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Fish sitting on bicycle. Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle

Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.


"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

Or so we were told by Irina Dunn - an Australian feminist activist - and by Gloria Steinem, who popularised the statement..

Oh really?

Hmm. Let's see now.

Let us investigate the matter.

It is men who have produced the greatest works in all of the arts - literature, poetry, music, paintings, sculptures, films, plays, architecture etc. ...

It is men who have progressed most of our understanding in just about all areas to do with science, engineering and medicine - astronomy, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, geology, cosmology, mathematics, economics, geography, climatology, aeronautics, pharmacology, surgery, computer hardware, software etc etc etc etc ... 

It is men who have built the houses, the bridges, the roads, the railways, the dams, the factories

It is men who have built the houses, the bridges, the roads, the railways, the dams, the factories, the ships, the canals, the monuments, the airports, the churches, the offices, the tunnels, the engines, the industrial machinery etc. ... 

It is men mostly who have worked in the factories, the furnaces, the sewers, the mines etc. ... 

It is men mostly who have, rightly or wrongly, fought the wars, fought the crimes, fought the elements, fought the odds etc. ... 

And it is men who have invented, discovered and created just about everything that has ever been invented, discovered or created.

So it seems to me that, while an individual woman might well need a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle, women, as a whole, need men just as much as a fish needs water.

In other words, women need men just to survive!

In fact, both men and women need men like a fish needs water.

The whole human race does.

As such, the more that men are disadvantaged, disorientated, dissuaded, demonised and discriminated against, and, hence, the more alienated and the more destructive that they become, so it is that the whole human race will pay a heavy price.

And yet for the past decade or so, we have seen various 'scientists' proclaiming hither and thither that men are becoming redundant, that their presence will soon no longer be required, that their faulty Y chromosome is going to disappear and that, in essence, they are merely parasites on women.

But look at the list above.

Would women ever do what men do?

Could women ever do what men do?

Would women even want to do what men do?

I suspect not, for the most part.

And yet one often hears western women proclaiming quite seriously that they are now "independent of men", and that they no longer need them.

The truth, however, is that they are still as dependent on men as they ever were.

For just about everything.


Men No Longer Required

Men No Longer Required Dr Robert Sparrow yesterday told the Australian Medical Students Association convention that females could soon rule the world as hermaphrodites without any biological use for men.

To reach this post-sex world, Dr Sparrow said parents wanting the best for their children should start choosing baby girls through IVF because they live longer and have more opportunities in life.


To: [email protected]

Subject: Centre for Human Bioethics

Dear Dr Sparrow

I see that you work for the Centre of Bioethics at Monash University.

BioETHICS, eh?

Do you **really** think that it is 'ethical' to suggest to the world that because men currently have poorer health prospects than women that they should be extinguished?

You sound just like Hitler!

Take my advice.

It is probably best if you do not continue to promote such a view.

You would not believe the amount of sh#t that will likely come your way if you continue to promote such hatred towards men.

Best wishes,


webmaster at angryharry.com



Women Only

Orange Book Award Is Sexist The country's leading literary award for women novelists is sexist and should be scrapped, a prominent male novelist claimed yesterday.

Tim Lott said the £30,000 Orange Prize - founded 13 years ago amid claims that women writers fared poorly in awards such as the Booker Prize - was "discriminatory, sexist and perverse".

Did you know that even though women read many more books than men, it is still the case that the best-selling authors are male?

Even women prefer male writers.

Yes indeed. Even women prefer male writers.

And who can blame them?

And now I am going to summarise all the books ever written by women.

Chapter 1: Women are victims. Men are ba*stards.

Chapter 2: Women are victims. Men are ba*stards.

Chapter 3: Women are victims. Men are ba*stards.

Final Chapter: Women are victims. Men are ba*stards.

The End.

They say that there are only seven basic plots in the world of human affairs. And that all stories are simply re-arrangements of these very same plots. Well, when it comes to female authors, there is usually only one plot.

And we all know what it is.


You think I exaggerate, eh?

No, Sir, ...

Daisy Goodwin, the TV producer who chairs this year's Orange Prize panel for women's fiction, has revealed how she found herself deluged by uncompromisingly tough reads.

She had to battle through 129 books to select a longlist, and regular subjects that cropped up were bereavement, child abuse and rape.

She added: 'A lot of them started with a rape... there was child abuse.

'There was very little wit and no jokes.

There was very little wit and no jokes. if I read another sensitive account of a woman coming to terms with bereavement, I was going to slit my wrists.

'I think the misery memoir has had its day, but there are an awful lot of books out there which had not a shred of redemption in them.

Women just love to wallow in tales of abuse.

They love it.

They can't get enough of the stuff.

Nevertheless, I am sure that there many truly fantastic female authors out there. In fact, I know there are.

But there are not as many of them as there are men.

And there never will be, no matter how much money sexist organisations like Orange offer to women to come up with the goodies.

And I can tell you why.

 men's brains are more various than are those of women.

Statistically speaking, men's brains are more various than are those of women. Their thoughts and their experiences are, therefore, also going to be more various than are those of women. Their thoughts and their experiences are, therefore, going to be less commonplace - and, hence, more 'interesting' - than are those of women.

And, as a result, their books are also going to be more interesting.

Indeed, in much the same way that the variation of genes allowed organisms to diverge in their structures and their behaviours - thus allowing them to explore and, thence, to exist inside different ecological environments - the variation of brains has allowed humans to delve into cognitive arenas that were once completely unexplored.

And given that the brains of men vary more so than do those of women, it is men who will more likely enter those cognitive arenas that were once completely unexplored.

And so, for example, ...

Men Are Better Writers Controversial though it may sound, men write better books than women, at least according to the staff of Britain's biggest book chain, Waterstone's.

What next, eh?

"Controversial though it may sound, Beethoven produced better music than the Spice Girls."

"Controversial though it may sound, Shakespeare wrote better then wot did Germaine Greer."

Of course men are better writers.

And that's a scientific fact!


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