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How To Target Journalists And Politicians

An indication of just how powerful and malevolent "the Government" is likely to become in the very near future ...

Many journalists and politicians do not yet seem to understand how the revelations made by Snowden should open their eyes to the fact that unless the world changes its attitudes towards similar types of whistle-blowing we are all heading towards the nightmarish situation commonly described as Big Brother - of the very worst kind.

As someone who has spent over 35 years programming computers I am fairly well-acquainted with what they can do, and I have a good idea about what they will soon be able to do.

what the Americans will do with their spying capabilities

I intend to keep this piece as short as possible, so let me just head straight into describing what the Americans will do with their spying capabilities and with their covert invasion of the social media.

Imagine that Issue X is of significant importance to the Americans.

They will use their search of metadata and tags to haul up details of politicians, journalists and bloggers who are popular and/or influential when it comes to Issue X.

They will soon be able to construct an ordered list of such people within minutes when it comes to any Issue.

Broadly speaking, they can then do two things to these people.

1. They can get hundreds of their Social-Media-Agents-Who-Have-Multiple-Online-Identities to post comments here and there in order to undermine and/or to promote them.

(They will also have numerous bloggers and 'journalists' on their payroll who will engage in similar activities.)

2. They can seek - with considerable ease - to hurt them quite seriously; particularly if they consider them to be a serious threat.

For example, if a journalist is, say, threatening an important part of their energy portfolio by his persistent attacks on, say, oil-drilling, then some agents might be charged with finding any significant dirt on him, his friends, or even his relatives, in order to demonise him, undermine his authority or cause him trouble.

This dirt will be easy to find in most cases given the huge amount of information that can be gathered by their data-gathering systems - which are truly extensive - and by employing highly-sophisticated algorithms that can find, investigate, collate and analyse this data in order to pass it on to human brains for final decision-making.

For very powerful organisations and groups such as "the government", "the military", "the weapons industry", "the energy industry", "a corporation" etc, small shifts in policy can mean hundreds of millions of dollars being won or lost.

even the life of a journalist or a politician is nothing.

For that kind of money and power, even the life of a journalist or a politician is nothing.

Indeed, you do not need nowadays to be a conspiracy theorist to find it credible that, say, the recent strange and unlikely deaths of Michael Hastings and Barnaby Jack were planned by forces unknown.

Putting it bluntly; if a few journalists or politicians are preventing someone - or some group - from procuring hundreds of millions of dollars, or a whole heap of power, then targeting and undermining them is shortly going to be very cost effective.

Indeed, when it comes to "America", "American interests" and the NSA, hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake, and so numerous powerful subgroups will be beavering away to ensure that they get the upper hand.

And, very shortly, they will be able to target journalists and politicians with ease; not only by undermining their public influence in some way, but also by hurting them in their personal lives so that they are distracted from what they would normally say or do.

And, of course, they will also know that the tabloids and the media will also make a good bit of money out of any scandal that they can manufacture.

Gathering information, using it, and engineering a coordinated attack on the basis of it, is now many million times easier than it would have been even 20 years ago.

As such, already-powerful groups such as governments, big business, the military etc etc, are becoming far more powerful than they have ever been in the past.

And any journalist, blogger, politician - or, indeed, anyone - who threatens them in any significant way is bound to be heavily targeted and easily targeted by them.

And, unless this happens to involve violence, it will probably also be totally legal.

there are no laws in America that say that the NSA cannot use its data on UK citizens

For example, there are no laws in America that say that the NSA cannot use its data on UK citizens in order to serve the national interests of America. And so, of course, the NSA will use its data on UK citizens to serve the interests of America.

And it can do a great deal with it.

Many millions times more than it could do before.

And please remember that they also kill people in order to serve their national interests.

They really do kill people - using drones or daggers.

After all, the NSA is not some benevolent news agency. It is involved in all types of underhand shenanigans - some of which involve inflicting huge amounts of violence.

My point here is that if they really want to hurt someone badly, they can do so with relative ease, and they will do so.

But a knock on the door and a warning from a person wearing a dark hat and a dark coat will often be enough.

And, in the long run, the only journalists or politicians whom most people will ever hear will be those who are "working" for Government.

In the longer run, One Government.


To those of you who are involved in some significant way with political issues - or with other 'big' issues, wherein powerful groups are involved - you are going to be targeted if you are of any significance - the latter being judged on a cost-effective basis.

In a statistical sense, the amount and the intensity of the targeting that you will experience will depend on your influence and on the importance of the Issue at hand.

Some of you will be 'upped' and some of you will be 'downed' by the process - depending on your positive or negative value.

And the problem for you is that it is much easier for people to be 'downed'.

(Undermining someone is much cheaper, easier and quicker than is building them up.)

they will also be able to put material on to your computer without leaving any trace.

Furthermore, be warned, that they will also be able to put material on to your computer without leaving any trace.

As such, it is going to become increasingly unwise to challenge powerful groups.


There are some good solutions to this potentially truly horrible problem.

Assange, Snowden etc.

Please listen carefully to what these kinds of people are concerned about.

The public and the media are not currently giving these people the amount of attention and support that they truly deserve.

What they have discovered - Snowden in particular - reveals a positively enormous shift in the power landscape. A shift that is likely to be decidedly unpleasant for most people.

Within 24 hours of posting the above piece ...

Department of Defence suddenly interested in Angry Harry website

See what I mean?

The DOD is suddenly interested in the men's rights issues discussed on this site.


Let's hope that they join us to promote men and fathers' rights.

November 2013

Ta-Daa! ...

NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit 'Radicalizers'

December 2013

They even keep track of who is having an affair or looking at pornography, in case they need to damage their target's reputation. Edward Snowden


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