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Sometime during the course of last summer, 2012, I found myself watching a police reality TV show wherein, basically, camera crews were embedded with various police teams in the UK in order to give the public some insight into every day policing in the country.

It was quite interesting, and I must confess to having been fairly impressed with the police officers whom I saw in action.

Not all of them, but most of them.

Even the women officers were pretty good which, to be honest, came as something of a surprise to me.

But there was one incident that sticks in my mind so firmly that I can still remember it now - a year later.

It was to do with domestic violence.

And I think that the reason that I remember this particular incident so well is because it somewhat captures the essence of the true nature of domestic violence in the UK as described countless times by police officers whom I have met or whose blogs I have read.

This is what happened.

Winnie - not her real name - has called the police because she has been assaulted by her partner.

Two officers - one male, one female - from the domestic violence unit turn up to the apartment.

Two officers - one male, one female - from the domestic violence unit turn up to the apartment.

Winnie - a somewhat feeble, pathetic woman of average size in her 40's - claims that her partner has just assaulted her. As evidence for this, she points to a very small scratch on the inside of her forearm near her elbow.

She explains that she wanted her partner, Fred, to play with her on the Nintendo Wii (i.e. to play a video game) and that he refused - because he wanted to stay in bed.

The male police officer asks her if she wants him removed from the premises.

She says that she does.

"Where is he?" the officer asks.

Winnie points to the bedroom.

The bedroom door opens.

And there lies Fred, on the bed, fully uncovered and wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.

He is a skinny white man who looks decidedly unhealthy and appears to be about 55 years old.

He has one leg - which looks withered from lack of use.

The other leg is missing - having been cut off well above the knee.

The male police officer asks for further clarification about the incident.

Winnie goes to the bedroom and pulls the duvet off him

It transpires that Winnie wanted Fred to play with her on the Nintendo Wii. But Fred wanted to stay in bed. And so, in an attempt to encourage him to get out of bed, Winnie goes to the bedroom and pulls the duvet off him - which is why he is lying on the bed completely uncovered at this point in time.

He reacted to this by grabbing the duvet to try to prevent her from uncovering him and, in the process, one of his fingernails scratches the inside of her forearm leaving a very small red lesion.

This was the 'assault'.

The two police officers retire to the living room, looking at at each other and wondering what to do.

"Whose place is this?", one of them asks.

"It's his place," Winnie replies.

And so, in summary, Winnie wants Fred removed from his own apartment because he committed an act of domestic violence against her.

Fred is an invalid with one leg.

It's his apartment.

And the two police officers are wondering what to do about this situation.

it was she who committed the first 'assault'

Well, fortunately for Fred, the two police officers decide that Winnie should leave the apartment because - they reason - it was she who committed the first 'assault' - by trying to remove the duvet.

And so Winnie is asked to leave.

Before she leaves, she calls out to Fred.

"Have you got any tobacco, Love?"

"Yes," says Fred. And he gives her some tobacco.

Winnie then leaves the apartment.


There are some points worth noting from this incident and from others like it.

1. Women, these days, believe that they have a right to have men arrested and removed from their own homes for the most utterly trivial of incidents, even when they, themselves, are the primary causes of such incidents.

2. Police officers will, indeed, arrest and remove men from their own homes for the most utterly trivial of incidents.

(In this particular case, it seems that because Fred was disabled, and also because Winnie admitted that she had sparked off the incident, the officers managed to come up with a reason for not removing this disabled man from his own home.)

3. The domestic violence figures are mostly based on trivial incidents such as this. Indeed, one police officer in the TV programme made the following remark - though I cannot quote his exact words.

Always calling the police over silly arguments.

"These people just cannot sort out their own problems. Always calling the police over silly arguments."

(Also note that thousands of women call emergency services for ridiculous reasons; e.g. Police reveal a third of calls are timewasters.)

4. Calls to the police about domestic violence are mostly arising from women who are using the police to aggress against their partners. They are not mostly arising from women who are in fear of domestic violence; e.g. see  Would You Sign This Contract?

5. It is not surprising that many men do, actually, become violent if they have to dwell in domestic circumstances wherein, effectively, they have been totally disempowered and where they are forever at the mercy of their partners regardless of how appalling is their behaviour.

And if they are also likely to lose their own homes and their own children at the touch of a button, it is easy to see how they can become, literally, mentally deranged.

6. Most domestic violence calls to the police are coming from feckless women - mostly loud-mouthed, drunk, drugged or just angry - often drama queens - who can be described as living in the 'underclass'; 'rednecks', 'trailer trash', 'ghetto' etc etc

7. The primary causes of serious domestic violence committed by men are the government and the police.

Quite simply, when the law refuses to help men who are in distress and, worse, when it will actively seek to hurt men when they are distressed, then men will far more likely resort to violence.

At the very least, the current laws make men far more edgy, and they make women far more trigger happy. And the result will be far more emotional conflagration - throughout the nation.

But the government and the police do not care about this.

After all, for them, domestic violence - no matter how trivial - means more jobs, more money, more votes and more power.


Judging by her demeanour, Winnie was not a violent woman. And most people would probably not view her as such.

And yet she did commit two acts of 'domestic violence', in my view.

Firstly, she called the police to, at the very least, intimidate her partner in order to get her own way.

Secondly, she attempted to get a disabled man ejected from his very own home for no other reason than that he had irritated her.

(And my guess is that she would have succeeded if Fred had not been disabled.)


In a nutshell, there are many more women like this who are calling the police and alleging domestic violence  ...

angry aggressive woman cartoon

... than there are women like this ...


woman crying with handkerchief

Indeed, the thousands of false accusations of domestic violence against men that are made every year are, themselves, acts of domestic violence against these men.

But, in the official statistics, they are actually counted as domestic violence  against women!

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