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UK's Sex-Crazed And

Corrupt Justice System


Concerning the current celebrity witch-hunts wherein zealous prosecutors are taking to court famous men (e.g. William Roache, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris) for alleged sex-crimes that happened 40 years ago ...

William RoacheDave Lee Travis

Freddie StarrRolf Harria

This is what they do.

Find men who, over the decades, have been in contact with thousands of women.

At least 1% of these women will be psychopaths, 2% will have BPD, 5% will be malicious, 15% will be mercenary etc - and rely on 40 years of man-hating abuse hysteria to have distorted all their memories and all their attitudes.

Trawl through these women and offer them thousands of dollars to make abuse allegations. Ensure that their identities are kept secret and that they are not prosecuted for lying.

Use the comparatively infinite resources of the state and hundreds of police officers to collude with potential accusers in order to manufacture some credible-sounding stories relating to sexual matters from 40 years ago - any details surrounding which can never be accurately remembered.

Use these expert resources to coach the accusers with regard to what they should say and how they should present themselves in court. (Call it "supporting victims through the trial process".)

And then prosecute; knowing full well that the defendant's life will be messed up even if totally innocent .

(Please also take full note of the fact that it is NOT the job of the police to seek out any evidence for the defence; except in so far as it might seriously thwart their chances of a conviction; e.g. see Dealing With False Accusations.)

Hide the accusers behind screens in the courtroom. Do not allow highly relevant evidence to be tested. Do not allow defendants to question their accusers directly.

Advise the jury to ignore certain types evidence for the defence but advise them to take into account the same type of evidence for the prosecution.

(e.g. "She was absolutely fine the following morning," should not count for the defence, but "She was tearful the following morning," should count for the prosecution.)

Lie to the public at every opportunity in order to hide the fact that the vast majority of abuse allegations - over 80% - cannot be substantiated and encourage the media to maintain the hysteria; e.g. see Flooded By False Rape Allegations.


Also notice that crimes of violence and serious anti-social behaviours are a constant threat to all of us, and yet the UK's Crown Prosecution Service and the police expend many millions of dollars on trying to dredge up mountains of flaky evidence on old men who are not a threat to anybody and whose alleged crimes were mostly trivial.

In short, these witch-hunts have little to do with justice or with protecting citizens.

In my view, they are mostly to do with government officials ingratiating themselves to the feminists and to the abuse industry in order to further their careers - with much success, judging by, for example, the recent career history of chief prosecutor, Keir Starmer.

(Readers will surely have noticed that it is extremely common for people seeking publicity and adulation to claim that they are ardent protectors of women and children. By doing so, they are invited to appear all over the place by the feminist-dominated media so that they can be portrayed as heroes fighting, as ever, against wicked men.)

Indeed, the demonisation of men is worth many billions of dollars every year to government officials all over the world - e.g. see Why Governments Love Feminism - and it is also worth billions to the tabloids and to similar media organisations.

And this is just one of the main reasons why they do not want to grant anonymity to defendants. The tabloids need their names so that they can sell more newspapers and, hence, make more money, and the legal officials do not want anonymity for reasons to do with enhancing their careers.

When it comes to 'sex and abuse' there is nothing to beat it.

It is a goldmine for millions of people.

(When I say 'millions', I am not exaggerating.)

Finally, one major consequence of these celebrity witch hunts and the persecution of men for alleged 'historic crimes of abuse' is that men will increasingly avoid getting too close to women, or children, lest they end up having to pay an extremely heavy price in the future - even in decades to come.

As such, these witch hunts are gradually poisoning all our social and intimate relationships and they are breaking down our social cohesiveness - something that is already causing misery to millions of people.


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