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The pieces below are just supposed to be mildly humorous pieces - which I sometimes write when I am in a silly mood.

Some of them are slightly misogynistic but only in a daft sense - and, in my view, they are very mild - certainly when compared to the kind of seriously misandric humour that western men have had to endure for so long; e.g. Bobbit jokes.

Most of them are just daft.


Advice For New Fathers 

Are Women Becoming Redundant?

BBC Injects Political Correctness Even Into Science Programmes

Calm Before The Storm

Casanova - The Truth

Chastity Belts

Colin Asks Angry Harry For Advice

Dealing with an Unhappy Woman

Do Not Look At Her Knickers

Executive Chair

Europe is Dying

Fewer Scots

Geriatric Sex

He Looks Like Daddy


Jack Bauer

Loo Rolls

Lord of the Rings Part Three

My Beautiful Wife


Oh Alla. Alla. Marry Me.

Old Codgers Unite

Old Underwear

Olympics - Women's Curling Team

On Having A Flexible Cystoscopy

Polygamy - The Pros and Cons

Preparing for a Terrorist Attack

Prostitute As Present

Putin The Paedo

Spend Spend Spend 

The Seducer's Ultimate Dream

Talk Now Think Later

The Vagina Vote

The Year is 2052

Tonight on BBC


Typewriters Oppressed Women

Whack Those Butts

Women and Chimps

Women And Children

Women Are Having Orgasm Problems

Woman Invents Scrudle

Women Not Responsible For Baring Breasts 

Womenr Programmers 

Women's Skin Ages Faster Than Men's


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