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Eleanor of Aquitaine

 I stumbled yesterday across an online book by Jacob Abbot; a prolific writer of the nineteenth century. The book is about King Richard I of England (1157-1199) who is often known as Richard the Lionheart because of his bravery in fighting in the Christian Crusades of the time

I only read the first 25 pages, and I found myself laughing at some of the descriptions of Richard's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

But it also revealed another example from history that exposes the current-day feminist nonsense that women were treated as second-class citizens in those far off days - in this case, some 800 years ago.

In the preface to the book, the author makes the following claims about his study, which seem quite credible to me. This is what he says ...

The author of this series has made it his special object to confine himself very strictly, even in the most minute details which he records, to historic truth. The narratives are not tales founded upon history, but history itself, without any embellishment, or any deviations from the strict truth so far as it can now be discovered by an attentive examination of the annals written at the time when the events themselves occurred.

In writing the narratives, the author has endeavored to avail himself of the best sources of information which this country affords; and though, of course, there must be in these volumes, as in all historical accounts, more or less of imperfection and error, there is no intentional embellishment.

Nothing is stated, not even the most minute and apparently imaginary details, without what was deemed good historical authority. The readers, therefore, may rely upon the record as the truth, and nothing but the truth, so far as an honest purpose and a careful examination have been effectual in ascertaining it.

And here is part of his account as it relates to Eleanor and her coterie of female friends ...

(My underlining.)

She spent a considerable portion of her time in Paris, at the court of her husband, but then she often returned to Aquitaine, where she held a sort of court of her own in Bordeaux, which was her capital. She led this sort of life for some time, until at length she was induced to form a design of going to the East on a crusade.

... Her motive was a love of adventure and a fondness for notoriety. She thought that by going out, a young and beautiful princess, at the head of an army of Crusaders, into the East, she would make herself a renowned heroine in the eyes of the whole world. So she immediately commenced her preparations, and by the commanding influence which she exerted over the ladies of the court, she soon inspired them all with her own romantic ardor.

The ladies at once laid aside their feminine dress, and clothed themselves like Amazons, so that they could ride astride on horseback like men. All their talk was of arms, and armor, and horses, and camps. They endeavored, too, to interest all the men—the princes, and barons, and knights that surrounded them—in their plans, and to induce them to join the expedition.

A great many did so, but there were some that shook their heads and seemed inclined to stay at home. They knew that so wild and heedless a plan as this could end in nothing but disaster. The ladies ridiculed these men for their cowardice and want of spirit, and they sent them their distaffs as presents. "We have no longer any use for the distaffs," said they, "but, as you are intending to stay at home and make women of yourselves, we send them to you, so that you may occupy yourselves with spinning while we are gone." By such taunts and ridicule as this, a great many were shamed into joining the expedition, whose good sense made them extremely averse to have any thing to do with it.

The expedition was at length organized and prepared to set forth. It was encumbered by the immense quantity of baggage which the queen and her party of women insisted on taking. It is true that they had assumed the dress of Amazons, but this was only for the camp and the field. They expected to enjoy a great many pleasures while they were gone, to give and receive a great many entertainments, and to live in luxury and splendor in the great cities of the East. So they must needs take with them large quantities of baggage, containing dresses and stores of female paraphernalia of all kinds. The king remonstrated against this folly, but all to no purpose. The ladies thought it very hard if, in going on such an expedition, they could not take with them the usual little comforts and conveniences appropriate to their sex. So it ended with their having their own way.

The caprices and freaks of these women continued to harass and interfere with the expedition during the whole course of it. The army of Crusaders reached at length a place near Antioch, in Asia Minor, where they encountered the Saracens. Antioch was then in the possession of the Christians. It was under the command of the Prince Raymond, who has already been spoken of as Eleanora's uncle. Raymond was a young and very handsome prince, and Eleanora anticipated great pleasure in visiting his capital. The expedition had not, however, yet reached it, but were advancing through the country, defending themselves as well as they could against the troops of Arab horsemen that were harassing their march.

The commanders were greatly perplexed in this emergency to know what to do with the women, and with their immense train of baggage. The king at last sent them on in advance, with all his best troops to accompany them. He directed them to go on, and encamp for the night on certain high ground which he designated, where they would be safe, he said, from an attack by the Arabs. But when they approached the place, Eleanora found a green and fertile valley near, which was very romantic and beautiful, and she decided at once that this was a much prettier place to encamp in than the bare hill above. The officers in command of the troops remonstrated in vain. Eleanora and the ladies insisted on encamping in the valley. The consequence was, that the Arabs came and got possession of the hill, and thus put themselves between the division of the army which was with Eleanora and that which was advancing under the king. A great battle was fought. The French were defeated. A great many thousand men were slain. All the provisions for the army were cut off, and all the ladies' baggage was seized and plundered by the Arabs. The remainder of the army, with the king, and the queen, and the ladies, succeeded in making their escape to Antioch, and there Prince Raymond opened the gates and let them in.

As soon as Eleanora and the other ladies recovered a little from their fright and fatigue, they began to lead very gay lives in Antioch ...



African Elephants


Did you know that this dinosaur ...




... weighed five times the weight of all the above elephants?





(Videos are below this section)


Feminism began as a simple grievance - by Kevin Williamson

[it then] mutated into a kind of conspiracy theory (with “patriarchy” filling in for the Jews/Freemasons/Illuminati/ ...


It’s Time to End ‘Rape Culture’ Hysteria - by Caroline Kitchens


Why I hate the feminists who desecrate my late father’s memory - by Mike Buchanan

 It was clear from the crosses on the gravestones that most of the men who’d died on the Normandy beaches were around 20 years of age, as he’d been at the time. Many were only 17 or 18.


National Post editorial board: Lots of ‘rape culture’ rhetoric. But not much evidence.

The discussion is rife with alarming statistics. But as Brian Hutchinson reported in Saturday’s National Post, many break down along the road back to their original sources.


Mother launched hate campaign against primary school headteacher by spreading false rumours he abused her daughter.

She will probably be deemed to have mental health issues and, hence, no punishment will be forthcoming.

Prosecutor Leslie Ashton told the court the 'malicious unfounded allegations' caused Mr Jackson so much stress that he likened it to being diagnosed with cancer.


Affirmative action for her, but never for him - by Barbara Kay

Why are women still a category on the equity list at all? More young women are university-educated than young men.


A message to the nation’s women: Stop trying to be straight-A students - by Catherine Rampell

Maybe female university students should be given higher grades than men because of all the oppression that women have suffered in the past.

(PS. My guess is that this already happens in many places; particularly in those subjects wherein political correctness and the perpetual cries of female victimhood reign supreme - both of which seem to dominate in most subjects these days.)


Warriors of the White War emerge from their frozen tomb

Almost 100 years after losing their lives in ferocious First World War battle, melting ice reveals the bodies of the fallen.

Ah yes. Those were the days when the women had it worse.

... so much so, apparently, that while tens of thousands of British men were being killed on the battlefields every month, the Suffragettes were disrupting the British war effort by smashing windows, firebombing homes and engaging in acts of civil disobedience because, apparently, women were being hard done by compared to men.

(Also see AH's Men Are Worthless.)


The rise of the student sex worker

Charley spends her evenings taking her clothes off to pay for a degree in sports science - her passport, she hopes, to a better life.

'Stripping is just an escape from everything,' she explains. 'I go in there and I'm a completely different person.'

... 'I walk out with my head held high and it's empowering.'

Notice how popular tabloids encourage child sexuality on a grand scale by publishing such glamorising pieces (e.g. see AH's How The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse) but then make a huge fuss about youngsters becoming sexualised and, hence, attracting sexual attention ... ... from men whom they will then demonise horribly.

Also see Chris Langham - Scapegoat? - part two - to get some idea of how so many of those groups and organisations that purposely fuel hysteria over such issues - in order to make money - are, themselves, the main promoters of child sexual abuse.

... A high-class escort has revealed her productivity for 2013 by creating a detailed infographic.

Avery Moore, 29, from New York - who charges clients $2,000 an hour - posted the workflow diagram to her blog last week to illustrate all of her activities over the course of 365 days.


Trending Now: Misandry  - by Adora Bull

... whatever your needs for advertising your hatred, prejudice and discrimination for a social group may be ... don’t worry! Fashionable feminists and online customizable retailer websites have you covered.


UK - Paying for sex should be a crime

Britain will today take a significant step towards reforming prostitution laws as the first cross-party report for almost 20 years recommends that only pimps and punters should be jailed or fined.

Wherever men and women are found to be interacting with each other, feminist-dominated governments will always seek to empower themselves by criminalising men for their alleged poor behaviours.

(This is how government workers have gotten themselves so much power - and funding - over the past few decades.)

And no matter how trivial or non-existent these poor behaviours might be, governments will push any extreme examples of them into the public mind, but base all their fear-mongering statistics on those behaviours that are trivial or non-existent.

In the latter case, calling all allegations of rapes actual "rapes" is one example of this.

Another example would be the claim that calls to domestic violence units are coming from people in need of protection. Mostly, however, they are coming from people who are using the state to aggress against their partners on their behalf.

In all cases, the government and its workers benefit from the deceptions and from the criminalising of men; e.g. see AH's  Why Governments Love Feminism.

Notice also, that when it comes to illicit drugs, it is the sellers, not the punters, who are on the receiving end of most of the legal heat.

So, why do they want it to be the other way round for prostitution?

Answer: They want to criminalise men, not women.


Why do women identify themselves as victims of childhood sexual abuse? - by Jo Woodiwiss

a pervasive self-help culture has led women to look to the past for the causes of their troubles, sometimes inferring childhood sexual abuse from no more than a checklist of symptoms

Do you feel depressed, anxious, unhappy?

Got an itchy skin? Bored with your job?

Then some man from your past or present must be responsible.

And you were probably abused by a man when you were young.

Whatever your dissatisfaction, a man is to blame for it!


Rape culture and the delusions of the feminist mind - by Barbara Kay

The fact is that “rape culture” is a form of popular mania like so many others before it. It does not exist. Or if it does, nobody has yet brought forward evidence of it. What we have seen is ideology attached to a great deal of personal narrative regarding unwanted or regretted sex.


The Anatomy of False Accusations - by Ben Radford

False accusations are of particular interest to skeptics because skepticism has often been at the forefront of giving voice to the wrongly accused.


The Cult of Victimhood - by Barbara Hewson - a UK lawyer

This article considers certain problems that stale accusations of historic abuse present for the legal system. I suggest that the role of the media in historic sex scandals is likely to generate false allegations, as do current police ‘trawling’ operations like Operation Yewtree.


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations - by Glenn Greenwald

western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. ...

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.


Are Domestic Violence Statistics Bogus? - by Wendy McElroy

A dominant voice in victim-advocacy and research on domestic violence stands accused of flatly fabricating data.

Jacquelyn C. Campbell, a professor in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, is accused of fabricating “key statements [about domestic violence] and then representing the statements as findings of a government survey.”

All the statistics on domestic violence and "abuse" etc are fabricated by feminist-supporting academics - which is most of them.

At the very least, they fudge the definitions to such an extent that "abuse" is just about anything that a man does, and then their friends in the media, in the justice system and in the therapy business hoodwink the public into believing that these very same statistics apply to the very worst of cases.

And they lie to the extent that they sound credible.

(Also see AH's Would You Sign This Contract?)


Sex, Booze, and Feminism - by Cathy Young

Widely used definitions of alcohol-enabled sexual assault wrongly conflate drunk sex and rape—and perpetuate a blatantly sexist double standard.


How the CDC overstates sexual violence in the U.S. - by Professor Christina Hoff Sommer

(Also see AH's How Official Rape Statistics are Distorted and Inflated.)


Sex Crazed Justice System - by AH

Concerning the current celebrity witch-hunts wherein zealous prosecutors are taking to court famous men (e.g. William Roache, Dave Lee Travis, Freddie Starr, Rolf Harris) for alleged sex-crimes that happened 40 years ago ...


Men receive sentences that are 63 percent higher, on average, than their female counterparts.

females arrested for a crime are also significantly more likely to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.


Patients who had FAKE surgery for a broken back recovered just as well

... a demonstration of just how easy it is to make the mind feel that all is well and, hence, actually get better - get better physically too, in this particular case.

Contrast this with the wicked, self-serving machinations of those working in the abuse industry who, for profit, purposely harm people very seriously indeed by convincing them that they are now permanently damaged beings who will be "ruined for life" following even the most trivial of inappropriate incidents; e.g. see AH's Tea Abuse.


Breast cancer drug that extends life by six months gets go-ahead

And two weeks ago ...

Thousands of UK prostate patients denied drug that can extend life

(Also see AH's Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer)


Women brainwashed by therapists to believe their parents abused them - by Amanda Cable

Wife cried rape just a month after her wedding

Another false accuser caught. But, as usual, no jail time.

Mr Ross added that Gore was suffering from mental health issues and blamed problems as a child for her difficulties with men.

Of course, men who rape don't have mental health issues. Only women have mental health issues when they behave badly.

When people break the law, the general rule is this.

Men are inherently bad and should go to prison. Women have mental health issues and need help.

Men's badness is a product of their genes; about which nothing can be done. Women's badness is a product of their environment; about which plenty can be done.


Woody Allen Replies To Allegations - by Woody Allen

The Woody Allen Allegations: Not So Fast - by Robert Weide


Please free my innocent father - by Chaneya Kelly, who was pressured by her mother into making false accusations against her father


The Super Bowl trafficking myth - by Tracy Clark-Flory

Every game brings warnings of a boom in forced prostitution -- but there's no evidence

Smashmouth - by Benjamin Aldo

When New Yorker Benjamin Aldo swore at his ex-girlfriend he had no idea he could end up going to jail for ‘aggravated harassment’. 

An oldie, and a warning to young men.


Infants pretend to be distressed to get attention

Well, what a surprise!

Hmm. I wonder which gender employs this devious technique the most.

Tricky question!

(But I think that I know the answer.)

Now, I want you to imagine that I changed the title to ...

"FEMALE Infants pretend to be distressed to get attention."

I would be misleading you, wouldn't I? - despite the fact that the statement would be true.

And this is what politically-motivated academics do all the time. They expose only the bits of their data that support their agenda. (In many cases, they just make up the data.)

This occurs often in domestic violence 'research' wherein the academics will only reveal data that show men to be awful. Any data suggesting that women might also be awful is purposely hidden, and not talked about.

The NSPCC does something similar. It actually hides the data that show children to be better off when they live with both biological parents by merging it with the data from non-traditional families.

If the people at the NSPCC really cared about children, they would not do this. In fact, this would surely be one of the last things that they would do - hide information that shows the best way for children to be brought up.

(Also see AH's Can You Trust Academic Research?)


Global Warming Worse For Women

A resolution put forward by Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., and a dozen other House Democrats claims that global warming could drive women to prostitution.

Well, why don't they do what the men do?


Have you noticed that everything that happens is worse for women?

Even the deaths of men is worse for women.

Remember Hilary Clinton ... "Women are the primary victims of war."

Yep: That's what she said; e.g. see AH's Equality Between Men and Women Is Not Achievable.


Sex workers live in fear of being 'rescued' - by Molly Jones


They even keep track of who is having an affair or looking at pornography, in case they need to damage their target's reputation. - by Edward Snowden


Your Uncle Harry was, of course, right ... as ever ... e.g. How To Target Journalists And Politicians.


Claims of virgin births in U.S. near 1 percent: study

So, one million US women are prone to claiming, falsely, that they have never had sexual intercourse - even though the evidence would show irrefutably that they had.

Hmm. How many would claim, falsely, that they did have sexual intercourse, I wonder?

And what if this false claim was of 'unwilling' sex?

Would these women claim, falsely, that they had been raped?

Presumably, Yes.

One million of them!

So now we can understand better how it is that thousands of women every year make false allegations of 'abuse' against men.


It’s a Man’s World, And It Always Will Be - by Camille Paglia


Liberal Professor Tells White Male Students To Commit Suicide To Benefit Society


The Ubiquitous Quest For Power - Recognising that most of what you see going on around you is, by and large, a quest for power, is one of the most enlightening experiences that you will ever have, in my view - by AH

Flooded By False Rape Allegations - by AH

Hitler’s Furies: Ordinary secretaries, nurses and wives - by Lynn Joyce Hunter

Are your 9/11 memories really your own? - by Melanie Tannenbaum - showing just how unreliable (and, in many cases, completely and utterly wrong) are recovered memories and flashbulb memories.

How To Target Journalists And Politicians - as per Snowden's revelations - by AH

Hiding The Ladmags - is it such a bad idea? - by AH

Incredible Rape Statistics - how researchers into the incidence of rape and sex assault can create almost any numbers that they wish - by AH

Can You Trust Academic Research? -  since the 1970's the feminists and the Left have dominated, by force, most of academia - by AH

Stop Violence Against Men - AH offers reward for best video.

The Real Face Of Domestic Violence: The Violation Of Winnie - by AH

A Fraction Of A Percent - by AH - how an issue which seriously affects a very tiny fraction of the population gets turned into a never-ending nightmare that poisons everyone.

Neurotic Introverts Unite - your time is coming

Do Women Care? - very short piece

How The Tabloids Encourage Child Sex Abuse  - and many other horrible things - by AH




There is not much worth watching on the mainstream TV channels tonight. So, take a look at some of these videos that I have enjoyed watching. ...


"Ban Bossy"- Why 'Feminism' poisons everything - 11 min

Damaged Women March on Washington - humour from The Onion - 3 min

Who has the softer heart? - from famous 60 Minutes TV program - how feminism has hurt women when it comes to medicine and science - 5 min

(Also see AH's Feminism And Falling Birth Rates.)

Allen Ault Former Commissioner of Corrections Now Opposes Death Penalty - 25 min

Re; Gamer Girl Manifesto - an occasionally unwholesome view of female video gamers - made me laugh - 10 min

The gender wage gap is a myth - Professor Cristina Hoff Sommers - 3 min


1980s False Memory - with John Stossel - on how children can make the most ludicrous accusations and on how the abuse industry implants these inside their minds - 18 min

Notice also how doctors, lawyers and judges working for the abuse industry - and the juries - can take it as true that children can have the most enormous and sharpest of objects forcibly and repeatedly inserted into their various orifices without leaving any trace whatsoever.

In other words, when it comes to prosecuting men for sexual inappropriateness, even the laws of Physics and Biology count for nothing.

Men, apparently, can abuse women and children in the most horrendous of manners, but not leave a single trace of their activities.

Thus, not only can men be successfully prosecuted and convicted without one shred of evidence standing against them, they can also be convicted of offences which they cannot possibly have committed.



How 'The Immoral' Shaped the Nation - Young Turks boss, Cenk Uygur, interviews Thaddeus Russell - 48 min

True Gender Equality: Adrien Martinon at TEDxYouth - highlighting misandry! - 13 min


x 5 !

The End of Men? or The End of Women? - by Tom Golden - 6 min

(Also see AH's Are Women Becoming Redundant?)

Rich people don't create jobs - 5 min

What Facebook And Google Are Hiding From The World - 12 min

Paul Bloom: the origins of pleasure - 16 min

Syria: Al-Qaeda's New Home - worrying - 22 min

Brainwash 1:7 - The Gender Equality Paradox - by Harald Ela -  well worth watching - exposes some of the nonsense espoused by politically-corrected 'academics' - 40 min

Notice also how utterly clueless are the politically-corrected  'sociologists', not only about science but about evidence.

(Also see AH's Can You Trust Academic Research?)

Brainwash 2:7 - The Parental Effect - by Harald Ela - 40 min

(Other videos in the series are here - but I have not seen them yet.)

Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce - What is the best spaghetti sauce? - 16 min

Good Reasons for "Believing" in God - Dan Dennett, AAI 2007 -  highly relevant for those who see ideologies such as feminism as being akin to religions - 80 min

Man uses hidden crotch cam to catch women staring at and photographing his giant bulge while he pretends to nap on subway - humour - 6 min

Devil Baby Attack - humour - 2 min

Legalize Prostitution to Fight Sex Trafficking? Sex Workers Say "Yes" - 8 min

Equality: A Step Down for Women? - 6 min

On white sprinters and female CEOs - by Humanity Bites

Should we insist that there are equal numbers of blacks and whites in the finals of sporting events?

Camille Paglia Talks Gender Politics with Dennis Prager - 23 min

Agenda: Grinding America Down - on Cultural Marxism and Communism - a bit too right-wing and religious for me - but denounces feminism; so, not all bad! - 90 min

Sam Harris - The End of Faith - a truly golden oldie - 80 min

Sam Harris - The Happiness Experiment - 9 min

Extreme Bike Tricks - 6 min

Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of America - interviewed by Bill Moyers - on how the people in the underclass (men mostly) are treated abysmally by a corrupt legal system and how their lives are completely messed up by it - 35 min

Do Muslim Women Need Saving - Lila Abu-Lughod - 2 min

Does Anti-feminism Help or Hurt the Men's Movement? - Paul Elam, Greg Anderson, Dean Esmay, Glen Poole, Sage Gerard - 90 min - All MRAs should watch this.

How the Media Failed Women in 2013 - yawn - 4 min

European Commission Committee on Civil Liberties interviewing Glenn Greenwald - first 60 min of video - must see! (slow loading, but OK once started)

The UK is the worst, apparently, when it comes to invading privacy.

The Amazing Machine - 90 sec

Harvey Silverglate on the shameful blocking of free speech in American universities - 12 min

Morality and the Christian God - Sam Harris - 8 min

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Singing the Masculinity Blues - serious discussion - 55 min

InSight: The Men's Rights Movement - 8 min

The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality - Chris Ryan - 25 min

Richard Dawkins on Post Modernism Invading Science - mocking feminism - 4 min

Richard Dawkins - relaxed interview about religion - 60 min

Ricky Gervais Live 3 Fame 2007 - 75 min

Steven Pinker: Human nature in 2013 - 20 min

Interview with Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now - 25 min - really good!

Newspaper Censorship in America - 3 min

Lawrence Lessig: We the People - 18 min

Dr. Helen Smith - Men On Strike - 16 min

Pankhurst - The White Feather Betrayal of History - 8 min - also see my piece Men Are Worthless

What is a Man Worth? - golden oldie by ManWomanMyth - 5 min - also see my piece What A Piece Of Sht Is Man

14 year old stands up for his rights. Cops say he is free to go with his dad, - emotional manipulation caught on camera - 75 min

The Other Man is You - by ManWomanMyth - 6 min

Marcus Chown on 10 Bonkers Things About the Universe - 50 min

Marijuana Now Legal in Washington State - news item - 5 min

+ Cops Say Legal Marijuana Makes Communities Safer - 5 min

+ Superior Court Judge James P. Gray - 6 min

Dismantling America - Thomas Sowell interviewed by Jim Glassman - 25 min

Forensic Psychology: The Real World of CSI - lecture - an insight into the type of people who seem to know just about everything - for money - psychology is a business - always remember that - a few cases here, a few cases there, and you're an expert! - 80 min



IPCC's Ben Santer admits ... - on how you can be deceived by people in the media using various technological techniques to misrepresent what other people have said - 17 min

Thomas Sowell - The Ethnic Flaw 1984 - Part 1 - Part 2 - 15 min each

+ Thomas Sowell On Government Statistics - quite funny - 8 min

+ Thomas Sowell On The Gender Pay Gap (circa 1982) - 5 min

+ Walter Williams And Thomas Sowell On 'Progressives' and 'Liberals' - 8 min

George Gilder interviewed - the benefits of capitalism - 40 min

John Stossel -> Illegal Everything - The Money Hole - Top 10 Politicians' Promises Gone Wrong - the general argument throughout being that western governments are nowadays too big and too self-serving - about 45 min each

The End of the World as We Know It - say goodbye to your country - with Mark Steyn - 40 min

Lucky People - usual mishaps and mayhem - 14 min

Glenn Reynolds Talks To Jonah Goldberg on the Left's War on Words - 25 min

Men - by ManWomanMyth - 10 min

Confessions of an American marine - 10 min

Men's Rights Speech Stifled - 10 min

Protest Against Warren Farrell at the University of Toronto - Warren Farrell is a gentle, fair-minded, leading author on men's issues - (IMHO, MRAs should make their own copies of this video) - 5 min

+ Warren Farrell's response - 30 min

 "Ancient Aliens" Debunked - a thorough debunking of the entire series - 190 min


Eurovision 2012 Song Contest - three performances that still make my spine tingle - about 4 min each - big screen and plenty of volume required for full tingling effect - Sweden (I want to marry and dominate her) - Macedonia (I want her to marry and dominate me.) - Albania (Er, no thanks. But, give it a chance and listen to her amazing voice as it grows louder and louder. And then imagine her getting angry, and shouting at you. You'll have the heebie-jeebies for at least a week!)

Piers Morgan - looking at the very rich in Monaco - 45 min

The Myth of Being Happy - talk by Richard Schoch - 50 min

Four-Year-Old Boy Plays The Piano - 4 min

The Crisis of Civilization - endless growth is not sustainable - Dr Nafeez Mosadeqq Ahmed - 75 min

Cosmic Voyages through Computer Simulation -  the formation of cosmic structure - lecture by Dr Mike Norman - 55 min

Misandry - Men are Disposable - 10 min

Mysteries of the Dark Universe - 2009 Buhl Lecture - 60 min

Mark Steyn's Australian Freedom of Speech Tour 2012 - 35 min

The Luckiest People compilation part 4 - amusing mishaps and strokes of luck - 8 min


Misandry in Health - the disparity in health spending and health promotion between men and women - 25 min

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - prescribing psychiatric medicines for profit - 95 min

+ Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam - the manufacturing of mental disorder for profit - 80 min

This Is Your Brain - Yale lecture -  good introduction to the brain/mind issue - 60 min

Fighting in the Fifth Dimension - Cyber wars between nations - 45 min

Indian Democracy, Chinese Autocracy - an insight into two future superpowers - which one will be king? - 50 min

Empire : The new arms race - Why are so many countries increasing their weaponry? - 45 min

Feminism and the Disposable Male - 20 min

Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society - Freeman Dyson - famous physicist - with some interesting revelations about how important climate-change factors are being ignored by climate scientists; who are, therefore, misleading the public over matters to do with climate change - 60 min

Beauty and Elegance in Physics - lecture by world-famous physicist, Murray Gell-Mann - 60 min

Printing a bicycle with a 3D printer - 10 min

+ The 3D Printing Revolution - 6 min

+ Printing a Simple Spanner - 4 min


Why Are People Different? - lecture on personality and intelligence by Yale professor - 65 min

+ Rorschach Ink Blot Test - as the professor said; It is a completely bogus test of perception still used by a majority of American clinical psychologists to determine, for example, whether or not fathers are fit to be with their own children - 3 min

Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy? - 50 min

Islam: A Religion Of Peace? - Perhaps not , according to some religious scholars. Do not be put off by the dramatic first few minutes. The video consists mostly of straightforward academic talk. - 95 min

Review Of Microsoft Surface Windows 8 RT Tablet  - 35 min

Dave Chappelle - stand-up comedy - includes bad language - 30 min

Are We Alone? - Combining the latest telescope images with dazzling CGI, "Finding Life Beyond Earth" looks at the sights and sounds of alien worlds in our own Solar System - 105 min

Douglas Adams: Parrots the Universe and Everything - author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy gives a light-hearted talk about the apparently absurd lifestyles of the world's creatures, and gleans from them some unusual insights about the future of humanity - 90 min


Rise of the Machines - the expanding market for airborne drones - 30 min

The God Debate: Hitchens vs. D'Souza - 90 min

A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss - 60 min

'The Evolution of Confusion' by Dan Dennett - purposely-confusing theology and how it's used - 60 min

Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne - 60 min

Christopher Hitchens: Why Women Still Aren't Funny - 5 min

Hillary Clinton Playing The Gender Card, Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan - 2 min

The Purpose of Purpose - Richard Dawkins - 55 min

'The New Atheism' by Richard Dawkins - 57 min

Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality? Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins - 75 min

Sam Harris - Death and the Present Moment - 60 min

Sam Harris on "Free Will" - 75 min

The God Debate: Sam Harris vs. William Craig - 130 min

Christopher Hitchens vs Rabbi Harold Kushner re: Circumcision - 8 min

Texas Monthly Talks with Christopher Hitchens - 27 min


The Man Song - 2 min

The Woman Song - 2 min

Is There An Afterlife? Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Bradley, Artson Shavit debate the idea of an afterlife.- 100 min

Comedian Bill Burr - Let It Go - 65 min

David Chalmers Interviewed on Singularity 1 on 1 - 65 min

Change Your Mind  Matthieu Ricard - If happiness is an inner state, influenced by external conditions but not dependent on them, how can we achieve it? - 60 min

The Obedient Wives Club - Malaysia - The women fighting to honour and obey their men - 15 min

Brian Greene and Amir Aczel - The Hidden Reality - the multiverse - talk - 70 min

"The World in 2030" lecture by Dr. Michio Kaku - 65 min

Marijuana Documentary - Exposing The Myths - 100 min

Does God Exist? A debate between Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe - 105 min

Peter Diamandis - The best way to predict the future - the world's largest problems (food, energy etc) represent great business opportunities - and so within the world of business lie the most effective solutions - 105 min

+ Which Way Next? - with guest Peter Diamandis - 55 min

Out of the Blue - on UFOs - 110 min

Fall of the Republic - on the New World Order - 145 min

Attack of the Drones - the increasing use of airborne drones - 30 min

The General's Son His Father, Matti Peled, was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and Sinai - 30 min

The Dickhead Song - LOL! - 5 min

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