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Hiding The Ladmags

Is It Such A Bad Idea?

There has been some considerable controversy in the UK recently about the public display of magazines - known as 'ladmags' - on supermarket shelves and in places where children might be able to see them; or, at least, where they can see their front covers.

These magazines typically contain numerous pictures of sexy models dressed in bikinis or scanty clothing and posing in sexually-provocative manners.

Under pressure from the usual feminist-generated hysteria over such matters, one supermarket chain has now decided that such magazines can no longer be displayed openly in their stores, and that if the publishers want them to be on sale in their stores then they must be embedded inside plastic bags that hide their front covers.

Needless to say, the main argument for hiding these magazines is that they objectify women and that, as such, women should be protected from them.

However, what seems to be glaringly absent from nearly all of the arguments about this matter is any consideration of the negative effects that the public display of these magazines might have on young boys.

Many boys as young as nine will be affected by them. And certainly most heterosexual boys will be affected by them by the ages of 11 or 12.

boys who see such magazines on display will be sexualised by them.

Essentially, boys who see such magazines on display will be sexualised by them.

At the very least, these visible displays will often generate thoughts about sex in the minds of boys who were not thinking about sex until they saw the magazines.

Now, if we lived in a society wherein young sexuality was acceptable or, at least, if it was not something that most people were particularly concerned about, then boys being turned on by sexual images at an early age would also be of little concern.

But we do not live in such a society. On the contrary, we live in a society wherein a huge amount of hysteria and hatred is generated almost daily over matters to do with child sexuality.

As such, how can it be right for such a society to condone the sexualisation of its young boys by allowing publishers to stick in front of their noses images which boys were designed by Nature to find sexually attractive?

You cannot have it both ways.

Either society condemns young sexuality - in which case those magazines should be hidden from youngsters - or society accepts young sexuality - in which case it should stop generating such hatred and hysteria over this matter.

In either case, however, it seems to me to be fairly obvious that as boys are growing up, their sexual interest in the opposite gender becomes rather strong,

 it also empowers hugely the girls with whom they associate.

The upshot is that this sexual interest interferes considerably with their school studies - amongst other things - and it also empowers hugely the girls with whom they associate.

Furthermore, of course, both boys and girls can find themselves in a whole heap of trouble if their sexual adventures take them along unfortunate paths - disease, pregnancy, child birth, loss of education, loss of employability, single motherhood; and all the associated ills.

As such, my own view is that boys would be far better off if their growing interest in girls and women was kept in check for as long as possible.

And, of course, our boys would also be better off if they were protected as much as possible from the sexual displays of the female sex - both in pictures and in real life.

Now, of course, it will be argued that it is impossible nowadays to stop boys from being sexualised by sexually-provocative female displays in real life and by the plethora of images emanating from the media and via the internet.

And there is no denying this.

But, as I said in my piece ...

How The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse

... there are many ways in which our youngsters can be protected to some significant degree from these sexualising influences.

Essentially, they can be kept out of sight as much as possible - something that responsible parents will, in any case, seek to do.

Furthermore, responsible parents can also ensure that if, perchance, their children do begin to engage in sexual activity with others when it is probably wiser not to do so, instead of becoming hysterical over the situation and bombarding them with the terrifying nonsense that their lives will now inevitably be ruined, they should deal with the matter in much the same way that they would deal with the issue of driving a car at an early age.

There is nothing wrong or immoral about a youngster driving a car. But until someone reaches an age at which they are able to assess more accurately all the complexities and dangers involved in driving a car, it is far safer for everyone if they do not drive one.

males of all ages often get themselves into all kinds of trouble over sexual matters

Furthermore, I should point out that males of all ages often get themselves into all kinds of trouble over sexual matters as a result, mostly, of their strong innate predispositions to engage in sex. In many ways, sex is their Achilles Heel. It is one of their main vulnerabilities - certainly in societies such as ours.

As such, ladmags - and porn in general -  are highly exploitative of males far more so than they are of females. And shoving sexual imagery in front of their noses in public places is surely a form of sexual harassment for them.

It is one thing for men and boys to seek out this kind of imagery at their own convenience, but quite another to have it on public display in so many places that it is virtually impossible to avoid.

Indeed, I would ask any men who are reading this to ask themselves how, exactly, they are disadvantaged by having the front covers of ladmags hidden from the view of children? 

Of course, there is, as usual, a huge amount of hypocrisy being evidenced by those - mostly middle-class feminists - who are seeking to hide the ladmags from the view of children in that they seem unperturbed by the display of unhealthy sexuality that is accompanied by a strong dose of misandry, e.g. ...


magazine misandry hysteria

"All Daddies Do This."

It seems that so long as men are being demonised in some way, thrusting sex into the minds of youngsters is fine.

Well, in my view, it isn't.

And I would certainly like to see hidden from children any magazines like the one imaged above.

Finally, I would ask readers to consider the following question.

What would be the harmful effects of shielding our youngsters from public displays of sick or sexual magazines?

Or even this, ...





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