEF said there were 25,000 such deaths in India every year without conducting a study on its own.


Jailed For Herpes The man jailed for knowingly infecting his girlfriend with herpes did so to make sure that no one else would want her, his victim said yesterday.

when they eventually split up, Miss Lee went to the police.

Nigel Scott, spokesman for the Herpes Viruses Association, compared the case to prosecuting children for 'giving their friends chicken pox'.

Well, she wanted him sent to prison. So to prison he must go.

Riots Due To Fatherlessness Most of these children come from lone-mother households. And the single most crucial factor behind all this mayhem is the willed removal of the most important thing that socialises children and turns them from feral savages into civilised citizens: a father who is a fully committed member of the family unit. Melanie Phillips

This was the outcome of the shattering defeat of Tony Blair, in the two years or so after he came to power, at the hands of the ultra-feminists ...

One of these ultra-feminist wreckers was Harriet Harman.


Loving Mum A jealous wife murdered her two young children to punish her estranged husband after he met another woman, a court heard today.

Fiona Donnison, 45, suffocated Harry, three, and Elise, two, when she wrongly suspected her husband Paul had started an affair with an old schoolfriend.

Ah yes. The truly terrible things that some women will do, eh?

But, of course, they would never make false accusations of rape. 

Typical Guardian Feminist A newspaper journalist who cruelly mocked the the deaths of three teenagers killed on a gap year has been forced to apologise for her grossly insensitive comments on Twitter.

Guardian columnist Kia Abdullah tweeted that she had 'smiled' when she heard the news that students Max Boomgaarden-Cook, 20, Bruno Melling-Firth and Conrad Quashie, both 19, had died in a coach crash in Thailand.

She apologised.  But please do not kid yourself that her apology has any sincerity.

Feminists in the media and in politics are, by and large, an extremely nasty bunch.

And please never forget that many of them collude with each other quite consciously - and explicitly among themselves - to "stir up hatred towards men".

This is not me exaggerating, or stretching my imagination in order to demonise them more than they deserve.

They really do consciously and explicitly set out to stir up such hatred.

When I first started out exploring feminists, I believed that, basically, they were simply supporting a flawed and self-serving ideology that stirred up hatred towards men as a by-product.

Not so.

For many of them, stirring up hatred towards men is the main purpose of their activities (e.g. see Spin Sisters and Slap That Face) - often, the very reason that they support feminism.

And, for example, unlike the general public, UK politicians such as Harriet Harman and Vera Baird know full well that thousands of innocent men are treated appallingly by the justice system when it comes to allegations of sex-assault, domestic violence etc etc - with some of these men even committing suicide - but they do not care.

And the reason that these women do not care is because they hate men. They really and truly do hate men.

And if you look closely at what they say and do, you cannot come to any conclusion other than that their primary motivation is to fuel this hatred in the population.

Furthermore, sites like this one often get criticised for being 'misogynistic' and, to some extent, I accept that there is some truth to this; mostly because MRA sites are biased.

Men round here are angels. Women are demons.

But there is nothing hidden about this.

There is no pretence that these sites are even-handed when it comes to gender issues.

But, for example, you will not find me taking any pleasure in seeing women being hurt or killed, or falsely accused or wrongly convicted and imprisoned, etc etc.

And, to be fair, the same kind of thing is also true for most women who see themselves as feminists.

But if you look closely at most of the leading feminists in the media, in politics and in academia, it is not possible to come to any conclusion other than that their primary aim is to fuel hatred towards men.


Because they really and truly do hate men.

They want to hurt them.

Hurting them is what gives them pleasure.

Hurting them is what turns them on.

And hurting them is their aim.

Indeed, I suspect that it is this seething, deep-seated, ongoing hatred of men that has given them the energy to reach and to maintain their lofty status - lofty in the eyes of most other feminists; and particularly lofty in the eyes of women who hate men.

And while it is true that some MRAs appear to be just as hateful towards women as are these feminists towards men, there is a huge difference between the two.

Firstly, most of these MRAs are reacting to the appalling misandry that is being generated by these wimmin and,  basically, they are just trying to fight fire with fire.

Secondly, these MRAs are fully aware that their vitriol has a very small impact on the population - unlike the foul machinations of these leading feminists.

Thirdly, these MRAs are not actually responsible for creating any laws that treat women badly. But these feminists have continually and successfully caused laws to be implemented that are positively outrageous, sexist, bigoted and thoroughly hateful - with thousands of men every year being treated appallingly; and with all men being regarded as if they were nothing but dirt.

Finally, when ...

Kia Abdullah tweeted that she had 'smiled' when she heard the news that students Max Boomgaarden-Cook, 20, Bruno Melling-Firth and Conrad Quashie, both 19, had died in a coach crash in Thailand

... you can be 90% sure that she really did take pleasure in their deaths.

Furthermore, her clear intention was to encourage other women to feel the same way.

And if the editor of the Guardian had any decency, he would kick her off his newspaper.

He would certainly do this if a male journalist had revelled in the deaths of women.




Angry Harry's Missus

(On a good day.)


Poor Fool - Part One He kept thinking that there had been a mistake, that he'd be out in no time. That the system, set into motion by some misunderstanding or act of malice, would soon correct itself.

That was before the detective informed him of the charges, ...

Poor Fool - Part Two Doubts had been gnawing at Simi Valley Police Det. David Del Marto.

Even if Gonzalez had raced up the freeway, the detective discovered, he could not have arrived at West's house earlier than 12:42 p.m. And witnesses confirmed he was at the Montessori School, a mile away, right around then.


Real Men Get Their Facts Straight There are not 100,000 to 300,000 children in America turning to prostitution every year. The statistic was hatched without regard to science. It is a bogeyman. Martin Cizmar, Ellis Conklin and Kristen Hinman.

Good read.

Arrogant UK Government Workers Go On Strike About 750,000 public sector workers - about one in eight - are expected to walk out of their jobs tomorrow in protest against the Government's pension reforms.

And, if you can believe it, this includes school teachers whose pensions - two-thirds funded by the taxpayer - average around £24,000 per annum, whereas people working in the private sector have an average pension of just £3,900 per annum.

Furthermore, UK government workers are paid more than 20% than are workers in the private sector. They work for fewer hours per week. They can retire earlier. And their jobs are more secure.

In other words, this strike tells us that government workers expect those who are receiving much less money than themselves to continue to fund their own rather generous pay packets and pensions even though the country is facing a huge economic downturn.

And in Greece, government workers are actually rioting.

But it is not just 'average' earners who have to pay for these privileged benefits.

The lower paid and the poor have to pay for them too - e.g. via the various purchase taxes such as VAT.

The continued growth in the size and power of western governments is something that most citizens (including most government workers) really need to fear.

Indeed, it is this seemingly inexorable growth that makes me feel rather pessimistic about the future.

Westerners are gradually being enslaved by their governments (currently being turned into second-class citizens) and I am not quite sure what we can do about it.

These governments and their workers are not serving the people. They are exploiting them.

In many ways.

Western governments are far too powerful these days, and in order both to maintain and to increase this power they are continually engaging in all sorts of shenanigans and deceptions - the perpetual lies about the 'abuse' figures being just one example of this.

Indeed, in my view, it is largely the self-serving activities of governments and their workers that are mostly responsible for all the injustices that men nowadays have to endure when it comes to their families, their education, gender issues etc etc.

Generally speaking, therefore, government is no friend to 'men'.

And any further increases in the power of government will almost certainly be at the further expense of 'men'.

Of course, should western governments ever start supporting their men rather than undermining them then, perhaps, I might change my attitude towards them. But, currently, they are our worst enemies.

(Also see The Governmental Beast.)


Girls Rule The Roost The willpower and determination of teenage girls gives them a big say in how a family's spending money goes on everything from food and meals out to mobile phones and, of course, clothes.

Teenage boys do not show up at all in the analysis that tried to trace the influence of young people on household spending.


Time To Stigmatise Absent Dads Says Cameron Fathers who run out on their families should be ‘stigmatised’ in the same way as drink-drivers, David Cameron said last night.

Time to stigmatise David Cameron, methinks!

Of course, we all know that women are the main instigators of family breakdown.

Everybody knows it.

But when women extricate themselves from their husbands, they are said to be 'liberating themselves from stifling and/or abusive relationships' rather than just abandoning them.

Indeed, millions of women these days have no real intention of committing themselves to the fathers of their children.

Why should they commit themselves?

They have no real need to.

But you will not hear about this from David Cameron, because there are millions of votes to be had from demonising men.

Always remember that.

Because David Cameron certainly does.

On a personal note, when I think about all the families that I have known over my almost 60 years of existence on this planet, I can honestly say that where there has been unremitting discord and/or irreparable breakdowns, the women have been the main cause of the problems and they have certainly behaved much more badly than the men - with the men oftentimes having had to put up with endless aggravation for fear of losing everything that they have - a prospect which very few women are likely to face; which, of course, further encourages them to behave badly.

Why should they care?

But, of course, our politicians are not allowed to talk about such things.

They must always portray women as victims and men as perpetrators.

And any newcomers to this site should think very carefully about David Cameron's remarks, because he and his cronies will have thought very hard indeed about what he should say; the words that he should use, the emotions that he should try to generate, the stance that he should endorse, the type of political support that he should aim to gain etc etc etc.

After all, the man is the Prime Minister!

He is one of the best political activists in the business.

A zillion times better than Angry Harry.

That's for sure!

He and his cronies are the tops.

The best wheelers and dealers in town.

The elite.

They have fought their way through the years to reach the most powerful positions in the country.

And their chums and their colleagues will also have some of the best brains in the population when it comes to winning support.

So, please do not think that David Cameron's demonisation of men is just some accident of everyday language.

Like so many others, he knows exactly what he is doing when he demonises men.

He is stirring up hatred towards men so that he can profit from the result.

He simply would not do this if this was not the case.



Feminism Is Now Irrelevant Emmeline Pankhurst must be revolving in her grave. At the weekend, various cities around Britain hosted demonstrations by thousands of young women dressed — or to be more accurate, half-dressed — as sex objects, all supposedly in the cause of ‘feminism’. Melanie Phillips

Unfortunately, Melanie Phillips still trots out the demonstrably false propaganda that women were not long ago discriminated against in certain major areas ...

The feminist pioneers battled to obtain political representation, equality in education and the workplace and in other areas of public life.

These truly heroic struggles against real, tangible discrimination ...

But women were no more discriminated against than were men; e.g. see, ...

Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work? - no, they did not

Women - Weak and Pathetic? -  why women stayed at home

Historical Educational Bias Against Girls? - Nope

Indeed, feminists are now actually complaining about the fact that only some 13% of voluntary contributors to Wikipedia are women - which is, they claim, evidence of discrimination!

Essentially, part of the feminist campaign of hatred towards men goes like this.

If women choose not to do something, then stir up hatred towards men by claiming that this choice is evidence of men discriminating against women.

And Melanie Phillips has fallen for this nonsense.


The Feminist Trojan Horse In Family Law - An Aussie MP castigates feminist ideology - YouTube video - 16 min

No Woman Should Go To Prison Women should not be sent to prison and should instead serve community sentences, according to a new report by the Women's Justice Taskforce.

"At the forefront of the justice system is the development of community based women's services, which aim to address the underlying reasons for many women's offending, such as drug and alcohol addiction, mental health and their often long histories of domestic violence and abuse.


Of course, one of the main reasons that there might be a correlation between offending and a history of being 'abused' is because the people who have to live with these women are reacting to their persistently horrible natures.

British Justice A former magistrate cleared of rape is facing financial ruin after lawyers acting for his 'victim' have demanded he pay nearly £500,000.

Rihanna: Man Down The pop star has attracted the wrath of the Parents Television Council, who have blasted her for showing a 'cold, calculated execution of murder' [of a rapist] in the clip for her new single, Man Down.

Given that most people would surely agree that losing access to your own children is worse than rape, I presume that Rihanna (and her supporters, judging by the comments) would find it acceptable to encourage men to kill women who have denied them access to their children.

Yeah, right.

Nope. These people think that a rapist deserves death whereas a woman who deprives a man of his children (a far greater hurt) deserves child support from him and his home.

Does not this fact alone tell you just how low are men considered to be these days?

That's you, Sunshine.



Available Soon!

Angry Harry's Guide to Understanding Women


 Volume I - How To Make Her Happy

(A short introduction for beginners.)



Quote of the Moment:

 Napoleon Bonaparte on 'history' ...

"a series of lies on which we agree"


But he's absolutely right.

And I doubt that there is a single seasoned successful activist, politician, media person or lawyer who is not aware of the fact that the 'truth' is almost irrelevant when it comes to gaining and/or maintaining power and/or popularity.

Whoever, or whatever group, has control over the flow of information decides what the truth will be for most of those people who are on the receiving end of it.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, to see that western politicians and government officials (in cahoots with many big businesses) are busily trying to clamp down on free speech on the internet though a number of avenues these days.


“I'm Going To Make Him Pay.” “Mr. Lanigan's a jerk,” the girl told her friends, according to teachers and trial testimony. “I'm going to make him pay.”

(Also see Michael Jackson - A Victory for Men)

Burning Question of the Moment:

How do you know that your webcam is off?



Best Bit of the Wedding

The Modern Marriage Vows?

Did you notice that while Kate decided not to include in the marriage ceremony the traditional vow to 'obey' her future husband, William was, nevertheless, required to say the following, ...

With this ring I thee wed; with my body I thee honour; and all my worldly goods with thee I share.

So, William promised to share all his worldly goods with her, but Kate did not have to make the same promise in return.


Treat Marriage Like Obesity Hanging around fat people can make you fat. Ed West

A mildly anti-feminist piece in the Telegraph.


And it is good to see Ed West talking about the benefits that children gain by being brought up by their biological, married parents.

And yet the UK's leading children's charity, the NSPCC, is now busily burying the data that show just how beneficial it is for children to be brought up by both of their real parents.

It is almost unbelievable, isn't it?

The people who claim to be so concerned about the welfare of children - and who receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the government and from donations - are actually burying the data that show what is best for children's welfare.

Basically they are merging the data so that it disappears from view.

I quote from one of their emails.

The NSPCC's most recent research into the prevalence of child abuse does not distinguish between natural or biological parents and step-parents, instead referring to parents or carers.

Why would these people do this?

Why would the NSPCC want to hide the fact that children are better off with their real parents?

Well, of course, the answer is money.

The less do people (and politicians, journalists, lawyers etc) realise that children are better off living with their real parents, the more likely will our children end up living in 'other circumstances'.

Which is great for the NSPCC.

The more abused children, the better!

Now just imagine for the moment that I was running a huge charity for men.

The donations were always pouring in from my most excellent readers - and even the government was putting money into Angry Harry's pot.

Well, how would you feel if you discovered that I was actually hiding something that would clearly be of benefit to millions of men?

'Cheated' would probably describe how you would feel.

And yet this is what the NSPCC is doing.

It is actually cheating our children.

And for non-UK readers, I should point out that the NSPCC is huge.

It has a huge influence on the public and it has a huge impact on the legal system.

It is, allegedly, the foremost authority on the social welfare of children in the country.

And yet, here it is, burying the very data that could help to increase the well-being of children massively.


So much for "in the best interests of the child" being of paramount importance, eh?

Well, clearly, not for the NSPCC they aren't.

And they never have been.

Indeed, whenever you hear officials arguing that they are doing what they do "in the best interests of the child", you can bet your last dollar that their real aim is to break down people's families.

And the NSPCC seems to be following the same agenda.


Are You An Abused Man? Gentlemen, it's time to take the blinders off and wake up. Men are just as likely to be the targets of abuse as women. Women are just as capable of being abusive as men. Dr Tara

For newcomers, let me take this opportunity to point out that the feminist-propagated notion that women have been mistreated more than men 'throughout history' is complete and utter nonsense.

It is a blatant lie.

There is no valid evidence for this to be found anywhere.

On the contrary, the appropriate evidence overwhelmingly supports the view that it is men, not women, who have had to endure the worst of just about any form of mistreatment that is typically inflicted on people by other people.

Indeed, you would have to be a very poorly educated individual to believe otherwise.

And newcomers who might doubt this fact should read a decent history book or two rather than allow themselves to be continually indoctrinated by the persistently-dishonest politically-corrected left and their feminist overlords; whose ubiquitous lies are mostly designed simply to give themselves good jobs, pensions, status and power.

Indeed, these phonies use the same kind of tactics that many successful religious groups have employed to create and maintain their power.

And so, for example, instead of spreading fear of - and hatred towards - the devil, or the infidel, or whatever - and claiming that they can protect you from these imaginary horrors if you subscribe to their religion of political correctness and feminism, they have simply substituted these particular horrors for 'men'.

And, of course, if you subscribe to their religion, not only will they claim that they can protect you from these evil men, but, if you are particularly good at supporting them, then they will promote you up their various ladders.

On the other hand, if you do not support them, then they will seek to undermine you, or to destroy you, in some way.

And this is exactly what the politically-corrected and the feminists do all the time.

Unfortunately for men, these malicious people are also supported by vast armies of self-serving 'professionals' who make a great living by pumping up the hatred toward - and the fear of - men (lawyers, therapists, academics, politicians, various government workers, the media etc etc) and, of course, women themselves gain a great deal by supporting such a loathsome enterprise.

And the result has been that there now exists a positively vast number of groups and individuals that subscribe to the view that men are awful and that, therefore, demonising them and mistreating them is completely acceptable.

Sociopath? Crystal Mangum Many mental health professionals do not like to diagnose women as sociopaths. link temporarily unavailable!

Somehow, we have to get the message out to all those people who need to understand it but don't—like cops, child protection caseworkers, prosecutors, judges and the media.


Do you really think that these 'professionals' are mostly unaware of these terrible women?

Are our top police officers, child protection workers, judges, academics, journalists, politicians etc etc really unaware that these women exist?

Some of the topmost brains in the country?

Come on. Wake up!

They know all right.

But - as a high-ranking barrister once told me about legal professionals  - "They do not intend to rock the boat. ... ... They are not going to bite the hands that feed them."

In other words, all these different types of 'professionals' profit from what they allow these disgusting women to get away with.

Indeed, as we know full well - with evidence for this plastered all over this website - in so many areas, they actively encourage these malicious women to do what they do, and then they try to cover up the truth about them.

And not only is it important for the public's eyes to be opened to the activities of these wicked and devious 'professionals', from an MRA point of view, their scandalous behaviour and their persistent dishonesty make them extremely vulnerable to MRAs who know what they are getting up to, and who understand how their scams work.

Furthermore, the loftier that they are, the more do they have to lose.

As such, I can almost assure MRAs who understand what is going on that they have very little to fear from these charlatans.

The last thing that they would want is closer public scrutiny about these matters - particularly the scrutiny of men; and particularly the scrutiny of those men who have been seriously harmed as a result of their disgraceful - and highly unprofessional - behaviour.

So please stop kidding yourselves that these 'professionals' are unaware of the horrible and unfair manner in which they are treating so many men - and fathers.

They know damn well what they are doing.

Finally, if these 'professionals' think that it is acceptable to harm very seriously the lives of innocent people in pursuit of what they would often claim to be a noble aim, then, by using the same guiding principle, it must be perfectly acceptable for MRAs to do the same to them.

Always remember that.

(Also see what happened to a UK professor who was falsely accused a few years ago. ... "She was awarded legal aid to conduct her action, while it was to cost me well over £10,000. I was repeatedly offered the opportunity to pay off my accuser, and indeed it would have been cheaper to have done so.")

Update On Peter Spitz This may be the single most outrageous case I've come across. I first wrote about Peter Spitz last December here. He's the Colorado man whose wife Teresa got up in the wee hours of one morning in 2004, bundled up their young son and took him to a neighbor's. She then returned to her house, put a pillow over her sleeping husband's head and shot him ... Robert Franklin


Sweden: Convicted Of Manga Porn A bespectacled graphic novel expert, Swedish translator of Japanese Manga comics and owner of over four million cartoon images, Simon Lundstr'm is himself like a cartoon image of a nerd. But according to the Swedish courts his Manga collection is perverse. Nathalie Rothchild


War On Drugs - A Wasted Effort The "war on drugs" has failed and should be abandoned in favour of evidence-based policies that treat addiction as a health problem, according to prominent public figures including former heads of MI5 and the Crown Prosecution Service.

(Also see AH's world-renowned masterpiece War on Drugs.) 

Official Lies About Sex-Trafficking Exposed The group behind the study admits as much. It's now clear they used fake data to deceive the media and lie to Congress. And it was all done to score free publicity and a wealth of public funding. Nick Pinto

Newcomers should take note that there are huge numbers of people - mostly funded by government, or working for government - who regularly spin out lies and bogus research findings in order to demonise men and to keep their funding coming in.

Perpetually stirring up hatred towards men for profit is a multi-billion dollar industry.




Women Rule The Internet Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer internet and e-commerce companies. Especially when it comes to social and shopping, women rule the Internet.

According to the US Census Bureau, women oversee over 80% of consumer spending, or about $5 trillion dollars annually. Women control the purse strings when it comes to disposable income. that's long been the case.

And yet we are always told how poor western women are in comparison to men, and so men must contribute billions of dollars every year to women through the tax system.

Trafficked? The IDC police officer on duty at the time of the survey reported that no one had ever self-identified as a trafficking victim. Laura Agustin


Desperate For Convictions Heather Brantner began Monday as coordinator of the Sexual Assault Response Team, a committee of police, prosecutors, medical providers and women's advocates given new purpose after The Baltimore Sun reported last year that the city for years led the country in the percentage of rape cases deemed "unfounded" by detectives.

IMHO, there is something profoundly wicked about government officials almost begging women to come forward to have their intimates prosecuted; and offering them many incentives to do so.

"Prosecute him! Prosecute him! Come on over. We will do our best to convict him."



Aussies To Employ Equality Inspectors Australia will send inspectors to conduct "spot checks" of businesses to ensure workplaces are treating women equally to men.

Australian and New Zealand feminists were very clear about their aims some three decades ago; to destroy the nuclear family and to get the women away from their own children; e.g. see The Trojan Horses Of Feminism.


Where Are The Slaves? Millions of USA government dollars are being spent to fight a crime that is extremely rare. The US government assumes that all prostitutes on Earth are sex trafficked slaves.


Breast Milk Ice Cream For Sale A council has confiscated breast milk ice cream from a Covent Garden parlour amid concerns it could be unfit for human consumption.

Mr O'Connor, who previously led direct action group Fathers 4 Justice, said: "Our donor was screened at a leading medical clinic and then the ice cream mix is fully pasteurised.


What next, eh?

Human manure for house plants, perhaps.

Toenail clippings as a crunchy condiment for the dinner table.

Sugar-coated dandruff flakes for children to sprinkle on their cereals at breakfast time.

And pizzas topped with crispy fried nose pickings as a special family treat.

Yep. This is the way that we are all heading thanks to feminism.


Judge Convicted In Kickback Case A former juvenile court judge was convicted yesterday of racketeering in a case that accused him of sending youth offenders to for-profit detention centers in exchange for millions of dollars in illicit payments from the builder and owner of the lockups.


The Muslims Are Coming - YouTube video - 7 min.

I wonder what my missus will look like in a burka.

Hmm. Yes. A lot better, would be my guess.

And the one on the right certainly looks very tasty.

In fact, very tasty indeed.

I always like to see a woman carrying shopping bags containing groceries. It's a sign of good health, sexual possibility and, with any luck, something to eat.


blown to atoms

Blown To Atoms The journal of Capt Edwin Vaughan, detailing the Battle of Ypres in 1917 in which his band of 90 men were decimated to just 15, has been published, graphically throwing light on the battlefield carnage .

During a shelling of their shelter in the trenches on March 13, Capt Vaughan described the bloody aftermath: 'Of Corporal Everett we found no trace; he must have been struck by the shell and blown to atoms.

Ah yes: Those were the very days when the suffragettes were handing out white feathers signifying cowardice to those men who were not wearing military uniform; because, you see, in those days, it was women who were suffering the most.

(Also see An Exclusive and Insightful Interview with Angry Harry!)

False Accuser Caught On Camera A woman is pulled over for a traffic violation. She files a formal complaint with the police department: she claims that the officer sexually assaulted her.

She doesn't know that the whole thing was caught on tape.

(A YouTube video from 4 years ago.)

Just Thirty Days A former Leslie High School student who framed her teacher for sexual assault was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in the Ingham County Youth Center.

A short piece from an old newspaper report that, for me, summed up the media's attitude towards falsely accused men.

Basically, indifference.

Thousands Of Super Bowl Sex Trafficked Victims Rescued Police in Arlington said 13 of those arrests were related directly to the Super Bowl, while police in Fort Worth said none of their arrests were Super Bowl related. Neither department arrested any juveniles, authorities said.


The Rape Deception One of the most common deceptive ploys purposely engaged in by the feminists is the attempt to hoodwink the public over the issue of false rape allegations by continually making reference to women who have, in fact, been raped. AH



Ten Years For Being Tricked  While I was practicing law in the United States Virgin Islands, a bartender was sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual sex with a 17-year-old who had spent the night partying in a bar with a fake I.D.

I have no doubt in my mind that the bartender above should not be in prison but that those officials and politicians who are responsible for implementing such a disgusting policy should be.

Where Are All The Super Bowl Sex Victims? The alarm bells reached peak decibel in November, when Dallas Police Sergeant Louis Felini told the The Dallas Morning News that between 50,000 and 100,000 prostitutes could descend on the metroplex for the Super Bowl. The call to outrage had sounded. Pete Kotz

... every man, woman and child holding a ticket would have their own personal hooker

... He doesn't recall a single arrest of an underage girl.

MRAs might find it worthwhile to write in protest to those mainstream media outlets that continually publish such horrible lies.

And when the MRM is powerful enough, I am sure that it will also give them an offer that they cannot refuse.


I can think of many!


17 Years In Prison An innocent man jailed for 17 years after being wrongfully convicted of rape will not get any compensation for the time he spent behind bars - but he has been given a $111,000 bill for backdated child maintenance payments.

Old Codgers Unite So there you are. Somewhere around 57 years old. Maybe a few years older. Maybe a few years younger. AH



Tory MP Hits Out At 'Obnoxious Feminist Bigotry' A Tory MP has hit out at 'obnoxious bigotry' by feminists and insisted men are getting a 'raw deal' in many areas of life.

Cultural Marxism And Feminism Occasionally an email pops into my box asking me, basically, why it is of any relevance today to associate cultural marxism and feminism given that feminism seems to have a life of its own. AH

Julian Assange: Why Support Him? It seems fairly clear to me that most MRAs are at least partially supportive of Julian Assange - with some MRAs being very supportive indeed. AH


We can do it!

We can do it

For two whole weeks!

We Can Do It The image became a visual representation of the millions of women who worked in factories in the US during the war effort and was later adopted by the feminist movement.

Yes. Millions of women did work in factories during WWII.

But even during this most terrible of times - when so many men were fighting on the battlefields - there were still more men working in the factories than there were women.

Women Protest Eastenders Plot Scores of mothers have taken to the internet to protest about EastEnders' forthcoming cot death storyline, which they have slammed as 'unrealistic and hurtful'.

This is another example of how women's groups put huge pressure on TV networks to ensure that they are not portrayed in a bad light; even in fiction - which is why, for example,  programs rarely portray women as false accusers.

If men are accused by women, even in fiction, the plot must show these men to be guilty - or various women's groups will be up in arms.

Somewhere around 2002, I actually posted up a piece from a producer/writer working in Hollywood who stated that during the previous decade any piece of fiction that portrayed women as 'bad' was thrown into the rubbish bin as it had no chance of being turned into a film.

+ She-Wolves In Sheep's Clothing Ken Clearwater, founder of MSSAT comments: “We live in a culture in which men aren't allowed to be victims and women aren't allowed to be anything other than nurturing.

Also see Oxford Ladies to see other examples of hordes of seething women trying to block negative portrayals of themselves.


India's Civil Servants Corrupt India's civil servants are being targeted as potential grooms by ambitious families who believe their income from bribes offers financial stability.

Yep. It's the same all over the world.

Corrupt government officials.

Unbelievable It's been a bitter education. Thanks in no small part to Spitz's own efforts, the woman who blinded him and killed his mother is no longer considered a criminal, but a patient.

It gets worse, ...

"It sucks being blind," he says. "I've had a lot of health issues. I also have no sense of smell, which drives me nuts. But the worst thing, day by day, is not being able to have my son."



Dowry Deaths In India? There must be many families who burn their brides for dowry as a routine practice otherwise, why would there be so many news reports about dowry deaths? Uma Challa - exposing the horrors that men now face thanks to feminism.


Desperate For A Conviction A grandfather gassed himself just hours after child porn police raided his home - even though he was innocent.

Yet another tragic incident and a huge waste of money by a bunch of clearly over-resourced police officers who have nothing better to do except attempt to make a huge fuss - and ruin an entire family's life - over an exceedingly trivial incident.

Also see, ...

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Hyping Up The Figures Of Illicit Images



Unemployed Father Of 10 Children Is Having Four More Britain's most feckless father is having another four children - and is apparently 'engaged' for the third time in three months.

Of course, the women are rarely blamed for what is entirely their choice.

Unemployed Emma Kelly, 18, and 21-year-old ex-girlfriend Clare Bryant - have also both recently been made pregnant by the feckless father, it emerged today.

But he did not make them pregnant, nor did he make them have children.

The impregnated women always had far more control over these things than he did.

Indeed, this story is about one 'feckless' man and about ten feckless women - but the focus is on the feckless behaviour of the man.

The women are not responsible! - even though the decision to have a baby is their choice alone.

And, do you know what?

I cannot really blame this man for what he has been up to.

After all, what kind of future could this man expect to have?

He is not educated enough to do much that is useful or well paid; and he has a poor history and a criminal record.

He has been brought up to see that women who have children can be funded by the welfare system - without any stigma - so what has he got to lose by having many children with many different women?

At least, this way, he has a big 'family' that he can boast about, with many children; some of who might, one day, actually see him as their father.

Does the government really think that men like this are going be satisfied with a lifetime of stacking shelves or cleaning streets?

Is this something that they are supposed to look forward to?

In the old days, they took pride in their families and in their work; poor or not.

But our feminist-dominated government has ripped that all away; making men such as him have to compete with the welfare system when it comes to women and children, and with thousands of immigrants - and women - when it comes to work.

But men like him cannot really compete successfully with both of these things.

So why should they even try?

And why should he invest his future (his money, his work, his love, his home) in just one family - when these (and much more besides) can all be taken away from him at the whim of his partner?

He will have seen what happens to other men who have invested so much of their lives in their families - and yet lost them all; often through no fault of their own.

Given the above, he seems to have done quite well for himself given his circumstances.

And I suspect that we are going to see much, much more of this kind of behaviour in the future.



USA Judge Hits Out At Sentencing Bias Against Boys A Queens judge is blasting the city's Probation Department for going easier on teenage girls than boys - even when they commit the same crimes.



moneyIrish Income Tax Cut Only For Women The IMF plan to cut women's income tax rate by five percentage points could raise Ireland's GDP as well as tackle inequality.

Newcomers to this site might be perplexed by the idea that higher rates of tax for men is somehow connected to 'equality'.

And the first thing to understand is that when government officials and the politically-corrected left use the term 'equality', they do not mean 'equal'. They are simply using the term to bamboozle people into giving them more powers and, hence, more wealth; in terms of jobs, pensions etc; e.g. see Why Governments Love Feminism.

Indeed, the various official manuals used by the WHO, the UN and indeed, most western governments, define 'equality' as a state whereby women are doing better than men.

Thus, and for example, if, say, it is discovered that men have better health when it comes to any given medical condition, then a state of 'inequality' will be said to exist - and both money and resources will be poured into addressing this situation.

If, on the other hand, it is discovered that women have better health when it comes to any given medical condition, then a state of 'equality' will be said to exist - and nothing will be done to address the situation.

This official attitude now pervades all areas of life; health, employment, family, the justice system, education, sports, and so on.

As such, lower tax rates for women would not trigger off any official complaint of 'inequality'.

And if you think that I might be exaggerating then all I can say is this.

You have not been looking at what has been going on for the past two decades, and you are decidedly ill-informed about what is happening in your own country and, indeed, around the world.

And, as a man, perhaps you should spend less time sucking up all the dross pouring out of the politically-corrected feminist-dominated mainstream media - where you will be lied to all the time - and start looking more closely at  what is really going on; which, in essence, boils down to this.

Many very large and very powerful groups of people - including those working inside various government departments - profit themselves by breaking apart the close relationships that men, women and children might normally have with each other.

And this is why you will see them trying to drive a wedge between people at every opportunity; in this particular case, by applying different rates of tax to men and women.

And for any women reading this who might think that a lower tax rate is a good idea for them, think again; because all that will happen is that men will start to work less, and you will be expected to take up the slack.

"Mummy. Mummy. Why should Dad go out to work when you can earn more by paying less in tax?"



Webcam Spy Sentenced A hacker spied on countless computer users by manipulating their home webcams.

It reminds me of the case in Philadelphia wherein school administrators were taking over the webcams of their students when they were at home. ...

+ A webcam spying scandal at a suburban Philadelphia school district is broadening, with lawyers claiming the district secretly snapped thousands of webcam images of students using school-issued laptops without the pupils’ knowledge or consent.

Put some tape over your webcam would be my advice; because there is just no way that governments are not also engaging in such shenanigans.


Ex-Wife Gets Hands On Ex-Husband's Lottery Winnings A £56million lottery winner has been ordered to pay £2million to his ex-wife who walked out on him ten years ago.


No Anonymity For Accused Men The Government today abandoned its controversial pledge to give anonymity to men accused of rape after a public backlash.

No, there was no 'public' backlash against this proposal.

The 'backlash' basically came from foaming women's groups and lying senior police officers wanting to have the power to threaten and to hurt men.

So, let me put this bluntly.

Amongst others, our politicians and our police officers are quite prepared for the lives of completely innocent men to be messed up quite severely, supposedly so that they can better protect other women; though, quite frankly, how other women are being protected by the publicising of false accusations against innocent men defeats me.

But the important point to understand here is this.

These people are quite prepared to mess up your life, or that of your brother, your father, your son etc etc by, essentially, endorsing the publication of truly wicked lies about them.

As such, you should have absolutely no concern about doing the same to them; in order to attempt to protect yourself and those whom you care about.

In other words, you need to feel no guilt about attacking these people nor, indeed, about spreading lies about them.

These people need to learn that if they promote or implement policies designed to hurt innocent others, then it is even more legitimate to hurt them back in order to protect yourself and those whom you care about.

After all, they are not innocent.

Also see, ...

The Golden Rule

Finally, given that western governments seem, as yet, unwilling to stop this gross mistreatment of innocent men then, surely, the very least that they can do in order to make some attempt at making amends is to COMPENSATE those men with financial awards for the very serious troubles that they have put them through.


Ex-NJ lawmaker Neil Cohen Sentenced For Viewing Illicit Images The investigation began after he left some images at a receptionist's desk.

Also see my second piece about Chris Langham which shows just who really is responsible for most of the child abuse that takes place these days ...

Chris Langham - Scapegoat? - part two


Did She Or Didn't She? A TV make-up artist who worked on BBC's Casualty used her skills to fake an attack on her by her husband, a court heard yesterday.


More Trafficking Hokum Exposed Local sex-worker representatives even claim that there are more anti-trafficking activists than there are genuine trafficking victims. Nathalie Rothschild

... making up stories of the enslavement and sexual degradation of women raises more funds.’

I have met sex workers who have been held against their will for up to three months in so-called shelters.’

In other words, this is yet another example of government workers telling lies in order to keep their cushy jobs.

Presumably, living off generous taxpayer-funded expense accounts in exotic foreign climes is rather appealing; and so they keep up the pretence that they are having to deal with huge problems.



Men Are Biologically Disposable Now scientists have come up with a new theory for why woman live, on average, longer than men: men are more biologically ‘disposable’.

This suggests that women are not, in fact, the weaker sex, and that men need much more government money spent on their health needs.

At the moment, the amount of money spent by government on women's health needs vastly exceeds that which is spent on men's.

Finally, in my piece entitled  Depressed Females reference is made to a study that shows that stress in men leads to more heart attacks and strokes.

As such, one of the main reasons that women might live longer is because they suffer less stresses in life than do men.

Also see a golden oldie by American woman doctor Sydney Smith, concerning the wholesale bias against men in the healthcare system..

Separate, Unequal


He's Too Right Wing It took the country's cultural elite just seconds to realise that a mistake had been made in the Swedish Academy's voting process: Johan Norberg

I presume that most of you have noticed that the Nobel Prizes, and most of the major prizes awarded in the Arts, have for some time now been given to those who have appealed to the politically-corrected and the feminists - which gives you some indication of just how much power is being wielded and, hence, how much money is being made from their combined and various nefarious endeavours.

And guess where most of that power and that money is coming from.

Why yes!

You've guessed it.

If you are a man then it is coming from you!

(Where else could it come from?)

Children From Broken Homes More Disruptive Living with a single parent or step-parents doubled a youngster's risk of developing emotional problems, poor behaviour and hyperactivity.

Yep; even now this remains true, despite the fact that, as a result of both groups of youngsters mixing with each other (both inside and outside school) the differences between such youngsters would have diminished greatly over the years.

In other words, prior to the large increase in single parenthood over the past two decades, the differences between the groups would have been much greater.

And the implication of this is that the detrimental effects of single parenthood are actually worse than is currently being proclaimed.

Lots of jobs for social workers and their highly-paid bosses though, eh?


Kevin Driscoll Acquitted A Bend jury took just over an hour Wednesday to acquit a Redmond man on rape and sex abuse allegations, his second trial on the charges that sparked a great deal of online attention.

Also see AH's Pulitzer Prize-winning piece entitled, ...

Kevin Driscoll Is Innocent


tempAll Women Are Lesbians Jill Johnston died on September 18 aged 81.

Yes. It is with great sadness that I have to report on the death of one of our beloved sisters.

Barely can I type these words as the tears stream out of my eyes like huge rivers at full flood.

And I am far too choked up with grief to say anymore.

I shall probably spend the whole week unashamedly mourning our sad loss.

Oh cruel, cruel world.

All women are born lesbians, she maintained, and those who slept with men were collaborating with the enemy.

Of course, the very fact that this ridiculous woman could say such demonstrably stupid things and also be so blatant in her attempt to stir up hatred towards men and, as a result, become an icon of the feminist movement surely demonstrates to us all just how nasty and empty-headed are most feminists.

Nine Years Ago Today Britain has 3,000 specialist breast cancer nurses, but just 200 for lung cancer, 300 for bowel cancer and only one for prostate cancer. Waiting times between referral and diagnosis are just two weeks for breast cancer - but three months for prostate cancer.

And people sometimes wonder why I called myself 'Angry' Harry.

Nobel Prize For IVF Pioneer The British test tube baby pioneer Professor Robert Edwards has been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine.

I wonder why this work, from 30 years ago, is now considered to be worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Ah yes. I think I understand.

Do you?


More Sex-Slave Lies As golf fans count down to the first ever Welsh-hosted Ryder Cup, teeing off this Friday, Wales has been told to brace itself for an influx of sex-trafficking victims. Stephen Paterson

Judges Told To Punish Men More Severely Than Women Judges have been told to treat female criminals more leniently than men when deciding sentences.


Sexual Statism In “The End of Men,” the cover story of the July/August Atlantic, Hanna Rosin describes “how women are taking control of everything.” ... ...  "Fathers are harmful in rearing children and that lesbians do it better." Prof Baskerville - must read!


Rape Jury In Tears A jury took just 45 minutes to clear a medical student of rape as they heard his accuser had previously made similar allegations against another man who later went on to kill himself.

And furious Judge Patrick Robertshaw at Sheffield Crown Court slammed the Crown Prosecution Service, saying the case should never have come to court.

You see - it's not just me who thinks that the rape police and those working for the UK's Crown Prosecution Service are scumbags.

Even some judges clearly think the same.

The judge said : 'The evidence did not, and was never going to prove, rape. The prime overriding consideration in the CPS's decision had been merely that the complainant wished the case to go ahead.



And this woman's name should not be hidden from public view.

She has committed two truly disgusting crimes. And she was aware that one man committed suicide as a result of her lies.

How can it possibly be justice for her to escape prison and to remain anonymous?

Political Correctness And Hate Keith John Sampson, a student-employee at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was found guilty of racial harassment for merely reading the book Notre Dame vs. the Klan. YouTube - 14 min

From the incident above, you can surely see how impossible it is to have any trust in the academic 'research' of any social scientists.

These people come up with politically-correct findings, or they are likely to be in trouble.

Presumably, not all social scientists are continually under such threat.

But how do you know which ones?

The result is that you cannot trust any of them.

Going Round In Circles If MRAs decided that there are no differences between men and women, then they might as well decide that the Earth is flat. AH


More Sex Trafficking Hokum Apparently 40,000 ‘hookers’ will be trafficked to South Africa for the World Cup. Where have we heard that story before? Brendan O'Neill

Telling lies about sex-trafficking at major sporting events is a great way for thousands of officials to give themselves some respite from the daily drudgery in the office.

They get to stay in nice hotels, all expenses paid, overtime pay and a chance to attend some of the matches.


Till Death Us Do Part 25 years after they divorced, she is pursuing her ex-husband for a lump sum of £560,000 as she says her current income of £23,000 a year is 'totally inadequate'

Etiquette In School In addition to the three R's, boys at one Arizona public high school have spent the past year learning to open doors for girls, pull out chairs for their female classmates and stand when a girl enters a room.

Texas Suicide Plane Attack On Big Brother An American pilot, apparently furious over tax demands, crashed his small plane into a US internal revenue service (IRS) office as an act of revenge.

+ here is the message that he left



Feminist Gulag: No Prosecution Necessary Feminist ideology has radicalized criminal justice and eroded centuries-old constitutional protections: New crimes have been created; old crimes have been redefined politically; the distinction between crime and private behavior has been erased; the presumption of innocence has been eliminated; false accusations go unpunished; patently innocent people are jailed without trial. Prof Baskerville



Betrayed Househusbands Thousands of men who've given up work to care for their children are being ditched by their high-flying wives - who wanted them to stay at home in the first place.

The above piece contains another example of a husband staying at home to look after the children, and then losing the children when the working wife decides to move on. ...

But then the hammer blow fell, and Louise walked out, taking the boys with her.

tempGeldof Lashes Out At Barbaric Family Courts The pop star turned campaigner said the 'barbaric' family law system wrecked the lives of children and their families.

But, ...

Judges, however, have responded by imposing orders that ban them from reporting what they hear.

Notice, however, that the tabloid press, for example, are quite entitled to provide intimate details concerning family affairs.

For example, "Katie Jones, Mum Of Four, Is Part-Time Hooker".

Or, indeed, "John Smith, Father Of Two, Accused of Rape."

This notion that family courts need to remain secret in order to protect children is, therefore, a load of hokum.

The tabloids reveal intimate stories about families all the time.

Thus, secrecy in the family courts is, quite clearly, designed to protect the family court officials and judges from criticism and from scrutiny. It is not designed to protect the children.


Men To Subsidise Women's Health Insurance New measure aims for gender equality for health insurance.

Women's health care advocates cheered after learning Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a law prohibiting insurance companies from charging women more than men for the same policy.

Lonely Murderer George Sodini, an unhappy loner whose rambling website postings indicated he felt spurned by women burst into a female aerobics class, turned the lights off and opened fire, killing three and injuring nine.

Here is his diary - with an introduction by me.

It makes pretty glum reading.

Man Jailed For Running A Brothel A school games master was jailed for nine months today after pleading guilty to running a brothel.

No jail time for the wife, however, who ...

... was in charge of the day-to-day running of the business. She acted as a receptionist, worked out the girls' rotas, introduced them to clients and also prostituted herself. ... She was also the brothel's 'meeter and greeter'.

And, of course, no jail time for the women who staffed the brothel ...

... from 11am until midnight with the women charging £40 for a massage, £60 for 30 minutes of sex and £100 for a full hour.

Stupid Lying Feminists Exposed One reason that feminist scholarship contains hard-to-kill falsehoods is that reasonable, evidence-backed criticism is regarded as a personal attack. Professor Christina Hoff Sommers

"The history of women's abuse began over 2,700 years ago in the year 753 BC. It was during the reign of Romulus of Rome that wife abuse was accepted and condoned under the Laws of Chastisement. . .

LOL! Even your Uncle Harry knows that Romulus never existed.

My complaint with feminist research is not so much that the authors make mistakes; it is that the mistakes are impervious to reasoned criticism. They do not get corrected.

40 - Too Old To Bear Children You may think you're putting off having a child for only a few years, but you could be putting it off for ever. While I was having fun, I did not completely forget the fact that at some point I would really like a family one day. But I was aware that my mother had had me when she was 38, and arrogantly presumed I could do the same. How wrong I was. Mary Gold

One of the very first articles that opened my eyes to the wickedness of the feminists and of the complicit feminist-dominated, feminist-fearing mainstream media was written by a gynaecologist about 9 years ago.

In his article he stated that it was very unwise for women to delay having babies beyond their very early thirties because a very high percentage of them would then not be able to conceive through normal means.

However, he complained that he and his colleagues were just not able to get this information out into the mainstream media because it was forever being blocked by editors who did not wish to tell their readers that women should be encouraged to think firstly about family, rather than job.

Some of these editors would have been typical lying feminists, and the others would have been terrified of well-orchestrated campaigns of hatred being generated against them should they dare to suggest that women should think about families rather than jobs.

At the time, I had no real idea about the disgusting depths to which feminists would sink in order to pursue their poisonous agenda.

And that they would even hide the truth from women about the possible medical implications for them if they delayed childbirth was not something that I would have believed.

Surely they would not do this to women - is what I thought.

But this is exactly what they had been doing.

For almost two decades, the feminist-dominated media and their poodle boys in government carefully indoctrinated the public with the view that women should put their careers first. And they blocked the dissemination of any information which suggested that this was not a wise idea; medically speaking.

100 Years For Retarded Boy A teenager who has profound mental disabilities was sentenced to 100 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges in a sex abuse case involving his 6-year-old neighbor.

+ some comments

And here is the judge trying to pretend that he bears no responsibility for what is happening ...

"In the state of Texas, there isn't a whole lot you can do with somebody like him," Judge Clifford said.

Judge Clifford would have made a great Nazi.

"Just following orders. That's all."

Please do not be fooled by these people. They have free will. They have a brain. They can always refuse to be part of the process.

Divorced from Reality The decline of the family has now reached critical and truly dangerous proportions. Family breakdown touches virtually every family and every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the Western world today but also seriously threatens civic freedom and constitutional government. Prof Baskerville - 10 min

The growth of the divorce machinery during the 1970s and 1980s did not follow but preceded (in other words, it generated) a series of hysterias against parents—especially fathers—so hideous and inflammatory that no one, left or right, dared question them or defend those accused: child abuse and molestation, wife-beating, and nonpayment of “child support.”

Each of these hysterias has been propagated largely by feminists, bar associations, and social work bureaucracies, whose federal funding is generously shared with state and local law-enforcement officials.

Falsely Accused Father Finally Cleared A father branded a paedophile in a police and social services 'witch hunt' is claiming damages for being put through a 'ghastly nightmare' five years long.

Although the mother was later said to be suffering from Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy - in which parents fabricate afflictions for their children - her claims were treated with deadly seriousness.

A police officer and a social worker lied in order to try to get the father convicted.

But, will they be prosecuted?


Nothing of significance will happen to them.

Another Rape Conviction Quashed After spending a decade behind bars, a former Camp Pendleton Marine is now a free man because a military appeals court ruled that “a muddled, hearsay-based case” caused his spousal-rape conviction.

There was no forensic evidence of the alleged rape.

Foster and his wife, Heather, continued having sex for years after the alleged rape and even made a sex tape together.

The rape accusation arose during a contentious divorce and custody battle for the couple's two boys.



bootPower is not a means; it is an end....

Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the stupid hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. [We are creating] A world of fear and treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself....

The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy - everything....

No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends....

There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy. ...

There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always - do not forget this, Winston - always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless....

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

George Orwell, 1984


Marriage Brings Lifetime Debt For Men But Lifetime Income For Women At 51, Tippett is broken, bankrupt and bunking in the guest room of his parents' Burlington home after a divorce settlement that's left him $75,000 in debt and racking up $1,000 more each month.

Today, he'll appear in court at a default hearing to try to explain why he can't afford to pay his ex-wife (the couple had no children) $3,300 a month, $16,000 in retroactive alimony and $42,000 of her court costs out of a complex case he himself still doesn't understand.

Incest, Sexual Assault And Neglect A Co Roscommon mother-of-six has been to sentenced seven years in prison after pleading guilty to incest, sexual assault and neglect of her children.

Judge Miriam Reynolds said that in imposing sentence she was bound by legislation that was 101 years old, the Punishment of Incest Act 1908. Under the Act, a man coming before the court on this charge would face life in prison but the maximum sentence for a woman was seven years.


Also, no mention of the word 'rape', I notice. Strange that. Given that ...

The court heard harrowing evidence of how the woman had forced one son to have sex with her when he was just 13 years old and she was 36.

And yet when men engage even in consensual sex with youngsters, the word 'rape' is used by both the media and the law.

Anyway. Did you know that the statistics right across the western world show that women are twice as likely to criminally abuse children as are men?

Yep, it's true. Go to any western government website that identifies the gender of the perpetrators of criminal child abuse, and see for yourself.



Hysterical Mothers Have Driven Men Out Of Teaching As endangered species go, this one is especially alarming: so rare has the male primary school teacher become that one in ten schools has none at all. Carol Sarler

At a time when unprecedented numbers of children live with single mothers, this means that more and more of them have little or no contact with any male role model at all ... which is, of course, a disaster for the boys.

But who gives a damn, eh?

And if you want to know who is largely responsible for creating an atmosphere in which such a fear is all too horribly realistic, look no further than the twittering bunch of over-protective, over-excitable mothers clustered around our school gates.

These are the people who have bought, wholesale, into the myth of the sexually predatory bogeyman on every corner; the people who have, in a single generation, swept us from the sensible 'don't take sweets from strangers' to the absurd 'all men are paedophiles'.

These are the people who breathe the fire of the name-and-shame campaigns of the scurrilous end of the Press; the people who have propelled sensational memoir after memoir of child sex abuse to the top of the bestseller charts.

These are the people who declare such abuse to be appalling, but who slavishly follow the titillating thrill of 'kiddie-fiddler' storylines in soaps or films - the same soaps and films that their children also watch.

And that, of course, is the point: observant, clever and calculating as most children can be, they note the drama that thrills Mummy so very much and, sometimes, they spot their chance of a leading role in it.

Though it is a great article, I think that Carole Sarler has missed one of the main reasons why so many women purposely try to generate paedophile hysteria; viz, to give themselves more power over men - the power to destroy men's lives simply by making false accusations -- accusations which do not have to be substantiated in any way whatsoever.




No Murders At Jersey Home 'The piece of a child's skull, the shackles, the constraints, the cellar areas and the blood-stained bath - none of these claims were true.

Yes indeed, but the paedophile hysteria - and, hence, the male hatred - that the media and the police generated over the discovered human 'bones' lasted for months.

Indeed, the police even lied to the public concerning what they were discovering, as was pointed out by Brendan O'Neill at the time ...

It now turns out that the police received the carbon-dating results on 8 April, more than a month ago, including an email message that said: ‘This one ain't bone.’ And yet last Tuesday – 13 May – the chief investigating officer stood in the former Jersey home and said the following: ‘It is a fragment of a human body’ we don't know how, when or where that person died.’ Brendan O'Neill

Quite simply, it seems that the chief investigating officer lied.

Never, ever believe those officials who are working in the 'abuse' industry.

They work behind closed doors. The law allows them to operate in secrecy. And they are forever trying to get more support and more funding.

Webster thinks the police kept the bone story alive because they instinctively knew that the bone helped to keep the inquiry in the public eye and in receipt of public funds. 

But, of course, the financial cost of this dishonesty has been relatively trivial in comparison to the enormous social and personal costs that all men (and, hence, the whole of society) will have to pay as a result of it.

The media hysteria that was generated over these 'bones' lasted for months. And the way in which the officials behaved in this matter is a typical example of how those who work in the abuse industry lie and exaggerate quite unashamedly simply in order to feather their own nest





Barman Freed After Raping 12 Year Old Girl Graham admitted four counts of rape of a girl under 13 and was given a 12 month conditional discharge.

Notice how the word 'rape' is purposely used by the media and the law in order to bamboozle the mostly unthinking public into thinking that this girl was forced into having sex; the idea, as ever, being to demonise as much as possible those men who have behaved inappropriately.



Police Officer Stabs Wife And Commits Suicide A police officer, who flew into a rage over the break-up of his nine-year marriage, stabbed his wife and then hanged himself an inquest has heard

Shortly to be filed under my piece entitled Fathers Who Kill.

Basically, this poor man's future was completely messed up by his wife.

Not only were the children now removed from him, but he would have been forced into paying for her 'lifestyle' for the next two decades - thus scuppering any other hopes that he might have had for his blighted future - perhaps with another woman.

Furthermore, of course, he would have been well aware that his wife could, at any time, decide to relocate with the children - even to another part of the world - and he would have no say in the matter.

In other words, she would have him completely under her thumb.

I should also point out that senior UK police officers who buttress all the lies and distortions emanating from the feminists about domestic violence etc etc - and who have, therefore, helped to create the outrageous family justice system that currently exists - are very much responsible for these terrible situations that their own colleagues have often to endure.

It is about time that they told the public the truth about the way in which the system is so heavily stacked against men and fathers.

"What is clear is that the behaviour of Pc Williams was entirely out of character," said Mr Maddox. 

"I have heard many witnesses who said he was not a very aggressive man."

Life-Saving Prostate Treatment Denied Funding A life-saving treatment will be denied to tens of thousands of victims of Britain's most common male cancer after a U-turn by the NHS rationing body.

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