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Do Women Care?

There is surely not a female in the country over the age of 12 who remains unaware of how easy it is to harm a man very severely by making a false accusation of 'abuse' against him.

And all adult women have surely seen via the media how atrociously men are treated merely following such an accusation.

Most adult women will also be aware of how biased against men is the legal system when it comes to the family courts, and of how the educational system is nowadays also clearly failing men and boys.

And educated women will certainly be aware of the fact that much more money is being spent on women's health than on men's health; even when it comes to very serious illnesses such as cancer.

Thus, most western women are well aware that their own sons, brothers, husbands and fathers are being subjected to gross unfairness.

And yet they say and do nothing.

Indeed, most of them seem to support what is going on.

Perhaps, therefore, you men out there should learn something from this.

Your own mother, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend: Does she support what is being done to you, or what could be done to you?

Well, unless she has said otherwise, then she probably does.

So, stop deluding yourself about her true feelings about you.

She is quite prepared to see you being mistreated in the most appalling manner.

It seems to be the case that, so long as she is being privileged when it comes to family, home, health, education, work, the law, relationship disputes etc, you can be treated like dirt as far as she is concerned.


Sharon Osbourne

YouTube Video - 5 min

You only need to look at Sharon Osbourne and her friends on The Talk (including the audience) to see what women really feel about men these days.

Do your hear much in the way of protest from all these women?

No. You don't.

Not only do they not care, they actually find it funny to see a man seriously hurt.




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