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What a Piece of Work is Man!

"What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals!" William Shakespeare

What a Piece of Sh*t is Man!

"Men have all the power" - a common feminist slogan.

In our prisons "men have all the power". But they wield it, by and large, over men!

In our police force "men have all the power". But they wield it, by and large, over men!

In our legal system and our government, "men have all the power". But they wield it, by and large, over men!

In our society "men have all the power"! But they wield it, by and large, over men!

The idea that "men have all the power" is therefore nonsense given that to the extent that there is any power, it is wielded mostly over men.

Have you ever seen chimpanzees and how they behave?

The alpha males have all the power, but they get all the goodies too!

The other males are kept well in line!

With violence and intimidation.

And have you ever thought about soldiers fighting in wars through time immemorial?

The male generals and the male politicians have all the power - yes indeed - but it is thousands upon thousands of more ordinary men who will have to pay the price of it.

war cemetery white headstones

Men exert most of their power over men, not over women.

Are You A Man?

If someone identifies themselves with their colour - black, say - well, that's OK. Fair enough.

If they identify themselves with their being gay, that's acceptable. That's fair enough too.

If they see themselves as Jews or Muslims or Christians, or, indeed, of any main religion, well, that's completely acceptable.

People get a lot of pride from these things.

And, of course, any woman who sees herself, primarily, as a woman, has got it made.

But what about a man who sees himself, well, as a man?

Well, he's either naff, a bigot of some kind, or some violent piece of machismo who's thick and drinks beer - at the very least.

Why is this so?

Well, for the past three decades, white, heterosexual males have been the targets of many EXTREMELY POWERFUL groups.

They have been constantly accused of being racist by highly vocal racial activists and racial minorities, and their history and their forefathers have been thoroughly undermined and blackened - and to the extent that many racial activists are now demanding reparations for past slavery.

They have been continually portrayed as being violent and oppressors of their women by influential vindictive feminists and their gullible followers.

They have been represented by the beautifully orchestrated gay lobby as being bigoted and fearful of their own sexuality.

They have been assaulted ceaselessly by children's welfare groups that seek funding and the growth of their empires by indoctrinating the population with the view that all men are likely abusers of children.

The feminist-dominated mainstream media have consistently sought to demonise and to humiliate the entire male gender.

The legal profession and the all-powerful government have almost disempowered men completely when it comes to their families, their relationships and their homes.

And, in both America and Europe, self-serving politicians have been passing the authority of men to govern themselves into the hands of the faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats in the Federal government and in Brussels respectively.

No wonder, therefore, that white heterosexual men dare not identify themselves as men.

After all, what man wants to identify himself with the type of person who is continually being portrayed as the lowest and most unpleasant form of human being that exists?

Are You Stupid?

If you are a man in this country, and because of some crazy circumstance it so happens that you are found in the morning with your penis chopped off because your partner has lost her temper, then, quite simply, you will be laughed at. 

Comedians will make jokes about you and some of the press will say that you probably deserved it. 

If you are a man, then you are pretty much worthless. 

Most people wouldn't laugh at an animal that had such an experience. However, so low are you considered to be in the scheme of things, so worthless and hated, that severely mutilating you is a joke. 

It doesn't matter how 'good' you've been throughout your life. It doesn't matter if you're the type of man who has always done his best and tried to do the right thing. 

None of that matters. 

If you're a man, then, quite simply, you are so low that people will laugh when your penis is cut off. 

And this fact ALONE should tell you something rather PROFOUND!! 

And if it doesn't, then, quite simply, you must be stupid.

Well, this is the kind of world that you live in today.

Which Would Be Worse?

Losing Your Children Or Being Groped?

Most people, I think, both men and women, would actually much rather be raped, especially by an acquaintance whom they happen to know quite well, than have their children taken away from them, PERMANENTLY. 

I think that most people would feel this way. 

In this country, however, men have their lives utterly destroyed even over trivial issues of sexual harassment. They're even destroyed after a FALSE allegation. And they go to prison for a very long time if they are convicted of rape. 

When a woman, however, takes away a man's children (and 75% of divorces are initiated by women) they get to keep the house as well. 

This is the actual REALITY here in the UK, but it is also true in the USA, Australia, Canada and much of Europe. 

If a man simply touches a woman inappropriately the law can come down on him like a ton of bricks. But if a woman does to a man something which BOTH sexes consider to be actually worse than even rape, she gets the house and the children, and probably his money too. She is actually rewarded for hurting him in a manner which - and BOTH SEXES agree - is actually worse than rape!

Men simply don't count for much.

If you're a man, then you really should reflect on how worthless you have become, and you should also recognise that there is very little concern for how badly you might be injured physically, nor for how long-term might be your psychological hurt.

And, one day, whether you're sitting in some unfamiliar surroundings wondering how it is that you've actually managed to lose your home, your children, and much of your future income, or whether you're defending yourself in a courtroom against a false and malicious accusation of some sexual sort, or whether you're dying in a hospital from some male-specific disease that no-one has been funded to research properly, or whether you've been passed over for promotion because of your male gender, or whether your children are being brought up to look upon you as if you were some kind of potential abuser, or, perhaps, when you are lying in the road because your partner has attacked you with a knife, and yet it is YOU who gets arrested, then, surely, even a piece of sh*t like you - because, quite clearly, this is what you are - will finally wake up and realise that you are considered by your society to be completely expendable, and well and truly worthless.




Sharon Osbourne

Catherine Kieu Castrates Husband - YouTube Video - 5 min

Take a look at just how outrageous is the attitude of some media women (which includes Sharon Osbourne) to this savage mutilation.

And also listen to the women in the audience as they whoop with joy over this appalling act of violence.

(Do you really believe that such women would never make false accusations against men, given that they seem to approve of such horrors against them?)

It is all there, in front of your nose.

Western women clearly hate men, and they clearly promote this hatred toward men in other women and, indeed, in young girls.







All Jews Are Parasites!


You'd never get away with saying that!

You'd be lynched!

The whole of the western media would be after your blood. European governments would want to have you prosecuted for hate speech.

All Blacks Are Parasites!


You'd never get away with saying that!

You'd be lynched!

The whole of the western media would be after your blood. European governments would want to have you prosecuted for hate speech.

All Men Are Parasites!

Wow! Right on!

You can say that as much as you like.

And you would be loved by the western media. They would want to publicise your views everywhere.

For example, here is a worm, ...

Steve Jones biologist geneticist

... his name is Steve Jones - a professor of genetics.

He is very popular with the BBC. Indeed, he is one of its favourite scientists. They often put him on air so that he can give his views on various matters. 

And, guess what?

He reckons that all men are parasites.

Yep: All men.

And his views have been sought, lauded and promoted throughout the mainstream media all over the western world (e.g. see my piece about Steve Jones).

There has been no audible protest at all.

Yep; one day, even a piece of sh*t like you - or, should I say, a parasite - will finally wake up and realise that you are considered by your society to be completely expendable, and well and truly worthless.

Thanks, Nevada

Watch The BBC Spreading Misandry

There is currently a water shortage in Nevada. A few nights ago, the BBC News at 6.00 pm had a piece about this. During the last part of the piece, the news presenter introduced, with much humour, a 30-sec advertisement that Southern Nevada Water is presenting across the State to encourage people to save water.

Here it is, on YouTube (NOTE: video removed from Youtube, link points to local resource instead). (Man gets kicked in the testicles by an old lady for failing to conserve water.)

And now ask yourself why the BBC chose to air this in its prime-time news slot - prime-time even for youngsters - and what message the BBC INTENDED to convey.

Please be aware that this is only one example of how the BBC continually tries to denigrate and humiliate men and of how it tries to stir up hatred towards them.

There are many, many examples of this sort of thing every week that I could point to; examples arising throughout almost its entire programming schedule. And the constant message that emanates from this female-dominated organisation is that 'men' are never victims - only perpetrators - and that hurting them, harming them, humiliating them or demonising them is, and should be, perfectly acceptable. 

In this particular case, even youngsters are being indoctrinated with the view that kicking men where it hurts is both funny and acceptable.

it is men who really need 'liberating' not women.

Finally, if you pay me the honour of perusing through some of the articles on this most excellent website, you will surely come to the conclusion that when it comes to 'oppression' and the poor treatment of people, it is men, not women, who have had the worst of these things; by a long way.

Throughout history!

And what we see happening today is really no different from what went on before; those in power beating down on men far more so than on women; often with the full complicity of women..

As such, it is men who really need 'liberating' not women.

And the main purpose of this website is to make this happen.

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