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Cultural Marxism And Feminism

Occasionally an email pops into my box asking me, basically, why it is of any relevance today to associate cultural marxism and feminism given that feminism seems to have a life of its own.

A further point often made is that many of those people who do drone on about the link between cultural marxism and feminism seem often to be 'conspiracy nuts'.

Well, here is my take on this issue, for what it is worth.

In brief, cultural marxism is a set of ideas that gradually arose during the 20th century. These ideas were considered to be 'Marxist' because they extended rather than replaced Karl Marx's ideas.

Basically, these ideas were to do with the way in which the rulers in a society kept the masses (that's you!) in their places.

Karl Marx photograph

Essentially, Karl Marx had been concerned about the way in which a society that was constructed on capitalist principles (and, hence, on business-oriented systems) kept the rulers rich and the workers poor.

And the cultural 'marxists' that followed some decades later widened this focus in two main ways.

Firstly, they looked at how the culture itself (rather than the business systems) maintained the status quo.

Secondly, they generally decided that it was not only the workers who were being 'oppressed' by the (economic) powers-that-be, but also that women, blacks and gays etc etc were being oppressed by men, whites and heterosexuals respectively; more or less.

The upshot was that these supposedly oppressed people gradually formed themselves into one huge victim group that has been complaining ever since.

Needless to say, the men-hating feminists of the 1960s climbed aboard this particular bandwagon with much enthusiasm.

"This is wonderful," they said. "We like it."

And the consequences of all the cultural marxists' various considerations and activities can be seen very easily today; a huge and persistent onslaught against all those systems, notions, ideas, institutions and beliefs that, allegedly, kept white heterosexual men lording it over everyone else.

 white heterosexual men - particularly Christian men - have been under constant attack

And this is why white heterosexual men - particularly Christian men - have been under constant attack for the past five decades over here in the west.

And so, essentially, there you have it.

The intellectual and physical associations between the cultural marxists and the feminists appear to be quite strong - with the latter being a major subset of the former these days - and these associations mostly started forming a few decades ago.

(As an aside; my own view is that blacks and gays did, indeed, have something to complain about during much of the 20th century, but the claim that women were being particularly oppressed by the culture and the business-systems of those times is preposterous nonsense. Demonstrably so.)


 The 'Conspiracy Nuts'.

Many people often study the academic trails and the documentation from the past and they join up all the dots between then and now.

From this, they often conclude that since "what was argued for in the past" has now actually happened, then some kind of conspiracy must have taken place in order to make it happen.

After all, behind the scenes, there were all these academics and activists beavering away over the years aiming to achieve certain things and, lo and behold, these things actually did happen and, as such, it was probably all 'planned'.

And this does, indeed, sound like a 'conspiracy'.

And in many ways it is.

After all, when people act together to achieve certain aims then the word 'conspiracy' seems to describe quite well what they are doing.

But my own view is that while it is true that people are always 'conspiring' with each other to do things, it does not necessarily follow that a successful outcome is something that they 'planned'.

As an example, many Men's Rights Activists are currently conspiring with each other to defeat feminism.

And in a few years time - with any luck - feminism will be defeated.

Some future academics might then look back and plot the links between MRA activity and the demise of feminism and say, "Aha! This was all 'planned' by MRAs. What remarkably clever fellows they were."

But, of course, the truth of the matter would more likely be that MRA activity simply helped to bring about certain 'perturbations' within the cultural system that, quite simply - alongside a huge number of other factors that mostly arose from elsewhere - led to one thing, and then another, and then another.

As such, to suggest that the demise of feminism was actually 'planned' by MRAs who sneakily 'conspired' to bring about this result would surely be rather over-stating their role in the whole process.

And yet, of course, they did 'conspire' to bring about such a result.

The point that I am trying to make is that the cultural marxists did, indeed, 'conspire' to bring about much of what has been brought about, but the idea that they 'planned' things to happen in the way that they happened is probably exaggerating the extent of their capabilities.

As my regular readers will know, I tend to see large forces as the products of fairly intangible, but huge, 'organisms' that are, essentially, made up of lesser beings who are simply doing their own things, and serving their own purposes - often completely unaware of the myriad of forces that they are helping to procure and energise.

the success of cultural marxism has much more to do with the fact that millions of people stood to benefit from it

As such, my own view is that the success of cultural marxism has much more to do with the fact that millions of people stood to benefit from it by cosying up to it in some way, than it has to do with the ingenuity of master 'conspirators'.


In this particular case, there is, in fact, a huge amount of evidence to suggest that many very powerful and influential people and groups did, indeed, promote and adopt cultural marxist ideas and techniques in order to benefit themselves; and that they did so while quite conscious of the fact that they were powerful and influential enough to affect society quite strongly.

And because they did, indeed, have much power and influence, they were, in fact, quite able to 'plan' and to affect society as they desired to a huge degree.

And so, in my view, it is not much of an exaggeration to claim that the cultural marxism of today was a result of the conspiracy of a relative few.

There really was a conscious conspiracy.

And it was consciously implemented by some very influential people.

the leftists in the west were continually given ideas, money and support by the Russians specifically in order to undermine the west.

Indeed, and for example, we know from Russian defectors and from reams of documentation that the leftists in the west were continually given ideas, money and support by the Russians specifically in order to undermine the west.

And we know that cultural marxism was one of Russia's main weapons during the long cold war with the west that lasted for some 40 years.

Indeed, it was the main purpose of the KGB (the Russian secret service) to promote cultural marxism in the west.

Think about that!

spy with dark glasses and heavy coat cartoon

The main purpose of this hugely powerful, secretive and infamous KGB was not to find James Bond or to spy on people, but to spread around cultural marxism as much as possible.

Well, what is this, if not a 'conspiracy to subvert'?

But it gets even worse.

If you go back even further in time, you will find that various powerful bodies (working inside government) were researching the best methods for controlling people - as individuals and groups - and for breaking groups apart.

They also looked very closely at all those things that help to bind people together; commonality in outlook and religion, similar values, family relationships, marriage, deference towards the same leaders and institutions, similarity of physical appearance, common language etc etc etc.

And they studied the ways in which these bonds could be broken.

And all this research fed right into the aspirations of the cultural marxists.

It gave them the tools that they needed to achieve their aims; to break down communities, countries and peoples and, most importantly, to break down their families.

In short, therefore, we have - at the very least - various well-funded bodies trying to figure out the best methods to use in order to subvert people's cohesiveness. We have one of the (then) two super-powers pouring huge resources into getting those very same methods implemented in the west via the KGB. And we then spend at least five decades watching those very methods actually being employed throughout the west.

Many Americans at the time knew full well what was going on. And in an attempt to stop the spread of this evil ideology that was, of course, mostly aimed at undermining America, there was put into place a huge crackdown on Americans who supported - or who appeared to support - the 'communist agenda'.

And so arose the infamous period known as McCarthyism

Joe Macarthy Macarthyism photographAnd so arose the infamous period known as McCarthyism wherein alleged communist supporters and sympathisers in America were hounded.

Now, most of us have been brought up to believe that this particular period in American history was truly heinous and an affront to freedom.

And maybe it was.

But one needs to understand that the government of Russia was truly wicked, corrupt and self-serving, and that it had been responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people.

Furthermore, the ordinary citizens of Russia mostly lived in abject poverty.

And so, with much justification, many Americans who knew what had been happening in Russia were terrified that the spread of communist ideas into America would lead to similar disasters in their own country.

And through McCarthyism, they sought to stamp out the evil virus of communism before it spread too far.

But they failed to some considerable extent.

millions of Americans gradually woke up to the fact that they could selfishly benefit themselves

And, in my view, the reason that they failed is not so much because the Russian endeavours to spread 'communism' and 'cultural marxism' were, in and of themselves, hugely effective, but because millions of Americans gradually woke up to the fact that they could selfishly benefit themselves through the promotion of these ideologies.

For example, cultural marxism and communism spread disharmony (and much suspicion and, hence, breakdown in social cohesiveness) throughout a nation, while at the same time giving those who work inside government more power, better jobs etc etc.

Indeed, in such situations, those who work for government end up being the bosses and the elite

They become the kings!

And so, of course, many western government workers had a vested interest in promoting these ideologies.

And promote them, they did.

And they still do - without actually admitting to this.

In a nutshell, therefore, you had this huge superpower which, basically, had been run by a criminal mafia for some decades - a mafia that was prepared to kill millions of its very own citizens in order to retain power - pouring out research and propaganda into the west that was designed to undermine the west, and, sure enough, more and more people in the west (especially those inside government) saw how they could benefit themselves rather well by promoting the very same things.

Basically, the Russians kept sowing the seeds, and millions of westerners then took it upon themselves to nurture the growing fauna in order to profit themselves.

And one must remember that Russia's cruel and brutal regime was highly expert at suppressing the people in order to benefit itself.

For decades it had managed to rule with an iron fist; not only Russia, but all of those satellite countries that it had invaded and taken over - the Soviet Union.

These people were the absolute masters when it came to subversion and control.

They knew what they were talking about.

They knew how to undermine countries.

This is how they had kept themselves in power for so long in their own part of the world.

These people were so powerful that they could actually get away with murder - over and over again.

Kiev 1919

Murder by the million.

And still they retained their powers and their lofty status.

To repeat; these people were the tops when it came to messing up the ordinary people in order to give themselves huge power and wealth.

They had done this successfully for decades.

And what they were doing in the west is, basically, showing others - particularly those who work inside government - how they, too, could profit themselves by doing the very same things.

"If you government people would like to benefit yourself, this is how you do it."

ordinary westerners are gradually being disempowered,

And now, as a result of following those principles advocated by cultural marxists, ordinary westerners are gradually being disempowered, their freedoms curtailed, their taxes increased, their nations and their families broken, and their educational systems scuppered; mostly in order to furnish their governing elites with more and more goodies.

And so, for example, we can see that anyone who still believes that feminism is, basically, just the product of Biological Woman having a huge hissy fit has not quite realised the extent to which far more sinister forces have been behind it - forces that have nothing to do with the welfare of women, but much to do with the malicious machinations of a super-power intent on undermining the west, and with the greedy, self-serving nature of those working inside our own governments.

In other words, cultural marxism and feminism have been in bed with each other for a very long time, and the latter is very much not what most of its supporters proclaim it to be.

Furthermore, there was, quite clearly, a 'conspiracy' by some very powerful groups to promote feminism (amongst other things) and their ultimate aims were very much hidden from view from the general public.

In summary, therefore, the growth of cultural marxism and feminism was at least partly due to what can surely be described as a 'conspiracy'.



It is currently the case that there is clearly a large and effective anti-government force a-brewing in the west; e.g. the various Tea Party groups etc.


Tea Party poster campaign


Regretfully, however, these groups keep failing to realise that feminism is, in fact, not what it purports to be but is, instead, mostly a mechanism through which big government is created and maintained.

As such, these groups need to wake up to the fact that feminism is hugely destructive; not only of their country but also of their very own cause.

And if they really do want to reduce the size and the power of government, then opposing feminism would be one of the very best things that they could do.

At the moment, however, most of these groups seem to be remarkably blind to the fact that feminism has anything to do with the size and the power of government (e.g. see my piece Male Bloggers - Failing Miserably To Understand The Issues).

Indeed, while feminism remains a dominant ideology, they have no hope at all of achieving most of their stated aims.

Feminism invades everybody's life; from the boardroom to the bedroom.. And it is one of the main causes of the startling growth in the powers of western governments over the past four decades.

(Also see Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable to get some idea of how the 'equality' ruse (strongly advocated by the Russian KGB) was employed in the west to undermine western society and to give huge power and money to left-wing governments and government workers.)


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