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Dealing With False Accusations

Occasionally I receive emails from men - particularly young men - asking for advice on the best way to deal with false accusations of a sexual nature. Some of these men are simply asking out of curiosity, and some are actually already in trouble.

Well, given that I am not a lawyer, and given that you all live in different parts of the world, I cannot possibly give any meaningful legal advice - except this.

Do not ever fool yourself into thinking that the police will be seeking justice in your case, because this is not their job - nor, quite frankly, is it in their overall nature.

Their job is to prosecute you and to convict you - and they will mostly do their best to do this. After all, they want their promotions!

Furthermore, the more that you say to them - no matter how honest you are being and no matter how innocent you might be - the more does the noose around your neck tighten.

In other words, in practice, you have nothing to gain by giving the police any evidence or any statements; but plenty to lose.

keep your evidence and your statements between you and your lawyer

As such, my decidedly inexpert advice would be to keep your evidence and your statements between you and your lawyer.

"Much as I would like to help you Officer, I am aware that absolutely anything I say will only be used as evidence against me. Therefore, I have nothing at all to say except that I deny any charge that I have acted inappropriately. And I will not speak to you about this matter until I have seen my lawyer."

What you have to understand is that any evidence that you might have to support your case can always be used at a later date to help exonerate you, whereas giving the police any evidence (beforehand) merely helps to guide them down the pathways that lead towards a better chance of conviction.

For example, you might think that you have a great piece of evidence that clearly exonerates you. Well, if this is true, then it will exonerate you later.

But if you give this great piece of evidence to the police, then you will simply encourage them to try another tactic that makes your great piece of evidence irrelevant.

"I was 100 miles away at the time of the alleged attack! And I have two thousand alibis!"

No good. The false accuser will be encouraged by the police to claim that she got the time (or the day) wrong.

"But look! I have in my pocket a signed sex-consent document wherein she says that she is desperate for us to have sex on Friday 13th June at 9.00pm - the very time of the alleged attack!"

No good. The false accuser will be encouraged to claim that she was coerced, drunk, confused, joking, and/or that she said, "Stop."

In a nutshell; keep your mouth shut and keep your evidence to yourself and for your lawyer.

 the police are quite entitled to lie to you with regard to just about anything. 

Also, please remember that the police are quite entitled to lie to you with regard to just about anything. 

And lie they will.

police interrogation cartoon drawing

They will even lie to others in order to set them against you - a common tactic being to suggest to others (e.g. to your wife) that there is evidence to suggest that you have been up to no good in other areas (e.g. having affairs with other women) and so, perhaps, it is best that they help the police to finally put a stop to all your heinous activities - because you clearly are a scumbag given what they falsely claim to know about you.

The idea is to set people against you so that they will become much more inclined to give the police some damning evidence about your nature.

And when it comes to sex-assault cases, they can easily start a whole cascade of suspicions and allegations against you by poisoning the minds of many women who have known you in the past by 'trawling' them for evidence - with many women now believing and/or being made to believe that it is their duty to come up with something in order to help put a scumbag like you away. (And it might also bring them in some money.)

"You engaged in bondage sex with Ms X three years ago, eh? So, you like forcing yourself on women, eh?" 

"You bought a Manga comic which has rape in it, eh?" 

The possibilities are almost endless.

Furthermore, you live in a world wherein the government, the feminists, the abuse industry and even the entertainment business pour billions of dollars every year into portraying men as being sexually 'uncontrollable' in some way. Even jokes (e.g. about men thinking about sex every seven seconds) are often purposely promoted to do this; e.g. see Permanent Menstrual Tension.

In other words, you are on very dangerous ground indeed if a sex-assault allegation is made against you these days - because no hard evidence is needed to convict you.

And so, in practice, the police only have to stir up some kind of hostility towards you to get the ball rolling.

And, in many cases, the uncorroborated testimony of only one woman will do!

angry aggressive woman cartoon


Indeed, if the police were to interview 100 women about you and 99 of them said that you were an angel while just one of them gave them some phony evidence to suggest that you might be a potential sex-assaulter, then I can assure you that only this one woman would end up in the courtroom while the jury would never even hear about the existence of the other 99.

And with the police also able to pick off bits here and there in order to make their case, it is not very difficult for them to come up with a whole barrage of disconnected evidence and innuendo to portray you as being guilty.

 The police will never have to prove any lies that they used in order to stir up witnesses against you,

Remember: The police will never have to prove any lies that they used in order to stir up witnesses against you, and the law entitles them to engage in just about any deception that they care to use in order to convict you - apart from actually planting evidence.

In other words, NEVER trust the police.

They are devious, deceitful, underhand and totally untrustworthy when it comes to dealing with alleged wrongdoers. 

And they are proud of it.

Furthermore, they and their conspirators in the legal profession and in the Justice Department can make good career advancements by prosecuting and convicting as many men as possible.

(Note: The above derives from what I understand to be going on in the UK and in the USA. I have no knowledge of how the justice system or the police work in other countries.)

The other piece of advice that I would give is this.

Make it absolutely clear in advance to any prospective false accuser that you will completely and forever mess up their lives should they ever make any false accusations against you. And now, with the internet, there are numerous ways in which you can actually do this.

You need to be very strong indeed in these situations. Weakness will just encourage the type of women who are likely to make false accusations to make false accusations.

And I can guarantee you that there are nowadays millions of women out there who would have a propensity to make false allegations against you if they thought that they would benefit themselves in some way; especially if they were led by the police or the media to believe that you had sexually-assaulted someone else.

After all, what have they got to lose?


prison inmate cartoon drawing

Finally, if you go to prison, spread the word about the growing MM and encourage the inmates to learn more about the ways in which they are being mistreated, and why it is that so many of them are in prison as a direct result of the way in which their very own government and the feminists have purposely stacked all the odds against them for the past three decades - for profit!

Furthermore, most of those who are inside for sex-offences these days are probably innocent, and these inmates will have been convicted on the basis of laws that have been completely and utterly stacked against them. (And even those who are guilty will have sentences that are way too severe.)

In other words, wake them up.

In a nutshell: Do not be a wimp, and fight them all the way.

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