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Please do not bother writing to me and making the following idiotic comments.

a. "Women have been oppressed by men for thousands of years. It is now time for women to be empowered."

The view that women have been 'oppressed' worse than men is nothing but politically-corrected hokum espoused mostly by vindictive men-hating wimmin and their rather unintelligent acolytes - the latter often to be found working in educational establishments. I recommend that you read Women - Weak and Pathetic? and Were Women Oppressed in the West? and The Trojan Horses Of Feminism.

And if women were indeed oppressed by men for thousands of years then, presumably, they have been unable to contribute anything of value to the progress of humankind - apart from bearing children, of course; which every female mammal on the planet can do.

b. "Men have been the rulers of the world for thousands of years," etc.

That is as stupid a statement as me saying that,  "Women have been prostitutes for thousands of years."

A very tiny percentage of men have, indeed, 'ruled' the world and, by and large, they have exerted their powers over men, rather than over women; e.g. see What A Piece of Sh*t is Man.

As for the usual complaint of feminist empty-heads that 'men denied women the vote', any intelligent reader of history will see that the struggle for 'the vote' was simply a case of ordinary people becoming more powerful as time went by, which enabled them to force their governments to extend the franchise, bit by bit. And western men only won the vote earlier than women because their governments needed them to work in the mines, the factories, the military etc etc, and the men were simply becoming more and more troublesome over their poor work situations - and becoming unionised. And so the governments extended their rights in order to dampen down the likelihood of revolution and to gain their co-operation. As such, 'men' did not spend decades denying the vote to women. 'Men' did not actually have the power to give it to them.

Indeed, in 1916, while the suffragettes were moaning about the lack of 'the vote' for women, 20,000 British men were killed on the very first day of the Battle of the Somme, and a further 125,000 British men were killed in this single battle of WWI during the next five months. 

c. "If women ruled the world, there would be less violence."

I doubt it. Men are very often the instruments of female violence - typically being goaded into violence by women who claim to have been 'abused' in some way. 

Furthermore, men are often violent because a large proportion of women are turned on by violence, and they are often attracted to violent men. And if violence is what turns women on, then this is exactly what many men will resort to in order to attract women; e.g. see Women Just Love Violent Men, Women Love Manga and Women and Chimps. This violence then causes other men to escalate their own levels of physical aggressiveness in order to protect themselves and to become more attractive to women. And the cycle then continues upwards and upwards, as men try to be more aggressive than the other men. It's like an arms race.

If women were turned on by gentle men, then this is exactly what most men would be; e.g. see  Women and Chimps.

d. "Men are much too violent. They behave like animals."

 violence against men is a far, far bigger problem than is violence against women - right across the planet.

Many men are much too violent and many men behave like animals. I agree. And some of them are not even fit to be called human beings, in my view. But most of their violence and their nastiness is directed towards other men. Indeed, violence against men is a far, far bigger problem than is violence against women - right across the planet. And violence against women is a very minor problem in comparison. And when it comes to relationship violence, women are just as violent as men, if not more so in the west (e.g. see Research on Assaults By Women - Martin Fiebert). They also use other men and/or the state to act violently on their behalf; e.g. see Only Women Are Offered An Alternative To Domestic Violence.

An example of this mostly 'hidden' form of female violence can be seen when it comes to issues like sex-assault or rape. The vast majority of allegations currently made by women to the police are highly exaggerated or decidedly false (e.g. see The Truth About Rape and  Flooded By False Rape Allegations). And they are simply trying to get the state to use violence on their behalf.

Furthermore, you can see from this short piece - How Official Rape Statistics are Distorted and Inflated - how feminist-dominated academics fudge the research to a huge extent.

e. "Women get paid less than men."

No. They don't. They earn less. And the reason that they earn less is because, statistically speaking, they choose to do easier jobs, they choose educational courses which lead to less well-paid jobs, they choose to take more time off work for family purposes and they choose to be less committed to their careers. It is also the case that older men are far more qualified than are older women. Many men are also wealthy because of their personal successes in fields such as sports, arts, business and entertainment, where it is the public, not employers, who choose to pay for their services. Furthermore, what is not counted in the statistics surrounding 'pay' is the huge amount of money that women receive directly from their men and, in many cases, from the taxpayer. (Also see The Trojan Horses Of Feminism.) 

f. "Feminism is just about equality."

No. It isn't. It is essentially a Marxist philosophy designed to break up families and to destroy close relationships between men, women and children; its main aim being to enable those in left-wing governments to get their hands on much more power and wealth; e.g. see Fathers Groups Miss The Big Picture, Why Governments Love Feminism,  Cultural Marxism And Feminism

Besides which, feminism can never achieve 'equality' (e.g. see Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable) because 'equality' is not something that can ever be achieved. Furthermore, the futile pursuit of 'equality' increases disharmony and hostility right throughout society while, at the very same time, it destroys it; e.g. see The Benefits of Feminism.

g. "You have a small penis. Your mother didn't breastfeed you. You hate women. You are a moron." Etc. Etc. Etc.

My penis is average. My mother did, indeed, breastfeed me. I do not hate women. (In fact, I like them rather a lot.) And if I am a moron then, Watch Out, because there are millions of morons just like me out there. And they are going to be generating some considerable heat in the near future - e.g. see Eight Horrible Facts.

Furthermore, you won't be able to stop them.

h. "Your website contains some statements about women that I find offensive."

They might help you to understand what western men have had to endure as a result of the almost ubiquitous torrent of nastiness that has been directed at them for the past three decades (e.g. see Steve Jones - A Parasite? and What A Piece of Sh*t is Man).

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