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Guide To Feminist Nonsense

A short guide to the truth.

Most of what you need to know about feminism is here - where you will learn the truth about the feminist agenda.

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Feminism Liberated Women

Not True

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Fools and Feminists - feminism has achieved very little for women - it is science, medicine, technology and men that have 'liberated' women

Women As Chattels? This view that women were just the chattels of men is simply more feminist-inspired hokum.

The Sexual Liberation of Women - they were liberated by men


Women have been more Oppressed than Men in the Past 

 Not True


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Were Women Oppressed in the West? - No. Not compared to the oppression faced by men.

Feminism - Nothing More Than A Hate Movement - look at the photos, look at the films and you'll see the evidence for yourself.

Men Are Worthless - about war, the alleged oppression of women and the white feather campaign designed to shame men into going to war.

Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer - about eight times as much money is spent by government on women's health as on men's health.

American Men Are So Handsome - British women loved the American soldiers who were stationed in England during WWII.

Typewriters Oppressed Women - Yep; typewriters were a tool of female oppression apparently.

The Battle Of Alesia Soldiers did not unnecessarily kill women and children. This was the general rule of war. And it is a rule that has been obeyed, for the most part, throughout history.

Women in the Middle Ages High status women were entitled to all the benefits of being connected to 'those who fought'.

Spartacus - Shadow of the Gladiator - Gladiators, slaves, and even the Roman soldiers themselves (i.e. men mostly) could be killed by their overlords with impunity - by the thousand.

 The History Of Men Why is it important to study the history of men? Well, for one thing, it tells you that men were treated far worse than women.


By other authors ...

United Nations Infected With Gender Bias - For example, on practically every indicator, the health of men lags in comparison to women.

Who Cares About Soldiers? - The dismembered veterans will find that almost nobody appreciates what they did, and that few even remember it.


Women were Unfairly Kept out of the Workplace 

Not True


Women Doctors Causing Problems For The National Health Serivce - yep - but for the career aspirations of a few thousand women, just about everybody in the UK has to pay a price; particularly the old and the sick.

Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work? - no, they did not

Women - Weak and Pathetic? - In the olden days, women were thought by most people to be weak and pathetic - fragile and delicate. Were they wrong?

Are Women Not Even Responsible For Their Work Choices?

Historical Educational Bias Against Girls? - Nope.

Women To Become 'Workers'  


Feminism and Feminists are Mostly Benign

Not True


woman man argue 


Emotions Are The Key Learning how to identify, observe and understand the emotional responses of others is the key to personal insight and accurate social perception.

Feminism And Falling Birth Rates Academics are unwilling to make the connection between feminism and our catastrophically low birth rates.

Cultural Marxism And Feminism Occasionally an email pops into my box asking me, basically, why it is of any relevance today to associate cultural marxism and feminism given that feminism seems to have a life of its own.

The 'Benefits' of Feminism - an insight into just how astronomically huge is the damage that feminism causes to people - I can provide strong evidence and strong justification for **every** claim that is made in this particular piece - which I purposely kept short

Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable - ever!

Men Behaving Badly - Why? - many reasons

Feminism Causes Traffic Congestion - yep - and global warming

A Permanent Gender War - this is what the feminists thrive on, but this is what we will all have to continue to endure unless their disgusting ideology and their relentless deluge of lies are exposed.

Westerners to Become Extinct - Like the Dinosaurs - the Aggressive Tribe always wins

Feminists Responsible for Traffic Chaos - please watch all the experts and the pundits on global warming, and monitor whether or not they ever mention that the strategy of encouraging people to live together could reduce energy consumption significantly.

Fathers Useful for Children's Academic Performance - what a surprise!

Feminists Destroy The Planet - according to the global warming pundits

Oxford Ladies Three women students at Oxford University have conspired together to deliver a stinging protest about this website. Their intellect will astonish you. 

Good Luck Ms Harman - the UK's ex Solicitor General Is a bald-faced liar whose decade-long campaign of hatred against men will surely backfire

The Trojan Horses Of Feminism - i.e. gullible women who think that feminism is all about equality

Feminists are Nasty Things - they really are horrible creatures. I do not exaggerate.

Menopause Reduces Women's Intelligence - but, then again, men are not human according to some people

Feminism and Nazism - there are many similarities.

Envy, Jealousy And Sexual Frustration Inside Lesbian Covens?

More Women Wanted in Parliament - why?

Too Shell-Shocked to Speak - paternity fraud

Against Paternity Fraud Laws - an example of how duplicitous feminist academics treat the issue of paternity fraud

Tonight on BBC - :-)

Women's groups want Mike Tyson banned from entering the country.

Signing the Sex Consent Document - no signature, no sex; that's the way we are heading

Rant Against the Child Support Agency - men have no say in the reproductive process


By other authors ...

Feminist Legal Theory - There are many people of good will who imagine that feminism is a benign movement concerned about equal rights for women and the removal of discriminatory practices.

Spin Sisters - How media feminists collude to stir up hatred towards men

MsInformation - Gender feminists continually spread fraudulent statistics

Feminism - The Noble Lie - The rhetoric of the feminist movement portrays history as a dismal scenario of the unending oppression and subjugation of women. - 20 min

Women's Studies - It is a truth universally acknowledged in women's studies textbooks that women have been and continue to be the victims of oppression. 

The Real Goal Of Feminism - Feminists are at the vanguard of the phalanx of fools, the useful idiots, the ideologues, who are destroying our hard won rights and our national sovereignty. - 20 min

Marriage? - Don't do it. Come the divorce, as come it probably will, the courts will systematically shear you of your children, your house, and huge amounts of your income for twenty years.

Fraudulent Feminist 'Research' - in the world of school education

Against Women's Lib - It is high time, and past due, that someone blew the whistle on "Women's Liberation." - written in 1970 - 20 min

Women Who Lie - Women's Studies

Women Are Blameless - The judge's removal was warranted because he did not automatically, unequivocally and unthinkingly assign all the blame to the man.


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Learning How To Be Sexy There was once an idea that suggested that one of the major differences between men and women was that men did not need to 'learn sex' as much as women did.

Chastity Belts - to protect vulnerable women

Woman Invents Scrudle - feminists applaud the fact that one of the most important inventions of modern times was created by a woman.

Women And Children - is there any difference? :-)

Women and Chimps - the similarities are remarkable.

The Year is 2052 - Angry Harry is 100 years old today!

Europe is Dying - but there is a solution - :-)

Women Manipulate Men

Women Just Love Violent Men - which is why so many men are violent

Are Women Becoming Redundant? - feminists are gradually turning women into decidedly inferior men

More Women Than Men Required - in the future we will breed many more females than males - to keep the males happy

The Monkey And The Banana - further discussion about the benefits of increasing the female-to-male ratio of births.  

Whack Those Butts! :-)

Why Are Women Never Unmasked? - about Esther Vilar's book called The Manipulated Man

Polygamy - The Pros and Cons :-)

Permanent Menstrual Tension - do women have hostile irrational thoughts every 10 seconds - every single day?


The Hidden Disease - PMS


Eastenders: The UK Woman's Favourite Soap Opera - women just love to wallow in abuse - it clearly turns them on

Women Love Manga - especially when it involves rape


By other authors ...

Seven Questions Women Most Frequently Ask About Men - and the answers they don't want to hear!

Don't Get Married - The moment Junior enters wherever it is that we are, Moon Pie will have you screwed to the wall.


Men Earn More than Women for the Same Jobs 

Not True

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Some BBC Propaganda Tricks - examples of news manipulation by the BBC, a look at the bogus gender wage gap issue, and at how the BBC actually orchestrates huge campaigns of hatred against men

Are Women Not Even Responsible For Their Work Choices?

Women do not Deserve Equal Pay - because they are not prepared to do equal jobs

Subsidising Pregnancies - why


By other authors ...

Unequal Pay? - There is no better example of how radical feminism hoodwinks women than the gender "wage gap" controversy.


Men are More 'Domestically Violent' Towards Women than are Women Towards Men 

Not True


woman rage


More Domestic Violence Facts Nearly twice as many women as men said they perpetrated domestic violence in the past year

Victims Of Domestic Violence Men suffer from serious domestic violence just as often as do women.

Only Women Are Offered An Alternative To Domestic Violence - which is why they are more often killed by their partners than are men.

Women Wallowing In Victimhood: The Case Of Brian Finkel

Lord of the Rings Part Three - The missus and I optimistically trundled off yesterday evening to see Part III of the Lord of the Rings

Violence On TV And In Films - If you look carefully at the mainstream media, you will surely see that hurting men is considered to be amusing and acceptable. 

Firing Squad For Husband's Slaying - women who are violent are not the defenceless victims that feminists portray them to be

Killing Abusive Men is OK - then killing judges and politicians that have abused you must be OK too!

Men Love to Bash Pregnant Women?  - some phony research

Domestic Violence - It's Always The Same Women - yep, it's always the same women who appear to be the victims

Does The UK Home Office Wilfully Stir Up Domestic Violence? - yes

Men Fighting Back - another example of the Home Office purposely stirring up violence

Domestic Violence UK: A Few Truths - from the British Crime Survey

Would You Sign This Contract? - the domestic violence scam

Loose Women - women who have murdered their partners have been treated like heroines for the past two decades. I wonder how women would feel if men did something similar.

Badass - will the abuse hysteria ever end?

Girls Aged Eight To Be Indoctrinated - about the vileness of men


By other authors ...

Domestic Violence Research - Martin S. Fiebert

Nightmarish VAWA System - The laudable goal of ending domestic violence cannot justify nullification of the fundamental rights of an entire gender.

The Domestic Violence Industry - Every month it spawns new sub-programs, clinics, shelters, research institutes, counseling centers, visitation centers, poster campaigns.

Perpetual Lies - The claim that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury is exaggerated by an order of at least 10.

Lying Feminists? - The feminist advocacy groups were able to create new bogus statistics faster than the experts were able to shoot the old ones down.

Public Heaps Scorn on Male Victims of Abusive Women - abusive women get away with their sins.

Dawn of the Feminist Police State  - Having an argument is now a crime.

Male Victims Hidden - The response to our finding that the rate of female-to-male family violence was equal to the rate of male-to-female violence not only produced heated scholarly criticism, but intense and long-lasting personal attacks. 

Women Who Kill Too Much - The Twelve 'Female-Only' Defences to Murder


Over 25% of Women will be Raped in their Lives 

Not True


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Note: You might not be particularly interested in the true figures for rape, but this section should open your eyes to the sheer scale of the dishonesty of public officials, academics and women's groups when it comes to this issue and, hence, probably to other issues as well.

The figures from these groups are typically inflated by a factor of around 50.  Thus, for example, if you are told that they have evidence that indicates 1,000 rapes, the chances are that, in fact, they have evidence for some 20 rapes.

This level of chicanery should open your eyes to just how corrupt are so many of the people who work in these 'respected' groups.

Understanding the Rape Statistics - a short YouTube video

Why Do Women Fantasise About Rape? Why do millions of women fantasise about being raped?

One Third Of UK Men Are Rapists - But according to police officers, 80% of rape allegations are false.

The Rape Deception One of the most common deceptive ploys purposely engaged in by the feminists is the attempt to hoodwink the public over the issue of false rape allegations by continually making reference to women who have, in fact, been raped.

Stop LYING Harman Harriet Harman was ordered to stop misleading the public about rape by an official inquiry report yesterday.

More About Rape You only have to look at the Kevin Driscoll case to see how easy it must be to convict innocent men these days.

Kevin Driscoll Is Innocent An example of the appalling treatment of innocent men in America who have simply been accused, not convicted, of rape.

Good Chance Of Conviction? "We have a good chance of conviction," is all that counts in the legal system when it comes to rape. Justice has nothing to do with it.

The Rape Scam How western governments raise or lower the rape figures in accordance with their agenda.

The Rape Illusion An extremely high false allegation rate does not imply that a large percentage of women are making false allegations.

Dealing With False Accusations Do not ever fool yourself into thinking that the police will be seeking justice in your case, because this is not their job - nor, quite frankly, is it in their overall nature.

On False Rape Allegations - an insight

The Truth About The Rape Statistics - the vast majority of rape allegations made to the police are false, but the government and the media do not want you to know this. 

Why Women Lie About Rape - an insight into the reasons why so many women make false accusations.

Myths About Abuse And Rape -  It is not nowadays possible to conduct a decent 'scientific' study on 'rape'.


Home Office Rape Statistics Are False - an example of incompetent academic research into sex-assault and domestic violence and how western governments inflate the sex-assault and domestic violence figures by some 2000%.

I think that reading this piece carefully will give you a good insight into how governments and government-funded academics fudge the figures. 20 min

Ignoring Relationships In Rape - Stranger Rape = Relationship Rape - an example of how incompetent and/or dishonest government officials and academics manufacture bogus research on the basis of the testimony of a small selected group of abnormal women who have a particular hatred towards men. 9 min

Where Are All The Sex Slaves?

Most 'Sex Offenders' Are Innocent Men are often convicted without any objective evidence standing against them; just the testimony of a hostile witness.

Calm Before The Storm - :-)

How Rape Statistics are Distorted and Inflated An example of how the official rape estimates from sneakily biased questionnaires can be easily fudged by a factor of 50, 100, 200.

Most Rape Allegations Are False

Dispatches Dispatches more Feminist Propaganda. - an insight into heavily biased TV programmes about rape

It Happened To Me - two men falsely accused of rape

Women Responsible for 'Rape'? - if not, where does the responsibility go?


By other authors ...

Will Hetherington Still In Prison (NOTE: Link defunct) William J. Hetherington has been incarcerated in Michigan prisons for more than 20 years for having sex with his wife Linda. In 1986, he became the first man in Genesee County convicted of the new Michigan crime called spousal rape.

Feminism's Third Wave - the campus date-rape campaigns of the early 1990s weren't motivated by a genuine concern for the well-being of women. They were part of an ongoing attempt to delegitimize heterosexuality to young, impressionable women by demonizing men as rapists.

Girls Behaving Badly - The UK government and the public prosecution service are currently struggling to increase the numbers of rape convictions.

Falsely Accused of Rape - "She was awarded legal aid to conduct her action, while it was to cost me well over £10,000. I was repeatedly offered the opportunity to pay off my accuser, and indeed it would have been cheaper to have done so."

Father's Abuse Conviction - He confessed to his wife that he had extramarital affairs. His wife suddenly discovered his four children had been abused.


Misandry - Man Hatred





Your Sexual Behaviour And Your Genes When it comes to talking about sex and men in the mainstream media, the word 'abuse' seems to be the word that is most strongly associated with it.

Dr Lewis Wolpert: The Differences Between Men and Women - my somewhat negative criticism of a public lecture by the biologist Lewis Wolpert whose main theme seemed to be that men are awful.

Who Is More Empathic - Men Or Women?

Death Penalty For Cop Killers? The death penalty poisons us all in very many serious ways; and we would all be much better off without it. 

Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Oh really?

Prostitute As Present A man who tried to hire a prostitute to take his 14-year-old son's virginity as a present was spared jail today.

Anti-White Racism - promoted by the BBC

Self Harm We are continually told that women have higher rates of self-harm than men. This, however, is not true. We are also being told that men should not be expected to live as long as women. 

The Golden Rule By and large, the aims of those in the men's movement (MM) are consistent with the Golden Rule. But the aims of those in the feminist movement are, mostly, contrary to it.

Oxford University 'Liberals' Reveal Their Hypocrisy - They were actually trying to use aggression and intimidation to close down a debate on the Limits of Free Speech!

Fathers Who Kill - a look at the politically-corrected man-hating-twaddle disseminated by the feminist dominated media over these tragic circumstances.

Gavin Esler - BBC Newsnight Presenter and poodle-boy

Amnesty International Ignores The Plight Of Men - Amnesty International has, on numerous occasions, has ignored the plight of male victims of violence and brushed them out of existence.

Emily Maitlis According to the feminist-dominated BBC's Newsnight team, Hillary Clinton's failure to secure the nomination was because America was absolutely riddled with 'misogyny' - the BBC never stops trying to stir up hatred in women towards men.

On Chivalry - Men need to wake up to the fact that many of the leading feminists are generally deeply unpleasant women.

Putin The Paedo Staff at the NSPCC were outraged yesterday by what they described as a heinous sexual assault by Russia's president on a poor defenceless boy.

Women to be Shown Behaving Badly by the BBC - more examples of how the BBC distorts the truth

Angry Harry Officially 'Analysed' - by a group of psychologists

What A Piece of Sh*t is Man - the worthlessness of men

Intellectual Phonies at the BBC - The Late Review - even arts programmes on the BBC are politically-corrected to the point of imbecility

Kirsty Wark Glows - she is glowing about the possibility that cloning will make men redundant - but I have some bad news for her 

Why Should a Man Bear Responsibility for a Woman who Decides to have a Baby? - men have no control whatsoever over women's pregnancies

All Men are B*stards - the women who imply such a thing are, themselves, the common denominators

All Men Are B*stards - Knife Block

The Death Penalty - the figures do not add up

The Violin and the Death Penalty - who is really responsible for murders?

Men are Sexually Primitive - according to Dennis Prager, that is.

George Sodini - his diary - with an introduction by AH

Joe Stack Plane Attack


By other authors ...

Demonising Men - "The first males were mutants... the male sex represents a degeneration and deformity of the female."

Criminalizing Masculinity - Women have been taught to feel victimized by men to such an extent that all expressions of masculinity are offensive to feminists.

Politically Correct Sexuality - Guidelines to Acceptable Gender Attitudes and Relations 


The Abuse Industry


man at desk


Traumatised By A Tomato One memory from my youth - aged 13 -  that still haunts me today - aged 61 - concerns an incident that took place with my father.

The Recovery Of Recovered Memories - it's best to keep such memories at bay

The Unholy Alliance Between Lawyers And Therapists Many 'therapists' are trying to suggest to their female clients that all their psychological problems are the fault of some man in their lives.

Looking Up Women's Skirts - Is it 'normal' to do such things?

Politics, Therapy and AllAboutCounseling It surely cannot have escaped the attention of conscious westerners that many of the professionals working in the therapy business seem to have sunk deeper and deeper into the realms of witchcraft and make-believe over the past three decades.

Wild Extrapolation Drinking alcohol does not affect a man's ability to guess whether a young girl is under the age of consent, according to a study with implications for cases of underage sex. Yeah, right.

Charity or Self-Interest? - an example of how it is that socially-destructive organisations such as the NSPCC can become so powerful by providing self-enriching mechanisms for people whose main aim is to feather their own nests. 

How To Profit From Abuse- The abuse industry - just like any other organism - wants to grow.

Lofty Abuse Professionals Exposed Paediatrician David Southall was yesterday struck off the medical register after twice accusing parents of murdering their children. Thank goodness!

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann - The disappearance of this child is an absolute goldmine for many groups of people. And the tabloids will be making many extra millions. They love this kind of stuff. But the media hysteria over Madeleine will harm all our children, it will harm our society and it will also encourage more sex abuse.

Hyping Up The Figures Of Illicit Images - how the figures for illicit images on the internet are hyped up to create hysteria

Chris Langham - Scapegoat? Chris Langham, a well-known UK comedy actor, was recently imprisoned for downloading fifteen illicit images on to his computer.

Chris Langham - Scapegoat? - part two

 NSPCC Exposed Yet Again - by parliamentary MPs

Tea Abuse - the fact that your parents drank tea could damage you for life. This is not a joke. It's true.

Michael Jackson's Victory - it is about time that juries looked at the evidence before them when it comes to such cases.

The NSPCC Needs To Be Stopped - the NSPCC -  supposedly a children's charity - has seriously damaged the relationships between men, women and children for the past two decades

Do We Need An Abuse Industry? - the multi-billion dollar abuse industry causes far more 'abuse' than it prevents - that's why it's a multi-billion dollar industry! Duh! 

Vehicular Abuse - hysteria generated by the abuse industry

Depressed Females - how the research into gender differences in depression - and in many other areas - is a load of hokum

Dads Do Not Support The 'Boyfriend' Bill - which is hardly surprising

Torture Rape and Murder - we are bombarded by such things - which means that we will get turned on by such things

Spot the Child Abuser - Oprah Winfrey claims that 25% of men abuse children

NSPCC Shatters Child Abuse Myths - but it created those myths in the first place!

Child Abuse - The Real Culprits - how those working for children's charities such as the NSPCC manage to damage all our children and, if you can believe it, especially those children who have been abused.

Some People Have Personality Disorders - and it is rarely the result of 'abuse'

The Damage to Society from False Accusations - how child abuse is actually increased by hysteria over the matter

Shameful Therapists - why recovered memories became so popular

Smacking 'Research'? - an insight into the politically-corrected hocus-pocus emanating from the abuse industry which ceaselessly publicises useless and invalid research in order to intimidate parents who wish to discipline their children properly.

Tabloid Hysteria

The Smacking Myths

Smacking Bottoms - how the NSPCC undermines parents.

False Sexual Harassment Claims - and how they backfire on all women

Prosecuting Phony Professionals - abuse hysteria

Innocence Lost - Bob Kelly gets 12 life sentences for abusing children with knives and forks - in a spaceship!


By other authors ...

No Man Is Safe - Younger fathers are viewed suspiciously by social and health workers if their children exhibit the slightest emotional disturbance.

Shameful Lies - Last year that I got a lengthy e-mail from a woman who told a horrific story of sexual abuse at the hands of her family doctor.

Nursing Suspicion - How would you like to work in a job where you are so mistrusted that every time you carry out a basic task someone is watching over you?

How a Mantra Ate Justice - Before national attention brought a halt to the worst witch hunt in U.S. history, 43 adults were falsely arrested on 29,726 fabricated charges of child sex abuse involving 60 children.

The NSPCC Only Wants Your Money - The NSPCC is far more concerned with filling its coffers than protecting vulnerable children.


The Corrupt Feminist Dominated

Western Justice System





Say Goodbye To Your Country - Falling birth rates across all western populations together with heavy immigration of populations with high birth rates will soon destroy western nations, cultures and races.

Lying Is Acceptable Say Police - after all, if lying saves just one women from ...

Three Boys In Prison - but the false accuser was caught on video.

Is Everybody Conscious? Punishments for crimes should always be based on the facts that can be deduced by looking at the evidence. The feelings of the particular victims involved should therefore be irrelevant.

Why Violence Is Often Justified - in situations where men stand to lose their homes and children

Gordon Brown: The Young Parasite - Social security hand-outs should be regarded as "free money" - the view of a young Gordon Brown some 30 years ago when he was a student at university.

PC Police Officers - or words to that effect

Kissing is Battery - an unwanted kiss is called "Sexual Assault and Battery" in the UK in order to mislead the public into believing that 'offenders' have committed crimes that are far more serious than is actually the case.

Judges - some of the most morally corrupt fraudsters in the country

The Human Rights Act - One Big Con - one of the sneaky mechanisms being used to hand control of European countries over to a small governing elite who are not elected.

Justice: Corrupt At The Very Core - the revolting hypocrisy of feminists and government

Showing Knickers in Courtroom Leads to Suicide - the way that women dress should count in sex-assault cases

Paternity Fraud - there is a lot of it about

Corrupt Western Justice Systems Cannot Survive

Judges Need Courses on Justice - convicting innocent men

Is Sexual History Relevant in Sex-Assault Cases? - of course it is

You Must Keep The Stubs - the worthlessness of men


By other authors ...

Gender Bias In Sentencing - Being male increases jail sentence lengths more than any other variable

Reservist Soldiers Treated Like Dirt - On their return home, those who are divorced fathers could face other grievous penalties: loss of their children, financial ruin, prosecution as "deadbeat dads" and even jail.

Indoctrinating Judges - "We judges are ordered to attend 'consciousness raising' seminars where we are harangued by feminist 'experts'".

Forgive Us Our Injustices - "Our concern has turned from seeking truth to seeking convictions."

Men's Activism

Fathers For Justice


MRAs Are Sexy MRAs often experience taunts and shaming tactics concerning their manliness. But there is an easy solution.

Directing The Backlash The backlash by men against the ideology of feminism and the misandry that it purposely foments is growing all the time - but it cannot be well organised.

Old Codgers Unite So there you are. Somewhere around 57 years old. Maybe a few years older. Maybe a few years younger.

Going Round In Circles If MRAs decided that there are no differences between men and women, then they might as well decide that the Earth is flat.

Tribute To Harriet Harman - Banned by YouTube

Extremism And Idiocy It has probably been over five years now that I have had in mind the notion that I should write something about the constant accusations by various people that MRAs are mostly extreme, or that they are just idiots.

Feminist Academics Sacked And Abused It seems that academics and thinkers are very vulnerable people.

No Large Men's Groups? Why is it that men have failed to come together to take on the feminists, the anti-male laws and all the poisonous misandry that infects their lives so negatively? 

 Libertarians, Conservatives - Failing To Understand The Issues; particularly those who claim that they want smaller government. Indeed, it really is quite amazing to see them remain so unaware of one of the biggest forces promoting big government.

Limits To Free Speech Are Necessary - Men, more than any other group these days, need the protection of the libel laws.

Marriage Is Not The Solution What kind of state would you have to create in order to ENFORCE marriage?

Using Google Search - A short guide to some very useful features.

No Evidence Required One of the most depressing discoveries that I ever made about people, in general, is their apparent lack of ability to think clearly or deeply

Do Not Respect Them - MRAs should not be respectful towards politicians, academics, government officials and judges who purposely spread lies and fuel hatred toward men in order to profit themselves. 10 min

On Gay Marriage - And Other Gay Things - on why gay marriage should be opposed, and on why gays are gay

"Boys Are Stupid" - why MRAs should be concerned about this message

Generating Heat - MRAs need to generate heat rather than formulae.

The Truth About the Truth - why the 'truth' is not enough. 

Father Groups Miss The Big Picture - 90%+ of these groups haven't got a clue what they are up against

Where's The Men's Movement When You Need it? - it hasn't quite yet developed the art of successful activism - but it will!

On Darren Mack Whatever else he might have done, Darren Mack has most certainly not slammed any door shut when it comes to father's rights.

The Pointlessness Of Rape Statistics -  it does not make any real difference what the alleged rape figures show. 

Science Does Not Help Very Much - if Science was, ever, to become the master of our social and personal lives then we would need to be turned into emotionless robots in order to comply with its various dictats.

Father, Son And Holy Ghost - i.e. the Men's Movement, Science and Technology, Information 

Time To Castrate Judges? - yep; men will soon be castrating judges and receiving much applause for doing so. After all, if it's OK for a woman to kill a man who has allegedly 'abused' her, then it must surely be OK to castrate a judge or a lawyer who has abused you!

Gaea 1 You cannot actually appreciate the huge organisms that float around the place even though you might well be a part of them.

Gaea 2 There is no large, influential and pervasive enterprise that is not, first and foremost, concerned with its own well being and its own enhancement.

Gaea 3 Most enterprises have no real interest in solving the problems that they claim to be so concerned about.   

Gaea 4 The men's movement is going to be dominated by men-who-sit-at-screens.

More on Organisms Some simple examples of huge, powerful organisms serving themselves. It is only by understanding the nature of these beasts that MRAs can fully appreciate what is going on.  

Writing Emails to Online Authors and Media Journalists - a short guide.

Whiny Wimpy Wet Whingers - why yes! That's you!

Men Have Bred Dogs and Cattle. Women are surely heading for a fall.

Good Luck Ms Harman - the UK's ex Solicitor General Is a bald-faced liar

Should Defendants in Sex-Assault Cases Be Granted Anonymity? - No!

Why bother about the Domestic Violence Statistics?


By other authors ...

The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance - Why has organized resistance failed in the United States? 


How Governments Purposely

Stir Up Societal Disharmony

face to face 

Why People Often Hated Bankers Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.

Just 5% Will Do In this piece, I just want to take a brief look at how those at the top of the corporate ladder can make themselves many extra millions of dollars every year by promoting feminism.

Lies Lies Lies I'm beginning to wonder if many government workers - such as the police - actually do anything for a living.

Tony Blair Seeks To Become Pope I nearly vomited when I heard Blair say recently that he had always considered religion to be more important to him than politics.

One World Government - We are currently living out our lives being dominated and controlled by a hugely powerful beast; a beast that seems to be unopposable, a beast that is not human, a beast that is competing with humans for resources, and a beast that actually benefits by causing people disharmony.

Why Governments Love Feminism (20 min) - Feminism has very little to do with equality between the genders, and it also has very little to do with the rights of women. (Probably the most important piece on this website.)

The Governing Elite - who purposely stir up disharmony within their own societies in order to feather their own nests

Drugs Ranking - in terms of danger

The Evils of Cannabis? - ... like penicillin was considered the wonder drug of the 40s... I think that cannabis is very likely, eventually, to be seen as the wonder drug of the opening of the 21st century. Professor Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School

Fantastical Lies - such as, "The invasion of Iraq has not increased the likelihood of terrorism." Jack Straw - the UK's Foreign Secretary

Harriet Harman - say no more

Corruption at the Highest Levels? - the most powerful people in the country are prepared continually to deceive the public in order to serve themselves.

Home Office Tactics Stir Up More Domestic Violence

War on Drugs - one of the most nasty and vindictive of policies ever imposed on ordinary people by their own governments

Printing Money - to con billions of dollars out of the people without them noticing

High Treason? - some UK politicians should be convicted of treason

The Monster that is Government - it is in the interests of governments the world over to stir up trouble both among, and within, their respective populations

Signing the Sex Consent Document - no signature, no sex

Touting For Votes - examples of how oily politicians beg for votes by, among other things, stirring up abuse hysteria and claiming to be the champions of women


By other authors ...

Peter McWilliams - On June 14, Natalie Fisher went to Peter McWiliams' home, where she worked as housekeeper to the wheelchair-bound victim of AIDS and cancer. In the bathroom on the second floor, she found his lifeless body. He had choked to death on his own vomit. - 20 min

Drugs War - It has proven more corrosive for America than the drugs themselves - written by a judge

Women are Cleverer than Men 

Not True




Are Men More Emotional Than Women? Let's look at the facts.

Men are More Intelligent than Women - according even to feminist beliefs

The Look-Say Method For Teaching Reading - Why have teachers been using the Look-Say method when it is such an inferior method for teaching reading skills to youngsters?

Lerning to Reed - the importance of phonics and the alphabet

Well Done the Girls? - girls are doing better than boys educationally because just about everything in the world of education has been arranged to bring this about

+ Stop Helping The Boys - Three powerful officials in the UK say that helping the boys to do better at school is not a good idea.

+ Why Did Teachers Adopt Poor Teaching Methods? Answer: Marxism + Feminism


School Exams Get Easier and Easier - there are many groups that profit from debasing academic standards

BBC Injects Political Correctness Even Into Science Programmes - Never believe in the science programmes aired by the BBC.

Intelligence - Nature vs Nurture - for three decades it was virtually impossible for scientists to state the truth about intelligence


By other authors ...

Teacheresses Against Boy Children - Today, feminism is about (1) revenge and (2) power.

Johnny Can't Add - The extent of scholastic decline is sometimes astonishing.


The End Is Nigh



Julian Assange: Why Support Him? Why on Earth should people feel any loyalty towards their governments, when their governments exhibit no loyalty towards them?

The End Is Nigh - We need to allow our security services to access any information that might help to thwart future terrorist attacks.

AH is Going to Build Himself a Virus

Eight Horrible Facts - virus attacks are on the way

 A National DNA Database? - why not?

Benefits Of A National DNA Database

 Are You a Computer Simulation? - probably!

Old Underwear Yep; this site is likely to sink far deeper into the pits of bad taste over the next few days.

Loo Rolls - Nothing is free from government taxes

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Feminism is NOT about 'equality'.

In essence, it is an ideology espoused by groups of people who seek to profit from the stirring up of hatred towards ordinary men.

Feminism is worth billions of dollars every year to these people; e.g. see ...

Why Governments Love Feminism


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