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Neurotic Introverts Unite

It must have been about  12 years ago that a fledgling group of some 150 internet  MRAs who were talking on a forum about the joys of feminism were suddenly offered the opportunity to do an online personality test.

Off we trooped to answer the questions to get some insight into who, exactly, we were.

The personality test was loosely based on Eysenck's work which, to simplify, puts people into four categories.

Neurotic-Introvert, Neurotic-Extravert, Stable-Introvert, Stable-Extravert.

Loosely speaking ...

Neurotic = worrying all the time

Stable = not worrying very much

Extravert = you like socialising and being with people

Introvert = you would rather read a book

Well, the Neurotic-Introverts won.

Most internet MRAs were Neurotic-Introverts.

I wasn't surprised.

Because, when it comes to worrying about those issues that concern them, Neurotic-Introverts are exactly the type of people who are going to end up sitting at a screen for hours on end in order to discuss them.

Such an activity fits their personalities perfectly.

And this is why they are going to take control of the world - bar some catastrophe.

I wrote about this many times in the distant past - e.g. in a series entitled  Gaea - Organisms - which is a long read - about four chapters of a book in length.

But, in essence, my claim was that the men who were good at directing violence dominated people's lives in the distant past.

In the west, the intelligent people who have lied and cheated the best and who have successfully sought popularity are the ones who have dominated people's lives in the recent past - and currently.

In the future, it will be intelligent men-who-sit-at-screens (i.e. Neurotic-Introverts) who will dominate people's lives.

This is really good news - because, over-generalising perhaps, intelligent Neurotic-Introverts are more interested in the truth rather than in fame or money.

(They only need a quiet room and a computer to satisfy many of their needs and to provide themselves with entertainment. And you don't need much fame or money for that!)

Neurotic-Introverts are also great worriers. In other words, they are good thinkers.

And it is always best to be governed by people who are good thinkers.

But are intelligent Neurotic-Introverts always wonderful people?


But with the internet, the bad ones can easily be exposed - and, hence, disempowered.

In short, if you are a decent intelligent Neurotic-Introvert, things are looking up! 


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